Saturday, May 28, 2011

Generation 5 Intro: Meet Patience

Hey there! My name is Patience Song. I’m a student at Sunset Valley Community School, but only for a few more days. I’m so excited for my graduation/birthday! Even if I’m not exactly sure what I want to do yet.

I know that I LOVE cooking, and I will probably do something more with that. I adore cooking for my family, I might say I’m almost as good of a cook as my mom! I’ve been working at the grocery part-time after school to help pay for my hobby. I love being able to spend my paycheck on all the fancy ingredients to a new recipe, and then going home and making it. So fun!

The only thing I love more than cooking, is my little brother and sister, Hart, and Hope. I know, it’s probably really nerdy to admit that you actually ‘like’ your siblings, not many people do. It’s definitely not something I advertise to everyone.

Although my sister is younger than me, we get along great, always have. And my little brother Hart, well, I’ve been taking care of him since he was a baby so I feel a special bond with him too.

And, perhaps the biggest news in this house lately is that Mom and Dad are having another baby!!! It was a complete shock; my mom was just days away from her elder birthday.

Apparently the night of my dad’s elder birthday party, my mom ended up falling asleep at the club and they came home joking about how old they were, etc. But what Dad didn’t know, is that mom was also nauseous that night, and had been throwing up in the bathroom half the night.

Come to find out, she was pregnant!! My dad was extremely happy, I think he secretly wished he could have more kids but knew both he and mom were getting ready for their golden years and it wasn’t gonna happen.

I think it’s awesome they are having another baby, because I love babies, and I’m SO not ready to have one myself. I don’t even have a boyfriend right now! But I have a super best friend in my cousin, Monica Song. Yep, she’s a vampire, but I think that makes her all the more interesting. I love hanging out at my Aunt’s house, she loves kids too, obviously, they have a houseful!

And my Uncle Cody is a pretty cool guy too. I think it’s totally cool that my Uncle never tried to change my Aunt into a vampire. There aren’t many vampire/human couples in Sunset Valley, just because it’s difficult to outlive all of your family, including your children and those you love. But they decided long ago that Mikinna didn’t want to be a vampire, and my uncle has always respected that and loved her for who she is. I hope I can find a guy like that some day!

As for my sister Hope, well, she is further along in the guy area than I am. Not that she would admit it. There are a ton of guys who are totally into my sister, but she seems oblivious, and when someone brings it up, she shakes it off, and says, “Nah, guys don’t like science geeks!” But she’s not the typical science geek. She’s funny, and outgoing, adventurous even, and totally sure of herself in every way. That’s super attractive to guys. She has a best friend who is a guy named Taylor, and she is always hanging out with him in her spare time, but she says they are friends and nothing more. I guess we’ll see if that stays true as they get older.

Hart just had his childhood birthday and is getting ready to start school.

I can’t believe my little brother is ready for school! He is super excited and can’t wait to make new friends. Of course, his big sisters will be around making sure he does ok on his first day.
Anyways, this is my life thus far! I may not be the most exciting teenager in my school, but I have a good life, and I’m grateful for it every day. And of course, I’m just getting started, who knows where I’ll end up! But, as someone once said, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”, right? So, here I go on mine!!!
*Buckey's notes*- So, it's time for Patience's generation! I am so happy I've been able to make it 5 generations! Everything got transferred over to my computer perfectly, and so far the game is running beautifully! Some of the pics from this short intro are from my new computer. I know this was short, but I really wanted to get this generation kicked off before I leave for a short trip next week. I will have Chapter 1 up as soon as I possibly can. I can't wait for you to see Patience as a grow-up, she's beautiful! Oh, and yes, on Kenny's birthday, he wished for another child. So, they tried for baby, (chimes and all) and then the very next day, before Carol even spins into maternity wear, he completed his LTW!!! So, looks like there will be one more addition to the 5th generation, even though we've already begun Patience's life. Thanks for reading, everyone, hopefully a new chapter will come soon!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the Winner is....


Patience is our winner!!! I was hoping she would win, but truthfully, I like Hope too, so either way was cool with me. Don't worry, I'll probably have Hope stick around as long as I can, until I need the extra room. :)

Oh, and in other news, I just got my shiny new XPS 15 today!!! So, I'll be starting the process of moving the Sims over to my new computer. Wish me luck! In case something happens and I can't get the Song file transferred over, I at least have the family saved, and will be uploaded for a short time on the exchange probably in a few days, just in case something happens. So, bear with me, Patience's first chapter will be up as soon as I possibly can manage. Thanks!

Friday, May 20, 2011

GENERATION 5 Heiress Vote!!!!

