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Quick Heads up about the Rules...

I just wanted to let you all know, there has been a couple changes to the rules. One is pertaining to Generations, and the other affects how you take care of the other non-heir members of the household. They are both in RED font on the Rules page, hopefully you can scroll down and spot them easily. As for the next chapter, it's all written, just needing to put pics with it and edit. However, with it being a holiday weekend, well, I'm not sure when it will be published.

Hope you are enjoying your own Wishacies! ~_o
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Gen. 5 Chapter 2: Patience Needs Patience!

Time to get cracking on that whole job thing. I figured I'd check the paper, and see if the job I really wanted was available.

As I flipped to the employments section it was the first thing I saw! Yes! They had an opening at the Bistro! It wasn't exactly what I wanted, it was only a Kitchen Scullion, but my connections told me the best way to get to Pastry Chef, what I really wanted to do, was to get my foot in the door however I could.

With one quick phone call, (and maybe some mentioning of my last name) I was officially employed at the Little Corsican Bistro! The only down side was that they didn't need me to start until close to the weekend. Waiting around for 3 days for my job to start was going to be torture! Hm, what could I do in the mean time to keep myself occupied? I know!! A trip to the park!

It was a gorgeous day outside, perfect for hanging out at the park. The only problem was, all I could think about was cooking! Then I realized they had grills here. I could totally catch some fish and make a fresh batch of fish and chips!

Now, normally fishing was my sister's thing, but I had learned to enjoy it, only because it really was the best to cook with fresh fish, not fish bought from the store.

As soon as I caught enough good sized fish, I went on over to grill and started cooking. It smelled amazing! I couldn't wait to share it with everyone in the park. Especially since I used a special spice blend I had put together myself.

I finally pulled the plate of food off the grill, and I realized there was hardly anyone in the park right now! Haha. So, I set the plate next to the one man who had taken interest in what I was cooking, and said, "Enjoy, it's all yours!" He looked at me in surprise and said, "Wow! Gee thanks!"

After that I played a little chess, then as the sun started setting I headed for home.

Before I got there however, Legacy was having a birthday!
Happy Birthday Legacy!

Aw, my little brother looked a lot like Hart! So cute!

Of course, when I got home Taylor was there, waiting for Hope to get off work. I noticed they were spending a lot more time together since my birthday. But they were still just friends.

The next morning, I was lazing around the house watching TV when Mom joined me and gave me a great idea. "I know you've been a little bored waiting to start your new job, why don't you redecorate the kitchen like you've always wanted to? This would be a great time to."
I squealed in delight! "Mom, that's a great idea! What a fun project!"

I got to work right away. I decided I wanted it to look  and feel  a lot more open and bright, so I found some appliances that were meant for outdoor kitchens. They looked so great indoors!

And I redid everything to match them. It was so much fun to use a little of my art skills and design an awesome kitchen! I had a huge window put in, along with new cabinets, counters, even cool outdoorsy lights. It was awesome!

I had so much fun I decided I wanted to do something with my and Hope's room, but that would have to wait just a little while, as I used up my decorating budget this time around.
Little Legacy was growing fast. My mom and dad just couldn't get enough of him. He learned everything so quickly too! Probably from trying to keep up with his big brother, Hart!

The days were creeping by. By the time my first day at work came around, I was going to be crazy with the waiting if I didn't find more to do! So, Monica and I decided to meet at the Bistro and catch up and have drinks.

It was a lot of fun, but made me even more anxious to start working there. I tried to remember as many employee's names as I could, hoping that would come in handy later.

After Monica left, I decided to walk home as it was a beautiful evening and home wasn't too far away.

On my way, I started daydreaming about what I 'd like to experiment cooking with next. I was hoping to grow some new things in our garden, there was nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients. What I really wanted to start cooking with, the grocery hadn't been able to keep in stock. Just thinking about those scrumptious ingredients made my mouth start to water. I swear, I could even smell them!

