Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Snowflake Day! (And the winner is...)

Jazz and Juniper Velvetcake are here to wish you a very happy Holiday Season!

 Of course, we had to have a little gift giving party while we were taking Christmas pics!

And after the little gifts, the Velvetcake kids had a big surprise!

A gumball machine! Funny, Mom had to try it out first! LOL

But they love it! Thanks to KimS2727 for the lovely gift from the Sims Store!
And after a day of snuggling inside, they Juniper and the kids decided to venture out to the festival to enjoy the snow!

Looks like the Velvetcake girls love the snow!!

Hope you enjoy the pics! They were fun to take. :)

And now... onto the announcement of winner of the Generation 7 poll:

Bella Velvetcake!
But she only one by 1 vote, so it was very close to a tie!  Since it was so close, I'm going to do a couple of updates on JJ's life as well, so you can see what he does with himself!

Still working on the last chapter of Juniper's generation. I hope it will be up before the new year.
Thanks for hanging with me throughout this whole thing, those of you who are still reading! Not all readers have stuck it out this long, and I'm truly appreciative that you all have remained after all this time. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Generation 7 Heir Poll!

Can you believe it? It's time to vote on the next (and last) generation of the "All My Wishes" Wishacy! I am writing the last chapter of Juniper's generation and as soon as that is done, I need to know who to continue on with! So I'm asking for a vote now, before the last chapter is published. Remember, for the last generation it isn't necessary for them to have children, only to complete their LTW to successfully complete the Wishacy Challenge. Unless of course, their LTW is to have children.

Without further ado, here are your two choices, in Young Adult form, along with their traits to help you make your choice!

JJ has already decided his LTW, and since it's one I haven't completed in the Wishacy yet, I locked it in for him:

And here's Bella:

Alrighty folks, use the poll to your right to vote for who you want! The last vote of the Wishacy!

P.S. I'm hoping to have Juniper's last chapter done before the end of December.... also be on the lookout for some special Christmas pics of the Velvetcake family!