Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gen 6 Chapter 8: On To Childhood

"Come on Bella, you can do it!"
"Good girl!"

This was my special time I spent with my girl while Jazz was at work. Bella was growing so fast, she nearly had walking mastered! Which was amazing to us, since it took JJ so long to learn it.

Once Jazz pulled up in the drive I took off to my next assignment. Normally, I wouldn't leave that hastily but this particular meeting was time sensitive.

I carefully walked to the back entrance of the old warehouse, knowing that if I was to catch Renae, I'd have to do it right before she entered the building.

"WHAT are you doin' here?!?"
"You don't know me, but I know you. I just need to talk to you for a second."
"Make it quick. If the boss sees you.... talkin' to me..."

"I'm not here to get you in trouble. I just need a name, no more, no less."
"Ha! I'm sure you do! Don't they all."
"I just need to know who bought that stolen car off of you last Monday."
"Well, if you knew your stuff, you'd know I'd never tell you that."

"Ok, look, I need something to go on here. If you can give me any helpful info, I'm willing to make it worth your time."
I discreetly pulled out a 500 Simolean bill. Sure to make a croony talk.

"Let me see that!"
"Hm. This is the real thing. Ok. Here's all I can tell you.." She moved closer.

"The big race. Tonight. You'll find what you're looking for there."
"Ah, thanks Renae." She raised her eyebrows. I know she was surprised to know I knew her real name.
"Ok, now get outta here, I gotta go."

So, the car I'm looking for is probably in the races, driven by the man I'm looking for. Looks like I'll be attending the race today!

By the time I got home it was nearing bedtime. JJ was already asleep, but little Bella was contentedly playing with her dollhouse.

After the kids were both in bed, I played on my guitar a bit, then went to find Jazz.
He was enjoying a soak in the hot tub.
"Mind if I join you?"
"Not at all."

"Wow, can you believe JJ wont' be a toddler anymore after this day?"
"No, sure can't. It's going faster than I thought it would."
"Time does seem to fly by."
We gazed at the stars and reminisced a little more before finally going back inside.

The kids were up and at 'em early the next morning. Bella was in her best mood in the mornings, we realized.

But by the time we got to her nap time in the afternoon, wow, watch out for a  major tantrum! I really, really hoped she would outgrow this.

When evening came and we started preparing for JJ's birthday, Jazz got called out to work on an emergency. It really stunk that he had to miss JJ's big moment.

It seemed that with every passing moment, Jj looked more like his father. Wouldn't Jazz be proud when he saw him!

After cake for JJ and Bella, I showed JJ is new bed, and he loved it!

By the time bedtime came around Jazz had managed to get home, and promised to read JJ a bedtime story. This soon became JJ's favorite thing, to be read to before bedtime.

"Morning, princess!"
"Hehe, Mornin' Daddy!"
"Today's a big day. Bubba is going to school!"
"Yep! It will be just you and me today."
After making sure everybody got breakfast, I watched my little boy run out to catch the bus for the first time. He didn't even turn around to wave good bye!

*Sigh* Before I could let myself get too emotional over my boy growing up I went upstairs to get ready for work. Since Jazz had the day off, I decided to get my work done early that day.
I met a few clients...

 staked out the corporate offices of an alleged dirty business man...

 ...caught him accepting illegal information..

...and turned in my report and leads to the police station.

All in a days' work!
And, I had about an hour to kill before JJ got home, so I stopped by the park and played my guitar to my hearts content. Then I headed for home.

While Jazz attempted to help our son with his school work, I changed and went upstairs to work on Bella's verbal skills. Her birthday was approaching fast!

J had a field trip this week. Yep, since he started school he insists on being called J, because it's cooler.
Jazz helped pull strings at the police station and organized an awesome field trip for J's class. Royal, Jazz's mom, although now a retired school teacher still volunteered for special events like this, so she got to be the kids' chaperone for the field trip! J had a blast.

That night, I had received an invite to a last minute party of a friend of mine, and since Jazz and I couldn't remember the last time we went on a date together, we decided to make it a night out!

 We hired the best babysitter in all of Barnacle Bay!

Hindsight being 20/20, we shouldn't have made a social event a date. We spend more time talking to everyone else than to each other. It was ok, we had a good time, but next time I think we'll just go to dinner or a movie by ourselves.

"So, I have to write a paper about someone with a cool job. I wanna write about you!"
"Aw, sweetie, thank you! I feel honored."
"Tell me about how you started your job."
 "Hm... I started this job right out of high school.."

 "Did you shoot anyone?"
"Um, no, honey, I'm not a cop. I don't carry a gun."
"Well, I watched a detective show, and he always shot the bad guys."
"Well, I'm not that kind of detective."

Thank goodness Jazz came home around that time and saved me. I sent J up to get ready for our little Bella's birthday party.
"So, are you ready to go to my mom's? She says the cake is ready and the slip n' slide is all set up!"
"Yep, I'm ready. I think. I could use a hug."
"Aw, honey, I know. Our little girl is growing up. I've been thinking about it all day."

Royal asked if she could have the party for Bella's birthday, as she was getting up there in age and wanted to be sure not to miss important milestones in the kiddo's lives.
It was kind of nice, actually, she took care of the invites, the cake, the entertainment, all we had to do was show up!
Bella threw a major fit about getting dressed, so I ended up taking her in her pj's to Royal's house.

Once we got there, she let Royal talk her into changing and let her put up her hair.
Royal had invested in some water toys for the grandkids, but everyone, indults included, had a blast!

The time came for Bella to blow out the candles. But I was so preoccupied with watching Bella and telling her how to blow out her candles that I had no idea of the monumental event happening right behind me.

The sad thing is, no one gets a choice when the Grim Reaper will come for you. I suppose, all things considered, Royal at least enjoyed her grand-kids and family's company in her last minutes before she shook his hand and disappeared from this world.

We ended the party early, obviously, and put our kids to bed immediately. As I watched my little girl sleep, I could only hope that with her being so young, Bella wouldn't have too many memories of what happened tonight.  This was definitely not a great way for a little girl to remember her childhood birthday.

*buckey's notes*- I know, I know, so sad, right? I can't believe that Royal passed away during the party!!! Royal really did have a party that night, and by using a little "buy on this lot" cheat I put up some water toys on Royal's yard. hehe. We brought the cake with us, and brought it out when it was birthday time. It really stinks it happened the way it did.
So, I think there may only be one more chapter or so of Juniper, she is very close to finishing her LTW, only a 1/2 a Charisma point to go! Woo! So, there may be an heir vote up soon! 
Oh, and you have to see a pic of Bella, I just can't get over how beautiful she is. Usually, I personally think children aren't that cute in Sims, but this girl is!