Wait... I wasn't imagining that, I really was smelling them! Garlic and Onion!!! But where was it coming from? It just so happened I was standing in front of the Zanders brothers' house.

Looking around, and not seeing a soul, I cracked open the gate to their yard. All the lights were off, no one appeared to be home. And then, I saw it. The most beautiful garden! And growing in it were the best garlic and onions I had ever seen! The grocery store's stock couldn't even touch them! The Zanders brothers probably wouldn't miss just a few of their garlic and onions, right? I snuck as quietly as I could and started picking some in places no one would notice.

I couldn't wait to plant some in our own garden so I wouldn't have to "borrow" any again.

Just then, I heard a car door slam and some footsteps outside the gate. CRAP! I needed to get out of here, fast! I took off out the gate and headed for home, only to notice something horrible. It was a cop car! Oh no! Don't tell me one of our neighbors thought I was a burglar and called the police!

Oh my, there was the lady cop, standing at our door! Ok, time to play it cool, and hope for the best.
As soon as I got close enough to make out her face, I sighed in relief, it was my mom's partner at the station!
"Hi Esmerelda, how are you?"

"Oh, hello there Patience! I was just coming by to drop off some papers to your mom, I know she'll be coming back to work soon, and I thought she'd like a jump start on the reports. I realize it's pretty late though, would you mind giving them to her for me?"
"Oh, sure, no problem, I'd love to!"
"Thanks. Have a good evening."
"You too."

Oh man, I was so lucky. I'm glad it was just a coincidence that a cop was right beside me as I was stealing veggies. I suppose that wasn't the smartest of ideas. I don't think I'll be doing it again!!

When I came in I got out of my dress clothes and came back downstairs only to see the two boys still up. Legacy was so sleepy, he could hardly keep his eyes open, and he reached for me and said, "Nite nite?"
I scooped him up to put him to bed and gently reminded Hart that it was a school night, and he needed to be in bed too.

One of my favorite things was putting the little ones to bed. "Goodnight, L, see you in the morning."
"Nite Sissy....*yawn*"

He was out like a light the minute his head hit the mattress.

I went out back to our little garden, thinking I was going to plan out where to plant my newest veggies, but was shocked to see the condition. I guess Hope hadn't been weeding after school like I thought. I immediately set to watering the plants we had started, hoping it wasn't too late for them.

By the time I tended to our plants and got them back in shape, it was late, and I was beat. Looked like I wasn't going to be able to plant the onion and garlic just yet, but that's ok, I still needed to look up "how" to plant them in my gardening book.

I was surprised when I got up in the morning to see my sister at the table finishing up homework she didn't finish the night before. That was very unlike her. But since Dad was around, I figured I'd keep my mouth shut. She was on the honor roll, after all.

After I finished my breakfast and Hope and Hart were off to school, I spent the morning with my little L. This was my last day before starting my new job, and I had no idea how much time I'd be able to spend with him once I started working.

It was so much fun teaching him how to walk. I couldn't believe how fast he was getting it!

After school, (surprise surprise) Taylor came home with Hope, then waited at our house until she got off work.
"So, Taylor, you don't have to wait here if you don't want to, you know, you could go do whatever you wanted and Hope could call you when she gets done with work."
"Oh, I know. But it seems that if I don't wait here for her, she forgets about me. So, it's cool, I'll just stay if you don't mind."
"No, of course, stay as long as you like!"

Poor guy! It was obvious these two were crushing hard on each other, but it seemed as if neither one would make the first move. It was pretty miserable to watch! I reminded myself to have a talk with Hope later about that.

When it came time for Hope to be home, she never showed. Finally, when it got close to Taylor's curfew, he went home. I know my parents didn't care if Hope came home right after work or not, but I couldn't let it slide. She knew Taylor was waiting here for her, and she didn't come. Why? Well, I was going to call her and find out.

