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Gen 3 Chapter 8: Logan Comes Home

Thanks to everyone who's voted so far! I will probably be leaving my chapter lengths alone, I just thought I'd ask everyone's opinions to make sure I was on the right track. Anyways, on with the chapter!

I didn't mean to sleep in the day that Logan was coming home. Thank goodness, I have two awesome boys in my life, that took care of cleaning the house and the baby while I slept and got everything ready for Logan to arrive.

A new bed for Logan was moved into the boys room and we actually finished decorating the boys' room so Logan would feel welcome. We knew he had drawn a lot of pictures in the hospital to entertain himself, and he loved it, so we made sure there was an easel in their room as well.

Much to our surprise we heard the front door open, instead of the expected call to buzz someone in. We were both in Mikinna's room, trying to take care of her diaper when in walked Logan, like he knew exactly where he was!

Surprised, Ken turned around and hugged him. "Woah, Logan! I didn't expect you to come in all by yourself! You could have let us meet you at the elevators!"
"That's ok. I knew where I was going."
"Welcome Home, Logan! You can take your time, and look around. This is your home now, so you can explore as you like! But, you might want to start in your room, there's some clothes in there, and... an easel, complete with paints!"
"Oh wow, really! Thank you!"

Poor Logan was just wearing what the hospital could piece together for him to wear home. He had been in the hospital since he was a toddler, so he didn't have any big kid clothes. After he went and got himself dressed, he looked so adorable and healthy! Ken filled me in on how Logan had grown, and what kind of personality he had.

Apparently, he was a bit of a Loner,  which I could see how staying at a hospital with very few kids around would lead to that. He also seemed to have a gift with anything artistic or musical. A real Virtuoso! I made a mental note that for his next birthday, I'd get him some kind of musical instrument.
The one thing Ken said we'd have to watch out for, is that he had learned to pretty much get whatever he wanted out of the grown-ups around him, as they all felt sorry for him in the hospital and wanted to be nice to him. He was a very crafty Mooch, and could sweet talk anyone.  I guess Logan would be keeping us on our toes!

After Logan got dressed, he immediately started experimenting with the new easel and paints we got him. Alex was sweet, and kind of just gave Logan some space to adjust to our house and didn't try to overwhelm him too much. I swear, he was so perceptive about these kinds of situations. He made me proud!

Thank goodness, Logan didn't seem to notice much that I was still in my pajamas, and I quickly went and changed, and made some pancakes to keep around for whenever anyone got hungry.

Soon, Logan emerged from his room, and joined Ken at the chess table. But, being quiet, he just sat back and watched Ken intently, like he was trying to figure out what Ken was doing.

"You know how to play chess, Logan?"
"Well, scoot up closer, and I'll teach you!"
Cautiously, Logan scooted up to the table, and Ken proceeded to give him some beginner chess lessons. They were having a great time together, it was truly a bonding moment!

Later that evening, I overheard Logan and Alex talking in their bedrooms right before bed...
"So, your bed is over here, I hope you like race cars too!"
"Yeah, I like race cars."

"Good. Do you need a night light?"
"Nope, I'm ok. I think sleeping in a real room instead of the hospital is going to be great! I won't need a night light here."
"Good! Ok, Well, I guess we better sleep, we get to go to school tomorrow!"

Alex happily bounded over to his bed and hopped in the covers. I could tell he was excited about school. Logan, however didn't seem quite as enthused. Well, at least no matter what happened at school, they'd have each other, right?

Now, don't get me wrong. I was thrilled to have Logan come and be a part of our family. But, at the same time, I was a bit overwhelmed and wore out. I was very happy to have our little boy, little girl, and now a darling son who we adopted, but at the same time, I was starting to get a bit concerned about my career. Yes, I loved my family, but I also desire to become the best I can be in the medical profession. I hoped after Mikinna's birthday, things would settle down, and I could put my full effort into my career.