Well, we are here already! Time for a vote to start Generation 5!!! As I explained last chapter, the choices are between Hope and Patience this time, as Hart is still a toddler and I want to play the next generation with a girl. Sorry there's no pink hair. :( I'm just as disappointed as you are. But I believe with the luck I've had of hair color skipping generations, that either Hope or Patience's kids will have pink hair! Anyways, let's get on with it, shall we?


 Patience isn't family oriented, but you'd think she is in how involved she is with her family. She's constantly rolling wishes involving her family. She loves cooking, and has already learned several new recipes. Her best friend is her vampire cousin, Monica. She makes straight A's at school, and is currently working at the local grocery store. She's not quite made up her mind about what she wants to do with her life, but it will most likely be between mastering every recipe she can get her hands on, or working at becoming a top chef in town. (She'll most likely be given the Family Oriented trait at her YA birthday)


Hope is  a perfect blend of her parents looks. Since childhood, she's always enjoyed the more rambunctious activities in life, even if she is a bit clumsy. She wants to work in the science industry, and as soon as she graduates, she's heading straight to the Science Facility for  a job. Although she's not quite as social as her older sister, she does have a best friend, a boy named Taylor that she's known her whole childhood. She works at the book store, and is making straight A's in school as well. (She'll most likely be given the Green Thumb trait on her YA birthday, since she's already chosen the science field)

Those are the choices! The Poll will be in it's usual spot at the top right of the home page. Thanks for helping me choose, I love both girls, either one will be fun to follow for a generation, I think. Of course, I do have a favorite, but I won't tell. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gen 4 Chapter 9: One Last Birthday

Carol and Mikinna were off on another girl's night adventure, I believe to a movie this time, while I had homework duty this evening with the girls.

"Ugh, Dad, I don't get this! Why can't my answer be a negative when using the Kelvin scale?"
"Think about it, what happens at 0 degrees Kelvin?"
"Uh, the molecules stop moving?"
"Precisely! So....."
"Ah, if the molecules aren't moving, you can't have a lower temperature!!!"
"That's right, honey! Good job!"

Patience's homework was more difficult each day. Thankfully Hope didn't need much help from me. Both girls took pride in doing their homework promptly. We never had to remind them of homework at all.

With many promises to Patience that we'd manage just fine taking care of Hart without her help, she decided to go spend the night with her cousin, and best friend Monica. It warmed my heart to know that my daughter, and Mikinna's daughter were best buds.

And Hope, well, she made her own fun. Around this time, I started getting the feeling she was becoming a tom boy. First off, she played with her doll house figures like they were army guys, attacking and hurting each other. She also loved being outside either digging in the dirt for rocks or bugs. She had also been begging to go fishing at the beach, but Carol and I thought she should be a little bit older before she went fishing by herself. She definitely Loved the Outdoors.

I had started back on inventing again, but more as just a hobby than out of necessity. Although, I realized I had grown a bit rusty on the proper use of all my tools, and somehow caught myself on fire. Thankfully, none of the family was around to see that one... heehee..

My boy Hart was growing so quickly. I sure did love making him smile and gurgle at me.

Somehow, this last pregnancy changed Carol a lot. She suddenly stopped her sleep talking all together. We were actually able to sleep in the same room together, after all this time! It did wonders for our marriage. Even though our elder years were creeping up on us, our love for each other became stronger than ever.

Hart's birthday came in a blink of an eye. With all of us in the family having a lot of projects we were busy with, we didn't have a party. But nevertheless, it was exciting seeing my boy become a toddler!
Happy Birthday Hart!

He looked just like his sister, Hope! My hair, Carol's eyes.

The way Carol's maternity leave worked out this time, they gave her time off until Hart became a toddler. So, we knew with the signal of Hart's birthday, she'd be returning to work shortly.

Hope had grown quite close to her mom, and tried to get as much of her attention as she could before she left to go back to the police station.

That night, Carol warned everyone that it was her turn to put Hart to bed, since it was her last night at home. Of course, Patience and I were gracious and didn't complain. Yes, that's right, all three of us fight over who gets to put Hart to bed each night.

The next day after the girls left for school, and Carol for work, we got straight to work teaching Hart how to walk. He was a smart boy and was picking it up well, but I didn't feel any need to rush him through his skills.

Patience and Hope were both starting to have lives outside of the Song house. Patience was working on her science project, part of which required her to spend some time fishing for the specimen for her experiment.

And when she wasn't giving her school work full effort, she was checking the bookstore for new cook books. She had really taken to cooking, and had been learning all kinds of new recipes. She even figured out how to make Hope's favorite dish, Ratatouille. It tasted great! I believe we had a Natural Cook in the house!

