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Gen. 4 Chapter 6: Patience

As soon as we came in the door, Carol couldn't help but stop to look at her ring. "Wow, I'm not dreaming, am I? Am I really married?"
"Why, yes, Mrs. Carol Song, you are."
"Well, now what?"

"Well, usually after people get married they have a reception welcome to the reception!!"
"Wow, look at this turn out, everyone in town must be here." She laughed and motioned around the empty room.
I noticed the stereo was barely on so I walked over, turned it up, and said, "Guess what? It's time for the happy couple's first dance!"
She laughed again. "Alright then, Mr, let's see your moves."

She and I danced and danced, and laughed, and danced. Actually, she's a very good dancer.
"Are you sure it's ok for you to be dancing like this in your condition?"

"I'm sure. I should be fine. But I am getting pretty tired."
"Right, of course. Well, let's turn in then, shall we?"
I led her upstairs and we went to bed.

We were both up bright and early the next day and sat down to have a lovely waffle breakfast together.
"Did you make these?"
"No, I found them left over in the refrigerator, your butler must have made them."
"Oh. Well, I'm glad her food was left here. It's sad that she had to quit too. I really wanted to have the extra help around the house with the baby coming and all."

"Well, you know what? Since you haven't had very good luck with butlers, we could get a maid. I'm not a bad cook, I could do that part. But it would be nice having help cleaning such a big house."
"Good idea!"
"I'll call up the maid service today."

After breakfast, I started reading up on pregnancy books we had in the old bookshelf. I wanted to be fully prepared to be a daddy!

Grace was thrilled for both of us and welcomed Carol to the house with open arms, but I realized Grace hasn't been home lately. I have a feeling she's seeing someone but she hasn't told me who yet. I'm not surprised, I mean, she's already an adult, I'm sure she was ready to find love by now. But I think the bigger reason she wasn't around as much was to give Carol and I a little bit of privacy as newlyweds and all. Which I thought was sweet of her.

Grace was doing great at her job by the way. She seemed to be just as gifted in the medical field as Mom was.

During the rest of Carol's pregnancy, I stayed around the house as much as I could. I communicated with everyone through e-mail, and we had Rory and Parker bring over Carol's stuff from their old house so she didn't have that to worry about.

Instead of going to the gym, I opted to work out at home as well. I wanted to make sure if Carol needed anything at all, I was here.

Somehow, in all the excitement of preparing for the baby, I forgot it was my birthday!
Fully an adult now!

Carol and I were in our own little blissful bubble of happiness, thrilled that we were bringing a little one into the world. Every chance I got, I was rubbing her belly, talking to the baby, or feeling the baby kick. I decided that after the baby was born, I was going to quit taking jobs as an inventor, and be a stay-at-home dad, so Carol could go out and pursue whatever career she wanted. She still hadn't decided, but I told her she had time to figure that out, since she couldn't work right now anyways.

Carol decided she wanted to change which room was ours, because she didn't like the idea of having a nursery. She wanted the baby to sleep with us in the room all the time. So, we gave up the big blue Master bedroom to Grace, and we took the green bedroom on the 2nd floor, and put the crib up in there. She just seemed to like the 2nd floor better I guess. I've learned that some of the things that Carol needs to be comfortable doesn't really make sense to me, but I want to have a happy wife, so I don't ask questions.

Then, the big night came. Carol was putting the finishing touches on the baby's crib, when she went into labor!
"KENNY!!!!! HELP!!!"

I came running as fast as I could, and saw what was going on. "Oh, the baby's coming! Yes!"
"Don't freak out Kenny, ok? I need you to stay calm. I still want to have a home birth, but I'm going to need you to stay calm, ok?"

"Um, I'm fine, Carol, I'm not freaking out. I'm so excited! I can't wait to meet the little one!"
"Ok. Well, don't leave me, ok? Stay here." "Eeeeeeeeehhhhh"
"Of course. I'll cheer you on.... come on Carol, you can do it! I believe in you! Woooo!"
"Ok, now that's just annoying. Stop it!"
"Alright, sorry"

In what seemed like a fairly short labor, finally, our precious child made her debut into the world....

And we named our beautiful baby girl the only name that seemed fitting, the one word that described everything Carol and I had been through.....

The very minute after Patience was born, Carol gave herself a new haircut and put some of her pre-pregnancy clothes on. Her haircut made her look so hot! I was one very lucky guy, that's for sure!

Patience was the new light in my and Carol's lives. She was so sweet tempered, and everyone loved her dearly. Even the new maid could be caught sneaking a little bit of attention to her when he went upstairs to make the beds.

Our new maid, Martell was great by the way, maybe even better than having a butler. He really helped keep things clean and tidy, and was very personable with all of us.

Soon, we found out why Grace had been missing around the house lately. I was right, it WAS a guy! And, a very surprising choice at that. She was seeing one of her older, recently divorced co-workers, an elder named Wiley Cortez. I found out about them when I saw her kissing him one night outside of our door step.