"Hey, Hope where are you?"
"I'm on my way home, I'll be there in 15 minutes. Why? I'll be home by curfew, don't worry."
"You knew that Taylor was waiting here for you, didn't you?"
"*sigh* Yeah, I figured. Argh, why can't he give me some space!"
"Why don't we talk about it when you get home?"
"OK. Bye."

I poured myself a coffee, and plopped down at the table to wait. I have to admit, I was very curious as to what was going on with those two.

As soon as she came in, she whipped out her homework and started in on it. Ha. That wasn't going to deter me from getting some answers.
"So, what is going on with you and Taylor? I thought you liked him. Aren't you best friends?"
"Yes. Well, we are supposed to be. But I just don't know, " she said, never looking up from her work.
"Well, he seemed to really want to see you tonight."
"Well, he also asked for our cousin's phone number."

"Yep. He said it was for something lame, like Geometry notes or something, they have that class together, but seriously, I'm not stupid. I know he likes her."
"So, you want space from him because he likes Marie?"
"No, I'm mad at him for not just telling me the truth."
"Oh. Well, sis, maybe he really did need Geometry notes. I don't think he likes her."
"How would you know? You saw them at your party, dancing and whatnot."
"Yes, I did. So I asked him and he told me he didn't like her like that."

She stopped writing and looked up at me. "Really?"
"Yes. So, what's the deal, Hope, do you like him? Like more than a friend?"
She let out a long sigh. "I don't know. Maybe. Oh, what does it matter, he doesn't like me like that, and if I say anything, I'll ruin our friendship."
"Ah, yes, that is tricky. But I think he might actually feel the same way, Hope. Maybe you should ask him-"
"I don't want to talk about it anymore, ok? I'll figure it out."
"Ok, ok. I won't be pushy. But if you wanna talk about it, I'm here."
"Thanks Patience."

So, I guess I was watching a teenage soap opera unfold before my very eyes. I decided I had had enough of the drama for one night, however, and since I was still a little buzzed from my coffee, I went outside and planted a couple of new seeds in the garden. Come to find out, I couldn't grow my garlic and onion without the right soil, and it was going to take me a while to find some.

Well, this was it, my last day at home, I was starting my job tomorrow!! I was so ready to impress everyone at the Bistro, I couldn't wait!

*buckey's notes*- So, I know this chapter was a little, ho-hum. But it's been a bit difficult for me to piece everything together with all the computer issues I've been having. I'm almost caught up to where I was before I started having issues, and thankfully, I've finally got the game working on my new laptop, it's just a matter of testing out my Wishacy file and making sure it's working correctly! So thanks for bearing with me, and I'm sure it will get more exciting as I pick up where I left off. As always, thanks for reading. <3333
Oh, I don't know if I shared it before, but my studio has Hope, a new and improved version of my simself, and some other goodies. Feel free to download anyone you like! As soon as my wishacy file is running, Patience and Hart will be put up too. (Hart will be a teen next chapter)
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Gen 5 Chapter 1: Babies, Boys and a Little Bit of Matchmaking

My mom was getting closer and closer to D-day. Of course, little Hart couldn't help but point out the obvious signs of that to my mom. "Mommy, your belly is so big! Is there just one baby in there?"
"Hart! Yes, there's just one! This is the way it is when it's time for the baby to come out, my belly is supposed to be big."

"Well, that baby better hurry up or your stomach is gonna bust!"
"Thanks Hart. I think it's time for you to go play now."

Sure enough, the next morning my mom went into labor. Thank goodness it was the weekend so Hope and I didn't have to work and we could keep an eye on Hart.

After they called a cab, they called me, and I rushed home so I could be there.

Not too long after I came home, my Dad called saying that we had a new baby brother!! They named him Legacy Song. Dad said he picked that name because of all the things he's accomplished in life, us kids were he and mom's best, a legacy they were proud of.

They took him up to Hart's room, which was now the boys room and got him all settled in. My dad got to feed him his first bottle. I so couldn't wait to get my hands on  him!

Soon Dad and mom went to rest and I hurried up to Legacy's crib and scooped him up. Oh, he was so cute! He even reached out for my hand!

