Friday, September 7, 2012

Gen 6 Chapter 7: Isn't Parenting Fun?

It was smaller than our beach front dream home, but perfect for our newly formed family. The minute we saw it I fell in love with it.

The bedrooms were perfect! JJ and Bella would have their own rooms.

There was a pool and hot tub outside, perfect for relaxing together. I knew the kids would love the pool when they got older.

As we all settled into the new house, we also adjusted to going from one child to two. Bella was as precious and cute as could be, but wow, did she seem to have a little onery streak in her! I swear, sometimes she would cry just to see us come running to her rescue, only to have her smile and gurgle at us.

Compared to Bella, JJ was such an easy kid! He loved everything and everyone, including his favorite toy boat!

While still on maternity leave, I did manage to check in at the Police Station by computer from time to time, as well as keep in contact with a couple of clients.

Jazz took just a little bit of time off for the move and the baby, but also kept up his physique, especially since he was an elder now. Retirement was the furthest thing from his mind, and he had his eye on becoming an International Super Spy.

Well, there goes Bella's ear-piercing cry again...

The virdict this time? Apparently just wanting to be held. Such a desperate cry just for a little bit of attention! This girl was going to keep me on my toes, that was for sure.

Once Jazz returned to work, it was just me and the kids at home. I'm not going to lie, it was hard work. So much so, that I ended up deferring my case with the graveyard to another colleague, and focused on doing what I could from home.

During those precious moments when I'd actually have both kids down for a nap, I'd sneak off to the hot tub and relax for a bit. I can say it was definitely a form of cheap therapy!

JJ was growing bigger by the minute. We had been working with walking and talking, but he seemed to want to take his own time to learn things. He did take after his dad in one area, that boy could eat! He never turned down a meal, that was for sure!

And eventually, I think Bella and I came to an understanding of each other. There was a lot less crying and a lot more laughing as she got bigger.

But that did not stop her from making the most horrific diapers this planet has ever known. WHEW!
"Bella! That smell is so unladylike! Is this what I have to look forward to with you?"

She definitely had her Daddy right where she wanted him though. There was never as much as a fuss when Daddy was on baby duty. Sometimes that made me a little jealous, but at the same time, it was really sweet.

When Jazz finally got his next promotion and could afford to be home with the kids a little more, I got back out into the field.

Oh, it felt good again to be rummaging around in trash for clues to the latest car theft! Well, you know what I mean.

Even though those hours away from home were refreshing, on my car ride home I'd find myself missing my kids. Bella was usually napping, so I'd slip into JJ's room and have a nice little conversation about everything he did while I was gone.
"Oh, did you build with blocks? What a big boy!"

Now Jazz and I both love the outdoors, and with our busy family life, we hadn't gotten out much to enjoy it like we used to. So we figured we needed to take our first outing together as a family to one of the local parks and make a day of it. Besides, today was my birthday!

While Jazz attempted to grill our lunch, I laid the kids out on a blanket and let them soak in the fresh air.

We talked and played and ate, and had a great time! We stayed out until the sun went down.

Someone started getting a little fussy right as the time for my birthday grew closer..

But the kids hung in there until my change was complete! Happy Birthday to me!

Then, without wasting any time, we scooped up the kids and headed for the car. Bella let us know how she felt about being 'ignored' for longer than 2 minutes.

Of course, little JJ was pretty tired too. He almost fell asleep on the way to the car!

Soon we were home, jammies were put on, and the little one finally stopped her howling for a bottle.

Oh, I suppose you want to know how I turned out as an elder? Well, I think not so bad!

When I finally turned in for the night, Jazz was already snoring quietly beside me. I just laid there, thinking about all the wonderful things I love about my life. My children, my wonderful husband, my music, my career. The only thing I felt I needed more of was maybe some people time. Lately we had been so caught up in our own little nucleus of a family, I was neglecting my friends! When I got a chance, I was going to work more on that.

Of course, it sure was hard to think of leaving home when I woke up to this cute face every morning!

JJ's birthday was soon approaching, and thankfully, he was finally talking! But walking, not so much. We decided we would make it a priority from now until Bella's birthday, to work with JJ on his walking.

I don't know why he was so reluctant about it, but finally he learned to walk!

And not a moment too soon. Bella's birthday came that same night that he mastered his last toddler skill!

Oh my goodness, you talk about a face that could melt hearts everywhere, Bella had it, that was for sure!

And it didn't take her long to figure out how to use those big brown beautiful eyes to get what she wanted.
"Uh! Uh!"
"Oh, now, what's bothering my girl, huh?"

And let me tell you, her little baby cries? Nothing compared to the toddler-sized fits she threw now!
*whimper* "Out..."


This wasn't good, because JJ had somehow picked up on this behavior, and for the first time in his little life, started throwing fits too.
"WAH! I wan food mama!"

Oh my goodness, did we rejoice when she finally went to sleep for the night..

Needless to say, when bedtime finally came, Jazz and I didn't have any trouble falling straight to sleep. I didn't know how much of this 2 toddler world we could take! JJ's birthday was still days away. God help us all!
*buckey's notes*- Whew... that little Bella is a handful. You might think her character trait is grumpy, but it's not... I'm sure her true colors will come through in the next couple of chapters. :) Remember, I randomized them, so there's no telling how these kids are going to turn out! Haha...
I'm almost caught up to where I am in game, and we are very very close to Juniper finishing her LTW, she only needs 3/4 of a Charisma point to be done! So, we may actually be voting for and letting the heir take over in childhood/teens! I can't believe I'm so close! Whew!!