Monday, January 31, 2011

Gen 3 Chapter 9: A Dream Comes True

Before we reached the club that we decided to visit for our date night, we spent a little bit of time driving around Sunset Valley. I told Ken that I had been thinking more and more of wanting to move into a house, instead of living in the apartment. He was all for it, knowing that we had never actually planned on raising kids there, but we had both been so busy with our careers, we just hadn't got around to looking into buying a house. While driving and looking for vacant houses, we spotted one right across from the beach that I absolutely adored. We found out how much it cost, and knew we'd have to keep saving if we wanted it, but it was nice to have something to work for!

As soon as we arrived at the club, Ken's birthday arrived. Happy Birthday Ken!

He was a little concerned with his new, more fragile body, and gray hair. I told him that to me, he was as handsome as ever! He thanked me with a kiss, then we headed inside.

We were both much more wise this time around, and decided to start with food instead of drinks. I had some Hot Wings that were amazing!

Ken immediately hit the dance floor.

We had so much fun, mingling with the other people there, and snacking, and chatting that soon they were asking everyone to leave, it was time to close up!
Oops! We didn't mean to stay that late. I hoped our babysitter was ok!

When we got back home, We found the babysitter in the boys' room, staring at little Mikinna laying on the ground, with the dried trails of tears on her face as she slept.

"Mrs. Song, I'm sorry, I tried to comfort her, she missed you two so much! The only way I could get her to stop crying was to bring her in here with the boys. She wouldn't let me hold her, she just fell alseep here on the ground. I'm so sorry!"
"It's ok, Miranda,  I'm sorry she was difficult for you! You can go now, I'll take her from here..."

She slipped out the door, and I picked my little sleepy head up and carried her to her crib. I felt so bad that Mikinna had a hard time without us! I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty at staying out late and not being back for bedtime. Mikinna woke as I laid her in her crib, and she immediately reached out for me.
"Yes, honey, mommy's' home, it's ok! Go to sleep, and we'll play in the morning, ok?"
She just whimpered a little and laid back down and closed her eyes.

I really regretted how late we stayed out, when early the next morning I got called in to the hospital for an emergency. I was so groggy from the little sleep I got, but it didn't take long for the thought of going back to work to energize me and by the time I walked in the hospital doors, I was awake and ready!.

By the time I got off work, I realized my actual shift would be starting in a few hours. Instead of going home, I decided to visit my brother at the fire house, and ask if I could borrow his bed for a few hours. It would be much quicker than me running all the way home, and hopefully I'd get some good sleep in before work.

Cadence was thrilled to see me, and showed me to his bed in the bunk room. As I followed him up the stairs, I could barely keep my eyes open. I was so exhausted!

As soon as Cadence left the room, I was out like a light.

The sleep wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be, it turns out that those bunks the firemen sleep on are very squeaky. However, it was definitely better than no sleep at all. I went down to the kitchen and had a quick bowl of cereal before I headed back to the hospital.

At home, Ken was having a dilemma of his own. Tomorrow he was scheduled to go back to work, and he was feeling very torn about whether he wanted to go, or retire, since now he was old enough to do so. He loved our kids, and really, that's where his heart was.

He finally made the decision, called into our boss, and told her that he was retiring. They were of course sad to see him go, but happy with all the hard work he had put in at the hospital. I was thrilled with his choice to be home with the kids, so I could focus on my career knowing our children were in great hands!

I got home in the wee hours of the morning, and peeked in on the boys, who were fast asleep. Then I went to our room, to find Ken laying on the bed, wide awake, waiting for me.

"How did it go at work today?"
"Well, it went well. They asked me to help interview for your replacement."
"Oh, really, well did you put in for the job?"
"Well, I would have, except they asked me to be on the committee to hire your replacement before I had a chance, so..."
"Aw, drat. I was hoping they would give my spot to you, so you'd have another promotion under your belt so..."

"So... what? So we could have another kid?!?"
"Well... maybe... I mean, yes. I'm home now, and if you got that next promotion you could take some more maternity leave for work..."
"Ken Song, we aren't even going to talk about the idea of another kid until I do get another promotion. You know my work is important to me. I love our children dearly, but I don't want to keep putting in on hold to have more babies."
"Ok, ok, fair enough."

So, the next morning, Ken saw the boys off to school, and I read through my latest medical journal so I would be up to speed before work. I was very determined now, that I would get this promotion, so that we could buy that house I wanted so badly! I wanted our kids to be a little closer to the school, and to be close to the beach so we could go there on family outings. I just hoped we'd be able to afford it soon.

After I finished my journal, my stomach started growling something fierce, and I grabbed a plate of Ken's pancakes he made for breakfast. They smelled so good! The only problem was, as soon as I sat them on the table, I looked at them, and instead of growling, my stomach did a nauseous flip.

I barely made it to the bathroom before I started throwing up.
What was wrong with me? I had better not be pregnant!

The nausea subsided, and I managed to make it to work that evening without throwing up anymore. My boss needed me to go by the school, and hold an after hours meeting with the staff their to share with them how their new health care plan worked at our hospital. No one at work liked this task, because it was usually a long, boring night of answering a million questions, looking over everyone's paperwork, helping everyone understand medical jargon.
When my boss Kerri asked me, she was desperate for the help, everyone else had made up an excuse of why they couldn't do it. She told me if I would do this, she would owe me big time, and so I told her I would. I mean, when I'm hoping for a promotion soon, it doesn't hurt to be on the boss's good side, right?

