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Gen 3 Chapter 2: A Simbot and a Stomach Ache

I was up bright and early, and was actually excited about work today. I couldn't wait to see Ken. I was in my own little world daydreaming about him, and his smile, and I almost missed the car pool honking for me!

I came home pretty exhausted that evening, but not as tired as the first day. It could be that Ken and I got to talk pretty much the whole shift. He was definitely my new best friend at work. I was dying to go on a date with him, and wanted to go out and have a little fun, so I figured tonight would be a great night to ask Ken out, because my parents had planned a date night, and I wouldn't have to worry about them this evening.

But, now came the tricky part. How do I ask him out? There was a new dance club that had opened up and I figured that would be a great place to go, but Ken and I hadn't really hung out "just for fun" yet. I thought I would just try to keep it as casual as possible, ask if he'd like to go get a drink tonight. That way, if it went horribly wrong, at least we'd only be committed to drinks and nothing else.

Nervously, I dialed his number...
"Hey Ken, this is Symphony."
"Oh, hey Symphony, what's up?"
His tone sounded like he was happy to hear from me. So far so good.
"Oh, nothing much, I was just looking to unwind from a hard day's work and I wondered if you wanted to get a drink with me at that new club that opened up."
"Aw, gee, I'd like to, but I'm on call tonight, I'm actually on my way to the hospital right now, they've already called me in, can you believe it?!  Maybe another time?"
"Oh, sure, yeah, of course, no biggie, maybe another time!"
I tried to sound chipper and upbeat, but of course, that's NOT how I felt.
"Sounds great! Thanks for inviting me, though."
"Sure no problem. See you tomorrow I guess."
"See Ya."
Aw man. Rejected. It was for a perfectly legitimate reason, but still it stung just a little. Oh well, I didn't wanna stay home and pout about it. I would just go check out the club myself! I was young and fun and all that jazz, right?
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When I got there, it looked pretty deserted. I wondered if I mixed up when this place was actually supposed to open. I walked in and there was lights and music going on the dance floor, but only one girl in the club. I figured she worked here so I went to ask her what the deal was.
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"Hi, do you work here?"
"Yep, sure do!"
"Cool, could I get a drink?" I had never had a drink before, hopefully she would know what to make me.
"Sorry,  I can't tonight. We are still stocking up and getting ready to open. Technically we don't open until this weekend."
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you weren't open to the public yet!"
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"Oh, that's ok. Even though I can't serve you, you're welcome to try out the dance floor! That's what me and my friend will be doing tonight."
"Ok, I might do that, thanks!"
I went out there and danced a little, but I ended up just feeling silly. I imagined this place would be pretty cool packed with people, but now, well, I think it was time to call it a night. Obviously, this night just wasn't meant to be. I figured I should probably just get home and eat some dinner and turn in early. The hours at the hospital were so long, it was difficult to get as much sleep as I wanted anyways.
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The next morning, I was dragging. I didn't realize how sleep-deprived I was going to be starting this job! As I sipped my coffee, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like at work today. Would things be weird between Ken and I now, since I had asked him out? I hoped not.
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Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about, Ken gave me a quick hug at work, and apologized again for not being able to hang out, and said he had a very exhausting night working at the hospital. He looked more tired than I was. We didn't really get to talk to much that day, we just went about our duties, and took turns trying to catch up on sleep in the ready room.
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While Symphony was at work...
"That's it... I got it! I got it! Jeanna wake up, I figured out a solution!"
"What are you going on about?"
"Sit up, I'll tell you.."
"Ok, ok, now what is it?"
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"Symphony says she doesn't want to move out because she wants to be able to care for us and help with the things that are too much for us, right?"
"Well, yes. and help with her siblings too."
"Right, right. Well, what if we get ourselves a helper?"
"What kind of helper? We already have a maid."
"A Simbot! I heard that people are using them as a cheap alternative to a butler, they are way more affordable, and less upkeep!"
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"Wow, a simbot? I had never thought of that. I don't know... are they, you know, safe?"
"Oh, yes. they are very good with handiness, if we got one , it could repair things around the house, and even clean up what the maids don't finish. It could help the kids with homework, run errands for us, it would be great! If we get one that can invent things, it might even bring in extra money!"