Hope had made a friend at school named Taylor, and she had decided to spend the night at his house. Leave it to my little tomboy to have a boy for a best friend! 

Of course, despite her busy schedule, and teenage life, Patience  ALWAYS made time for her little brother.

She was really the best big sister a parent could ask for. She and Hope got along great, she was always making special meals for Hope, and helping her with her homework.
    Of course, Hart loved "Pashess" too, as he called her.

Hart himself was mastering walking and even talking well, but was having issues in the potty training area. As a matter of fact, he would only use the potty if his mommy was here to help him. I tried and tried, and he didn't want me to help him at all. I figured he'd come around eventually, it's not like he'd be wearing a diaper when he was a teen, right?!?

I took Hart with me on my errands when I could. I discovered if I had my contacts meet me at the library, Hart was more than entertained with their children's section, and it made for a great place to conduct business and have important discussions. Hart never gave me any problems, and after my meetings, I made sure to play with him a little before we had to go.

Patience had taught Hope how to play chess, and her favorite thing to do was challenge her mom to a game as soon as she came home from work.

She was maturing quicker than Carol and I could keep up with, and finally the night of her birthday came. Of all the things she wanted to do for her birthday, she wanted to finally be able to go to the beach by herself and fish. I shook my head thinking about how much this little girl reminded me of myself.

So there, content to be outdoors, on the beach she had her birthday, and became a teen.
Happy Birthday Hope!

My gorgeous, nature loving, tomboy of a girl. I was so proud of her

With Hope becoming a teen, the next morning I sat down to find out what she wanted to do with her life.
"So, Hope, have you thought about what you would like to do when you grow up?"
"Yep, I think I'd like to be a robot cross-breeder."

"Oh really? That sounds like fun!?!"
"Yep. Now, Dad, unless you're gonna pick up a controller and help me, I really need to concentrate on this level!"
"Right, right, carry on.."

Around this time, both Patience and Hope decided they wanted to get part-time jobs. With both of them being on the honor roll, Carol and I saw no problem with that. Patience chose the grocery store, so she could start learning about fresh produce and how to cook with it, and Hope chose the bookstore, so she could pour over all the science books she could.

Carol was doing great at her work, she had even earned herself a couple of promotions! I couldn't get over how hot she looked in that police uniform.

I'd be lying if I said I could keep my hands off of her. Not that she minded much.

It might have not just been the uniform, it might have also had something to do with the fact that my elder birthday had crept up on me, and my days of adulthood were coming to a close. Carol decided to throw a small party for me at The Grind. Thankfully, we had two very capable babysitters to leave Hart with!

Right after the Hot Wings were served, it was time for me to become an old man!
Happy Birthday to Me!

Although my hair became a bit unmanageable, I ignored it, and had a blast at the party.

We danced and partied, and Carol even found the lady she had been needing to interview for a case she was working on!

Now, I hadn't been paying that close of attention, I was dancing so hard, I didn't realize the time, and when I looked behind me to find Carol, I saw that she fell asleep on the couches.

Realizing that was probably a sign that we should go home, we wrapped up the party, and left. I can definitely say that I thoroughly enjoyed my last birthday party! I couldn't help but peek in on our little one, as he slept soundly in his crib. Yep, I sure had a lot to be proud of as an old man.

2 days later....
Here I sit, enjoying a fine Simsmopolitan drink. One of my favorites. I decided to have myself a little celebration, although no one here would probably know it. Why am I celebrating? Well, tomorrow is Carol's birthday to elder, and her and I will be entering our golden years together. I decided I wanted a night to myself to reflect on the life we've made.

I have two smart, beautiful, independent, well-behaved daughters. I have a handsome young man of  a son, who will be starting school in a few days. And a beautiful wife, who through much perseverance we've remained together and happy. I've made my impression on the whole town of Sunset Valley, and by making friends with all kinds, no matter what their background, I've helped change this place. Make it a better place. The things I wanted to accomplish in life, I've accomplished. I am fulfilled. And as I enter this last stage of life, I have a beautiful legacy in my children that I get to watch develop and bloom in front of my very eyes. Cheers....

*buckey's notes*- Ok, so I know, I know, I didn't think Kenny's last chapter would come so quickly! But it happened, just 2 days after his elder birthday. That drink was the celebrity points he needed to complete his LTW! So, the next thing you'll see posted will be the Generation 5 Heiress poll. That's right, it's an HEIRESS poll. I've decided that since I'm finished with Kenny, and the girls are both teens, the vote will be between Patience and Hope only, Hart is still a toddler, and I need to move on. Besides, I would like to play the next generation with a girl anyways. Sooo... keep your eyes open for the poll, and get ready for some fun surprises coming!