Rule Variations

Whether you've already played through a Wishacy and want to try something different, or want to try a Wishacy for the first time, and want to add a little something to it, this page is for you!

Something that always keeps challenges fun is when you can add or change a rule here or there. Here are some great ideas for ways to play a Wishacy that will hopefully keep the challenge fun, long after you've completed your first challenge!

1. Start out with 2 people in your household, instead of a lone founder. Maybe someone you are hoping will be a potential mate? 

2. Double heirs- you could do this for every generation, or just one generation, just to mix it up a bit!

3. Forced Heirs- Decide ahead of time to only have firstborns be the heir, or the 1st one who has a family trait or hair color. Or be really brave and limit heirs in only having 1 child! 

4. Kicking Heirs Out- instead of making the heir stay in the active household, kick the heir out, then switch active households to the chosen heir. It might be fun to see where they ended up, and go from there!

5. Switching Wish-fulfilling Focus- In this one, you wouldn't have a particular heir, you would just switch wish-granting focus between the household members and every time you reach 10,000 LTR points with the current sim, you'd switch to the next in the household, and play them the same way. Then, whoever in the household achieves their Lifetime Wish 1st becomes the heir and you continue on to the next generation with their kid.

6. Variation on "Wish Canceling"- You can make it a rule that you are not allowed to cancel ANY wishes (unless impossible to fulfill) or make it a rule where at the end of every Sim week, you must cancel all promised wishes and start over at the beginning of the week.

Have an idea that isn't listed here? Leave your idea in the comment box! Hopefully these ideas will help spark some fun new ways to play.


  1. I thing about donating bugs to sience (not havn't read all your chapthers) If a sim wish to go see the sience fasilaty, couldn't you do it donating bugs/fish? And If they want their house to have a surdant valou, wouldn't sending rock to be cut, and then use the now more expensiv cut as deco count. The same way with donating bugs/fish or selling items, if they want more money any thing that gives them money goes? And if the sim wants a hot-tub, and don't have the money, but have a bag full of bugs that maybe would get them enough money that be an other way.

    Oh and I have an idea for a rule varitions. After turning into a child, teen and ya you are alowed to send them to take 1 class out in the town, that way you can kick start some skills (and wishes)

    I don't play a wishasy, but mostly lets my sims decide.

  2. With the wishacy I just started I moved the founder into a share house. The girls got the wish of 'have first kiss' so I had them fulfil the wish - with my founder! Makes for an interesting story, haha.

  3. I have a wishacy with a whopping 6 babies. Oh me gee. Plumbob, help me now. I can't have more than 5 sims or I go nutso.

    Anyway, a rule I set for myself is whichever sim has the most LTW points is my next heir :P

    1. Oh, I like the idea of whoever has the most LTW points becomes heir! Cool!