"Oh, well, I've never even thought of such a thing before, but it might be worth a try! Even when we pass on, the simbot would be here to help with whatever kids are still living here. That might be nice. And I bet Symphony would be more willing to move out if she knew we were well taken care of. But I wouldn't count on it. She's pretty attached to us, you know."
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"Aw, I know. She's a sweet kid. But I really want her freedom for her. Even if she doesn't realize it right now, I know she'll be happier living her own life."
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Well, another day of exhausting work was complete. When I got home from work that night, it was Cadence's Birthday! He was finally going to be a Young Adult!
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Happy Birthday Cadence!
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The last trait he picked up was Eccentric. He looked quite a bit like Dad, and was so handsome! He announced to everyone that the next morning he would be applying for a job at the fire department. We were all so proud of him! I knew he'd be a great firefighter, he was always so brave!
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Now, Sonata wasn't at the house during Cadence's birthday, because she was pretty much hanging out with the Sheldon boys, Adam and Luke... whenever she got the chance. I had kind of picked up on the idea that Aria had a crush on one of them, but she never went with them to hang out. Wouldn't it be funny if my twin sisters ended up dating brothers! I guess we'll wait and see what happens there...
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My mother stopped me before bed, and asked if she could talk with me for a minute.
"So, Symph, have you thought any more of moving out?"
"Well, to be honest mom, yes I have. What you and I talked about last time has really stayed with me. I think I understand how Dad feels now, and I definitely feel like I possibly could move out, if I really felt like you guys were ok without me. Work is pretty demanding, and I can see how having my own place would let me focus more on my work. But, I don't have enough money for a deposit on an apartment, I would need to save up a while, and probably get a promotion so that I could afford the monthly bills. You know."
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"Oh, you know, I had always pictured you moving in with your sisters, I hadn't thought of the idea of you having your own place, and therefore needing money for a deposit. Dad and I will help, you know, we can sell some things around here and help with that deposit. I hear it's astronomical for those fancy new apartments they've built."
"Uh, yeah, for sure. They are really cute though. I could see me living there one day. But what about you guys? I know Cadence is now an adult and can pitch in with money for the bills and such, but will you--"
She cut me off and said, "-Ah, yes, that's what I wanted to talk to you about in the first place! Your dad, being the brilliant genius he is, has figured out a solution to that. We're getting a SIMBOT!"
"Wha? A Simbot? you mean those robot/helper things?"
"Yep. Because your dad is well-known, the science facility is going to give us a great deal on one, and it will come with handiness skills and everything. We'll have a helper that we can send on our errands, can help the twins with their homework, and fix things around the house! It even knows how to invent things, and we can sell what it makes and have extra cashflow coming in. Your dad is even talking about retiring and staying at home to paint more."
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I was so surprised I didn't know what to say. At first I wanted to say, no way, there's no way a robot could take care of them, but then I realized that all the things I was worried about them trying to do on their own were the things the robot actually could take care of, maybe even better than I could!
"Well, that certainly does sound like a good idea mom. But I wouldn't feel good about moving out until I see this thing at home in action, and know it's going to do a good job of taking care of things."
"Oh, of course dear. You'll need time to get the finances together for your new place anyways. Oh, honey, I'm so excited for you! I think this will be wonderful!"
"Wow, me too mom! I guess I'll go look online and fill out an application for those apartments!"
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Well, this was an unexpected twist. I really had been thinking more about moving out, well, daydreaming is more like it. And there was a particular apartment building I had my eye on, and I had about a third of the money saved up for the hefty deposit, but I knew I would have to get a raise at work before I could afford it. Cadence growing up was probably the event that actually made it possible for me to want to move out, because I knew his salary as a firefighter would support our parents, and he was family-oriented like me, so I knew he'd make them a special proirity, just as I had. They would definitely be in good hands.