I told her I saw, and that she had nothing to hide and that she could bring him around the house if she wanted. Relieved that I wasn't going to judge her for being with a man twice her age, she did start to bring him around quite often. I can't say it wasn't just a little weird seeing him and my sister together, but I was happy that she was happy. She even had him over to spend the night once in a while.

Carol finally decided she'd like to work at the police station, so she started her work there the day after Patience was born. I loved being able to stay at home with Patience and care for her. I was growing very attached to my little doll, that's for sure.

Of course, Carol missed her terribly while she was at work too, and her crib was the first stop Carol would make when she walked in the door. Patience was getting bigger every day, and I was looking forward to her next stage of life, hearing her little voice, watching her toddle all over the house.And which one of us would she look like?

And then, Carol's birthday came! She was as beautiful as ever!

But, I think her transition to adulthood started making her biological clock start ticking a bit, because that evening, I found quite a surprise when I came to bed.
"Hey there, hubby...I want to have another baby."
"Really? Already? I mean, you just barely got started with your job at the police station, are you sure?"
"Oh yes, I'm very sure. There's nothing I want more than to have another child with you. That is, if you are ok with it."

"I"m definitely ok with it! I would love for Patience to have a sibling, and I love being a Daddy."
"Alright, well, let's celebrate my birthday right!"

It was around this time that Carol started talking in her sleep again. And when I say talking in her sleep, I don't mean little whimpers of dreams like I had heard before, we are talking kicking, hitting, and incoherent arguments with someone.

It got to the point that I would have to sleep in Grace's old room sometimes. It was on the same floor as our room, so I could still be close by to help with the baby if need be, but it was the only way I could get any rest sometimes! Carol, of course was completely unaware of what she was doing in her sleep, but she understood me needing to sleep separate sometimes too.

And then, the morning sickness started. We were almost completely positive Carol was pregnant again. And it didn't take long for us to get confirmation. We were indeed having our second child!

We were also seeing a LOT more of Wiley around the house. Pretty much if Grace was off of work, Wiley was around. He absolutely adored little Patience.

"She's so beautiful. I can't help but wish that I had one of my own."
"Aw, well, have you and Grace ever talked about that?"
"No, I'd never ask her for that. I don' know how much longer I have left, and it wouldn't be fair to ask my sweet Grace to raise a child on her own."

'Oh. I see. Well, you are welcome to borrow Patience whenever you need a baby fix."
"That's very kind of you, Kenny, thank you. Oh, looks like little one is getting tired, let me put her back in her crib."
My conversation with Wiley helped me to remember just how lucky I was, to have my little girl, and another baby on the way!

Carol became pretty moody during the first part of her pregnancy this time around, and when I would try to rub her belly, or talk to the baby, she would push me away.
"Kenny, enough already! It's still my belly, even if there is a baby in there! Geez!"
"Sorry, honey, I didn't realize I was annoying you."
"I just don't want to be touched right now, ok?"
"Ok, ok. Sorry."

Being so focused on keeping Carol comfortable this time around, Patience's birthday came with no party, but we were thrilled either way...
Happy Birthday Patience!

Wow! My dad's black hair (I was told he had black hair at least, I only knew him with grey hair) and my eye color! A little daddy's girl, if I ever saw one. She definitely had Carol's eye shape though. Oh she was a cutie!

Patience as a toddler was a lot more fun than the baby stage. We loved watching her play with her toys, and babble her baby talk with us.

I think this helped Carol start to feel a little better too. She finally started letting me interact with our little 'bun in the oven.'
"Oh, I hope we have a boy this time. An adorable boy with my hair."
"Well, I was kind of hoping we'd have a girl, so Patience could have a little sister."
"Hm, well, I guess we shall see which we get!?!"

"We could ask your sister, she is a doctor, you know."
"Nah, let's be surprised! I'll love any child of yours, boy or girl."

Ah, I finally said something right this pregnancy, because Carol gave me one of the most passionate kisses we had shared in a while!

Yes, Patience was still getting up in the middle of the night every once in a while, and I went to comfort her and help her back to sleep. I have no idea how Carol slept through it, but I was thankful she could, because she was getting closer to her due date, and needed her rest.

I finally got Patience back to sleep, and was on my way back to the other bedroom, when I heard a strange noise coming from upstairs.
I tiptoed up the stairs, and heard that the noise was coming from the bathroom. The door was cracked just enough where I could peek in without even touching it. And.....there was Grace, throwing up!
*buckey's notes*- Hurray for a baby, finally! I was disappointed that Patience didn't have either of their hair color,but she really is a cutie. And she's gorgeous as a teen! But you'll just have to wait and see. :) And it looks like Grace has finally rolled some romantic wishes, and taking after her great-great Grandmother in her taste in men. LOL I just love that everyone in the house can't keep their hands off Patience, even the maid has to play with her each day when he comes. So cute!
Thanks for being patient with this chapter coming out, I was out of the country for a while, and just got back a few days ago. Until next time! <3


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