I finished the meeting, several hours later, and I was completely exhausted, but it went fairly well. I reported back to the hospital as I had a few work hours left, and my boss was stunned that I still came in to finish my shift after the meeting.

Feeling much gratitude towards my work ethic, she told me that to pay me back, she had a conversation while I was at the school with the hiring committee, and they all unanimously agreed that I would be a great fit to fill the position for Ken's spot! I had been promoted! I was so thrilled!
Especially since I was somewhat suspecting that I could be pregnant. It would definitely make pregnancy more bearable if I had another promotion under my belt! This also meant that we should be close to affording my dream house by the beach! I couldn't wait to get home and tell Ken!

A Sim Day later.....

Well, my sneaking suspicion was right. I was indeed pregnant with our 4th child. I know I had told Ken I wasn't sure I wanted more kids right now, but it actually all worked out for the better, because Ken was so thrilled with my pregnancy, he agreed to do whatever it took to get the money together for our new house.

And, believe me, that was a lot. First, we found out that if we sold our apartment fully furnished, we would get a lot more money for it, so even though the new house was VERY modestly furnished, we agreed we'd sacrifice a few nice things to be able to afford the move. Then, Ken did something surprising, he sold his car. With the money he made off of the car, it was just enough to get us moved in. We'd be scraping by for a little while, but once I started pulling in my new bigger paycheck, hopefully we'd recover quickly, and soon have the house furnished how we liked.
It felt alot like starting over, especially because of our dwindling bank account, but I knew eventually we'd bounce back, and by then, this dream house of mine would feel more like home.

This was my view from my front porch in the morning. I swear, I'd never tire of it!

The kids, although they had to give up several of their toys to move here, seemed to like our new house. We made sure Logan kept his easel, and of course Alex had his football, and he was thrilled to finally have a yard to be able to play catch in. I really wanted to get started on decorating the house, but I was saving what little money we had for Alex's birthday present, which was coming very soon! I got him a bench press so he could work out on it. He will be surprised, because when he asked for it, I told him I didn't think we could afford it!

Mikinna seemed to enjoy her new room, we also made sure she had one or two toys from our old house to keep her entertained. 

Soon, she was completely potty trained, and to reward her, we got her a little tiger toy. She loved it!

All in all, we loved our new house, and everyone adjusted well to the move. The great thing about it was, there was so much more to look forward to here. Redecorating the way we wanted, living near the beach, meeting our new neighbors, and of course, welcoming our new little one to the family. Living here was a dream come true!

*buckey's notes*- Well, I was planning on having the Song family move, (mainly because I was tired of my camera angles getting messed up in the apartment) but I had to move them early, because I has some crazy glitches with the apartment! For some reason, Alex and Logan couldn't use the elevators right, and they ended up missing school, and getting stuck right outside of the elevators downstairs! I tried resetting them, going to edit town mode, lots of things. They were both running the risk of starving to death, and had already peed themselves, and then Ken got stuck too! I don't know what it was about that stupid elevator. Anyways, so I got to Symphony before she got home, and had her move the family via the cell phone, and that helped, but I still had to reset Alex and Logan 2 times before they would appear at the new house. Very very strange! I hope the new house will solve the problem.


  1. Awesome update! Can't wait to see if they have a boy or a girl (I'm kinda hoping for a girl!).

    I was actually absurdly happy for Symph when she got that promotion, I felt like she deserved it so badly :)

  2. Very exciting that there's a new baby on the way. Ken wanted 5, right? It's nice that Ken is retired and can be there.

    How strange about the elevator glitch! The Sims is a crazy game. Schizophrenic, even.

  3. That's a really strange glitch you had there, but I'm glad everything's worked out for the better.

    It would be cool if Symph had twins, then she would have plenty of time to work on her career, and Ken would have all his kids. xD

  4. I agree with Risika twins would be cool. You could do that little trick to make one a boy and one a girl if they each wanted something different. Nice view from the new house too.

  5. I so wanted for Symph to have twins also, so she and Ken could be done and closer to their LTW's but I was so afraid to do any of the "increasing chances of multiples" things because I was so afraid I'd end up with Triplets! That seems to be what always happens to me, anyways. *squeee*! I can't wait for you guys to see the next update, all the kids age up!

  6. I love the new house very pretty and the view is amazing! Love that lighthouse! I've had problems with apartment elevators too so your not alone.

    I agree about having twins that would help get the kids done without sacrificing to much more time in Symphony's career. I was happy she gOt the promotion that she did, very nice!

  7. OH, yeah, about her promotion...when she went to work that day, her performance bar was empty, but because of that opportunity at the school, when she left to go to the hospital, it was almost filled! She really earned that promotion in one day! I think it's because I got her the "opportunistic" LTR, and every opp. she completes she gets more reward than normal. I'm so happy I got her that reward!

  8. I *love* the new house!!!

    Yay for another baby!! :)

  9. lol about the glitches I've had that with the apartments too and rarely use them now. Can't believe she's got another on one the way. Hope she can make her LTW with all these babies