I could tell the little guy was tired and ready for a long nap, so I put him back to bed. Hope and Hart left to go to the park and fish and catch bugs.

Since there wasn't anything else to do, I decided to venture out and see if there were some new veggies I could cook with, or see if there was a symphony at the theater or something.

The grocery didn't have what I was looking for, so I stopped by the theater only to find out there wasn't a symphony this weekend. Bummer. I could have watched a movie, but I just wasn't in the mood.

It was a beautiful evening though, so I decided to sit on the park bench and read a little.  It wasn't long before a guy came and sat down beside me and quietly opened his own book and started reading.

I snuck a peek at him when he wasn't looking and couldn't help but realize how cute he was. I didn't recognize him, I wondered if he was a new guy? He didn't look to be much older than me.  Just then I heard a familiar voice behind me, I turned and looked, Yep! I was right, it was Monica!

I put my book away and popped up from the bench to go join her at hers. I missed her so much! She graduated ahead of me, so I had been lost without her at school. She also found out right after she graduated that her and her boyfriend were expecting! I'd been so busy with school, we hadn't really got to see each other much, I only knew that she just had her son, but I hadn't been by to visit yet.

"Monica! What's up cuz!?! I miss you so much!"
"Patience! I miss you too girl!"
"So, how's the baby? What did you name him?"
"He's great, adorable, and healthy. We decided to name him Wilfred."
"Wilfred?!? I thought you were gonna name him Noah?"
"Well, Josh really wanted to name him after his dad. So, I figured why not. I call him Freddie for short. It's not so bad."

"Aw, Freddie's a cute nick name. I promise as soon as I get through the craziness that is graduation, I'll come visit."
"You better! So, now that that talk is out of the way, tell me about the hottie you were just sharing a bench with. You met the Zander brothers, I see."
"Oh, um, I don't know him. He just came and sat next to me while I was reading. Zander brothers? Who are they?"
"You mean you don't know them? They are your neighbors, duh!?! I can't believe you haven't met them yet, they are the talk of all the single ladies in town."
"See that guy sitting right there on the bench with the blonde hair? That's his brother. I think their names are Logan and Zack maybe? I can't remember. You should totally go introduce yourself."

"NO way! What would I even say? Plus I'm younger than them, they'd probably find me annoying or something."
"Oh Patience, some things never change. Well, my "me" time is almost up, Freddie should be waking up from his nap. Let me know when you get up the nerve to meet your hot new neighbors."
I rolled my eyes. "See you later Monica. Give your baby a kiss for me!"
"Will do!"
After she left, I couldn't help but stare at the blonde haired cutie in front of me. Wow, both brothers were SO insanely cute.

I can't believe they are my neighbors and I didn't even know it! I knew someone moved into the old Frio house next to us, but I never actually saw who it was. There's no way I could even be considered in the same league as them. But you know, just as a neighbor, I could at least go introduce myself and welcome them to the neighborhood....

I stood up, but as soon as I did, my courage faltered. Yep I was a wimp. There's no way I could talk to him. He was reading so intently it was fascinating. It was hard for me to take my eyes off him.

Then I realized I was standing there staring and looking like an idiot. I quickly walked away to catch a taxi home.

When I finally got home, it was nearly dark. As I climbed the stairs I could here cheering coming from inside the house. Oh man, I totally forgot! Tonight was my mom's birthday!

Happy Birthday Carol!

Now, my mom as an elder, just like my dad. She couldn't help but stare in the mirror, pointing out wrinkles, and her gray hair. I reminded her she was still my beautiful mom, and she shouldn't be sad. She smiled, and gave me a quick squeeze of gratitude.

To cheer her up, I figure I'd make one of my better dishes, fish and chips. I figured it would make up for nearly missing her birthday.

As I sat watching the fish fry in the pan,  a frown crept on my face. Although I wasn't ready for any kind of serious relationship or anything, I did want to have some kind of relationship someday. I was somehow going to have to get over this shyness I had around members of the opposite sex. But how?