I actually started letting myself get excited about this new opportunity, to move out on my own! I couldn't wait to tell Ken at work the next day.
So, very early in the morning, the simbot arrived. She was named Gena, and went straight into Mom and Dad's room when she got here.
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"My name is Gena. Nice to meet you Mikie and Jeanna. How may I be of service?"
Wow, it's robotic voice sounded so funny.
"Uh. Nice to meet you too." He looked at mom... I guess it was a little strange talking to a robot!
Free Image Hosting at"We don't need anything at the moment, you could just let us have a little more sleep, then maybe we'll have a job for you?"
"Yes sir." Gena went to the corner of the room, and beeped, "power save mode-awaiting command" then it's head drooped.
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I went about my morning getting dressed and having breakfast, but before I left, I went to check on Mom and Dad and the simbot. Apparently Mom was already up, and the simbot was curled up next to Dad on the bed. So strange! At least it was close by if he needed anything.
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I quietly walked out of the room so as not to wake anyone up, and headed downstairs to the carpool. I think this Simbot thing might actually work!
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Meanwhile, Cadence started his first day of work, and apparently it was pretty exciting! He already got  a chance to fight a small house fire. It was hard work, but he was really enjoying it. That's my brother!
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And, well, it happened! I got that promotion I needed! Yes! I was so stoked! Besides the deposit money, this was the last step that needed to fall into place to get that apartment. I had already talked to the landlord, and since he knew my dad he said he would be glad to hold this particular apartment for me. It was time to celebrate!!
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I decided I would give Ken a call when I got home, and try again for a chance to hang out outside of work.
"Hey, Ken, I left work before I got to tell you the great news, I got promoted!!!"
"Oh wow, Symphony, that's great! I knew you could do it! Congratulations!"
"Thanks! Hey would you like to go out and celebrate with me? Maybe get a drink or something?"
"Aw, I'd love to, but as soon as I'm finished up here at the hospital, I have to get home to my family, they've planned some kind of birthday dinner for me, and I promised I wouldn't be late."
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"Oh, I didn't know it was your birthday! I feel like such a bad friend for not realizing! Happy birthday!"
"Don't feel bad, I kept it very low key. I didn't want everyone at work making a big deal. Thanks by the way."
"Alright, well, I guess I'll see you at work then?"
"Yep! Have fun celebrating your promotion!"
"Thanks! You have fun too. Bye!"
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Well that would be turn down number 2. I realize that both times it was a legit reason, but I was beginning to feel a little foolish. Maybe I was trying too hard. Maybe I should just wait for him to call me. Yep. that's what I was going to  do. The ball was in his court now.