After the boys and Mikinna were in bed, I started to head to bed myself, and Ken stopped me.
"Hey there, pretty lady, you busy at the moment?"
He winked at me, and went in for an amorous hug, but I just was not in the mood for that right now. To be honest, I was just too stressed over getting back to work, and tired from being up with Mikinna at night.

"Ken, not right now, I'm exhausted, and a little cranky. All I've been doing is taking care of kids, I haven't been out of the house in forever!"
"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize." I could tell by the look on his face that it really hadn't occurred to him that I might be a little stir crazy. Although he looked a little hurt, he offered, "Maybe you can get out some tomorrow?"
"I hope so." And with that I turned around and went to sleep. I didn't mean to be so mean to Ken, but I really was tired of being cooped up.

I felt much better in the morning. Although I was still a little stir crazy, at least Mikinna slept well, so I felt better rested than usual.
I saw the boys off to school (they were so cute sitting together on the bus) then decided to make Ken's favorite salad to make up for being so short with him the night before.

He came in the kitchen just as I had finished it.
"Hey, I just want you to know, I've just fed and changed Mikinna, she's happy."
"Oh, thanks babe, I appreciate that. I made you some salad for later."

"Thanks! I love your salads. Hey, come here a sec."
I came closer, and smiled. I started, "I'm sorry for being so grumpy last night Ken. I didn't mean to put you off like that..."

"No, I'm sorry, I should have realized you'd be feeling pretty stir crazy right about now. Tell you what, after Mikinna's birthday, let's go out, just me and you, ok? We can go out and celebrate my birthday!"

A date? We hadn't been on a date since... well, the day we got married! I couldn't help but kiss him!

I kept a hold of his hands, and said, "Ken, that would be great. I miss hanging out together, just the two of us. I can't believe your birthday is already here!"

"I miss you too. Hey, at least we can have a little bit of time together today since the boys are at school."
"Oh, you're right! And, I'm pretty sure Mikinna's sleeping right now.."

That's all the conversation that was necessary, we tiptoed to the bedroom, so we wouldn't wake Mikinna, and spent some quality time together.

After that, the rest of the afternoon/evening went much smoother. I was happy just knowing that we'd be getting out of the house soon together, I was looking forward to it so much! And with Mikinna's birthday tonight, I'm sure I'd be back on track in no time.
And, that evening, Mikinna became a toddler!
Happy Birthday Mikinna!

Wow! She got her daddy's hair, and my eyes. As adorable as ever!

Of course, it was so close to her bedtime after her birthday, she immediately demanded to be put to bed, in her normal "demanding" fashion.

Alex had stayed up a little bit later than usual to finish his homework, which we told him was fine, and Logan did half of his, and said he'd do the other half in the morning, he was so tired! It seemed to be hard on both of them to get used to being gone all day long.

After the boys left for school, I spent most of the morning teaching Mikinna to walk. She almost had it, but was still pretty wobbly.

As afternoon approached, I found myself getting more and more excited about tonight! I was so ready to get out and socialize with some other people, and not worry about bottles, or diapers! I was a little sad though, because tonight would be Ken's birthday into elderhood. Although Ken is a little older than me, I did realize that soon it would be my elder birthday, and I was still 4 promotions away from my life's dream.

But, tonight wasn't about being depressed, tonight was about having fun!
The boys got home from school, and poor Alex was so wore out from school, he went straight to his bed for a nap.

Logan on the other hand, went to finish his painting.

I hurried to my room to get dressed and call the babysitter. I had a new dress to wear, and was so ready to go out with my hubby!

As soon as the babysitter showed up, I took one last quick peek at Mikinna, who was playing intently with her toys, then we were out the door! Time to party!
*buckey's notes*- So little Mikinna's birthday snuck up on us! And Ken's too! I almost didn't realize it was his birthday until right before they went on their date. Eep! And I was hoping that Logan would have a completely different look from the family, and he does, I'm so happy with him. :) Don't have much to say this time around, I'll get to work on the next chapter. Thanks for reading!


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