Everyone loved the fish and chips. Hope and Hart devoured theirs before running off to finish up last minute homework, and mom and dad retired early so they could put Legacy to bed and get some sleep.
I sat staring at the empty plates on the table, still feeling sorry for myself, before I finally snapped myself out of it, and cleaned up before bed.

As I headed upstairs to bed, I peeked in on my little brothers to make sure they were settled in and would let our parents rest for a while. Legacy was awake, but peaceful, just about to doze off to sleep, and Hart was out like a light.

I headed to my own bedroom where Hope was already sleeping, and curled up under my covers myself.  I needed my rest tonight, tomorrow was my last day of High School!

 This was it! The last day that all three of us older Song kids would be going to school together! I was excited about this being my last day, but I was even more excited about the party my parents decided to throw for me for my graduation/birthday tonight! It was going to be great!

The day went by very quickly, and in no time we were all back home getting ready for everyone to come over. We mainly invited family, but there were a few family friends thrown in the mix too. Of course, Taylor was there, and my Aunt Grace's daughter, Marie. She was a teenager now, and so sweet, just like her mom.

When the guests had mostly arrived, I headed into the living room to mingle, and saw something very interesting. Marie and Taylor were dancing together. It looked like they were having a pretty good time together. However, Hope had an unreadable look on her face.

As I passed by Hope, I asked, "Everything alright?"
I must have broken her out of her trance because she looked at me suddenly and said, "OH! Yes, sure. I just realized I have a little more homework to finish up." And with that she went to the dining room and immersed herself in her work. I wondered  if someone wasn't a little jealous? I decided to casually find out if something was  up.

I politely cut into Taylor and Marie's dance. "Hey, Marie, mind if I cut in?"
"Hey birthday girl! No, not at all! It was nice talking to you Taylor."
"You too." He said to her as she wandered off to  the kitchen.
As soon as she was out of earshot, I asked him. "So, you and my cousin seem to be hitting it off well."
"Oh, yeah, I suppose. She's pretty nice."

"Well, if you like, I can put a good word in for you."
His eyes got big, and he said, "Oh, nah, that's ok. I mean, no offense or anything, she's nice, but she's not exactly my type."
"Ahhhh, You're into more of the intellectual red head type, aren't you?" I winked.

Now, instead of looking shocked, his face turned expressionless, and he blushed just a tad. I could tell he was trying to mask something.
"Um, I guess. I mean... er... um..."
Oh, he was squirming now. I knew it. I knew he liked my sister. And I was almost positive she liked him.
"Hey, it's cool. I'm not going to say anything. But for what it's worth, you guys would be cute together, you know, as more than just BFF."

And before he could respond, I walked into the dining room to start putting the candles on my cake. I giggled to myself. Playing matchmaker was a great way to distract myself from my own dating life, or lack thereof!
As I lit the candles, my parents called everyone in the dining room. It was time!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes! I was finally a Young Adult!

As soon as the candles were out, everyone piled into the room for some cake. It was elbow to elbow in there, but at the same time cozy, considering all of the laughing and joking and family bonding going on in there.
And, over the course of a few hours, all that was left was my mother cleaning up the last of the plates from the party.

As I headed to bed that night, I realized something. Aw snap! I'm a grown up now! I've gotta find a job!
*buckey's notes*- Yay, another chapter is here! These are the screenshots from my computer, before I had to send it back. Yep, that's right, my new laptop is being sent back, and another one is on the way. I won't have it until the end of the month. :( But I still have some great chapters ahead, including some that will include some content from Generations! (*spoiler*- like 2 of the Song kids that get to go to prom!) Patience is gorgeous as an adult! And the Zander brothers (Paul and Logan) as I'm sure you've figured out, were strategically moved in next door.  One of them was one I made in CAS, the other was one of the offspring of the very first legacy I ever played with Sims 3. I guess we'll just have to see what happens! Well, that's all for now, thanks for reading!