Well, I wasn't really in the mood to do any major partying with anyone, I knew for a fact Aria was upstairs working on homework, Sonata had a friend over, and Cadence was staying the night at the fire house. So... I walked into the living room and decided to play video games and just veg out the rest of the night. It was kind of nice to just chill for a bit.
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When I went upstairs to head to bed, Sonata stopped me in the hall.
"Hey, sis, can I talk to you a minute?"
"Sure, what's up?"
"Well, mom told me about you moving out soon."
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"Yes, well, I haven't quite got the money together yet, but I probably will soon."
"Right, well, I was wondering, how would you feel about having a roommate?"
"A roommate? Well, I guess I wouldn't be opposed to it, but I don't know if I could find someone I could trust."
"Well, what if I came with you when you moved out? What if I was your roommate?!?"
"What! I don't think so, you're still in high school, and I don't think Mom and Dad would--"
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"Oh, I know what you are going to say. But you know I've been very responsible. And I think Mom and Dad would actually be for it, because  they would trust you with me, you know, to take care of me and make sure I study hard and all that. And I think it would be good for you, because then you wouldn't have to live alone. Plus, sis, I'd be one less mouth to feed and body to clothe around here. Even less of a burden to Mom and Dad."
Oh, she was good. How does she do that? Take an absurd idea, and turn it into something I'd actually consider? Well, although I thought of her as too young to be on her own, she was just a short way from graduation, and she's never been a rebellious kid. She's been honest, especially with me, because we're so close.
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"Hm. Well, I'll think about it. And, I want to ask Mom and Dad and see how they feel."
"Oh, goodie. Thank you sis, thank you! You won't regret it, I promise."
"Ok, ok, calm down, noone has said yes to anything yet!"
"Teehee... I know, but you will. You'll see, this is a great idea."
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So, that next evening after dinner, I asked Mom about this idea of Sonata moving with me, and after her and I hashed out the details of what that would exactly look like, and weighed the pros and cons, we decided it might be a good idea. Mom liked the idea of me having someone with me in my apartment, they were never keen on the idea of me moving alone anyways. And they knew Sonata respected me and would probably be ok living with me too. But we decided on one condition. Sonata had to be the one to convince Dad.
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So, the Simbot, Gena, was actually making our household run much smoother. When she wasn't running errands, she was found upgrading items around the house. It was nice to know she had improved our toilets so that they wouldn't break anymore! I think the decision to get her was a great one! I knew without a doubt now that between my brother, Aria, and Gena, my parents were going to be just fine without me.
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Work was going great, I was doing a great job, and my boss was noticing. Ken was thrilled when I told him about me getting my own apartment. He promised me that he would take me out to someplace fancy as his housewarming gift to me when I got settled. Squeeee! Finally he was offering to take me out! I guess my theory of waiting and letting him ask me out worked! Ken had also given me a heads up, and suggested to study up on handiness, as it might come in handy on the job, and help me to my next promotion. So, I headed off to the library to study, knowing my house in the afternoon hours was far from quiet, especially for studying.
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As I was reading, I noticed a lady, a vampire, over by a row of books, looking kind of well, not well. I kept peeking at her over my book, and then realized she was grabbing her stomach and moaning. Then the friend who was with her yelled out, "Help! Is there someone who can help my friend?"
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Without even thinking, I rushed over to the woman, who was obviously in a lot of pain.
"Ma'am what seems to be the problem. I'm in the medical field, maybe I can help."
"It's my stomach, I feel horrible! I don't know what's wrong, but I've never been in this much pain."
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"Do you think you are going to throw up?"
"Yes, it feels like I could any minute."
"Ok, just stay calm, I think I know what will help if it's really nausea. Someone get me the medical scanner, quick!"
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One of the people who had now gathered around the commotion pulled the medical scanner off the wall and brought it to me. (They keep these things in every public place, kind of like a first aid kit.)
Thank goodness I had just learned how to use these machines at work this past week! I knew exactly how to look for the problem, and sure enough it was acute nausea that had attacked this poor woman.
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"Ok, I know what to do, ma'am, just hold still."
With that, I pinched a special nerve point in her arm.
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"YEOWCH!" She yelled. I jumped back a second. She looked like she was going to hit me. "It's ok, it's part of the treatment. Just take a few deep breaths and give it a second to work."
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Sure enough, the woman's face relaxed, and a look of relief washed over her."Oh my goodness. It's gone! The nausea, the pain, it's all gone! Thank you so much!" She grabbed my hand and shook it vigorously. "No problem, I'm so glad I could help!"
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The people standing around clapped, and I could feel my face turning red. In all the ruckous, I didn't see what a big crowd had been gathering. I politely excused myself from the group, but most were focused on the woman who was now recounting her symptoms and the relief I brought her, and they were all captivated in amazement. A good time to slip out unnoticed.

When I got home, I took my library book up to my room, and thought I'd read just a bit more before I went to sleep. Aria was up doing her homework, while Sonata slept.
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"Hey sis, I'm just about done with my homework, then we can shut out the lights if you want."
"Oh, it's ok, I'm gonna read for a bit."
I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open, then put it away so I could drift off to sleep.
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I was so proud of myself for the way I handled that situation at the library. I really helped someone today! It was a good kind of high feeling, that was even better than when I donated money to charity. I knew I had made the right choice choosing this profession! Add that to the excitement of knowing that I was going to be getting my own place soon, and that meant that Ken would make good on his offer to take me out, and, well, let's just say it took me a while to get calmed down enough to fall asleep. This was it, I was really starting my own life!
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*Buckey's notes*- Whew, another chapter finished! Holiday time was crazy, thanks for being so patient everyone! So, Symphony surprised me, and actually wished to move into a high-rise apartment, which left me in a predicament, because I assumed I would be staying in her parent's house and letting her tell her story from there. ah, the twists and turns of a Wishacy! I got the Simbot with Mikie's LTR points, so she's a legit addition to the family. It's nice having her around, because she constantly rolls wishes to upgrade things, which means more and more things are becoming unbreakable! woo! I decided to have Sonata come with Symphony, because, well, I want to see what she'll do with herself, and what she'll look like as an adult! I don't know if I'll kick her out when she becomes YA or not, probably will depend on if Symph has a man yet or not. Oh, and, Symph still has the wish locked in to "Date Ken" but every time she calls him up he's busy. I'm assuming it's because of his level in the medical field, where you are on call all the time. Will it ever work out for them? Or will Symphony's flirty ways have her wanting a different guy? All will be revealed in the next chapter! Thanks for reading!