Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gen 4 Chapter 8: Just One More?

I waited for the perfect chance to ask Carol about the idea of another baby.
"So, I've been thinking. How would you feel about us having just one more baby. I'd really love to have a son."

"Hm. Well, I'm not as young as I used to be. I don't know if it would be possible. But I think I'd be ok with just one more."
"I know you're the one who has to take off work..."
"Ah, that's ok. Work is pretty laid back right now, and they are very family friendly. I like the job I have right now, and I'm not desperate for a promotion or anything."

"Ok, cool, so we can start trying?"

I don't know if it was Carol's age, or having such a busy life, but pregnancy didn't come easily this time around. Carol was still sleep talking like crazy, so I started sleeping upstairs in the room Grace had been in before she moved out. Thank goodness Hope was a great sleeper, and my assistance wasn't needed at night much.

Our two girls were great distractions at the disappointment of not being pregnant as quickly as we would have liked.
Hope was growing in leaps and bounds. She was one rambunctious toddler, but pretty easy to keep happy.

Patience was very ambitions and always came home from school and went straight to her homework.

She loved learning. Even on the weekends and after her homework was done, she'd find something to study.
"Please Daddy, can I take the art class at school this Saturday?"
"Sure, as long as you have your homework done."
"YES!!! Thank you Daddy, thank you!!!"

And if she couldn't get out of the house to study something new, she was at home with her nose in a book, or challenging Carol or I to a game of chess.
"Wow, honey, you are really good! Where did you learn to play chess like this?"

Carol took her turn having some 'mom' time, and went to hang out with Mikinna for the evening, while I stayed home with the girls and hung out with Patience. Since Patience started school, and always had some new skill she was learning, it was nice when I could get an evening with her to just have fun.

"Dad!!! You cheated!"
"That's not cheating, honey, that's called winning! You can't cheat at video games!"
"That's it! No more Mrs. Nice-girl!"
"Wha?? I didn't know you could trip the other players in this game?!?!"

Carol and Mikinna had a great time at Cody and Mikinna's house. They lived in a beautiful house up the road from us.

When she came home she slipped into bed beside me, and it wasn't long until I received a punch to my stomach in Carol's sleep, that jolted me awake. In a panic I practically fell out of bed not knowing what just happened, but then when I looked over and saw Carol sleeping peacefully, mumbling something, I knew exactly what had happened. ARGH! It was so frustrating not being able to sleep with my wife! But, then I remembered, she was only violent in her sleep while she was pregnant. Maybe, this was a good sign!!!

"Mommy, are you ok?"
"Yes sweetie, don't be worried. I'm pretty sure it will pass."

Sure enough, we found out we were finally pregnant with our 3rd baby! Yes!

To ensure we had a boy, Carol ate apples like crazy.

Carol made sure to spend her maternity leave bonding with Hope as much as she could. She knew when the baby was here, Hope wouldn't be the baby of the family anymore, and she wanted her to know she was loved even if there was a new baby in the house.

Later that afternoon, Cody called me up and asked if I cared for a man's night out. I told him sure! This was probably one of those few times I'd be able to get out by myself for a while, so I jumped on it!

We had a great time at the Plasma 501 Club, Although we may have had one too many drinks, as we decided to tear up the dance floor later. But regardless of how crazy we looked, we were the life of the party that's for sure!

Carol was so different this pregnancy. Instead of not wanting me to touch her at all, she was always hugging me, and wanting to cuddle with me. I loved it!

Although I never knew what to expect next with Carol, I loved her so much. It was nice to be able to really enjoy every moment of this pregnancy with her, since it was most likely our last.

We were kinda hoping that the baby would come before the girl's birthday, but no such luck. When the day of the birthday party came around, Carol was VERY pregnant, and uncomfortable. I guess this little guy was just too content in there.

Again, we just did a family-type party, and Patience invited one of her little friends from school.

Whether I liked it or not, it was time to watch my little girl become a teenager!
Happy birthday Patience!

Oh my, she was gorgeous. Besides her hair and eye color, she was the spitting image of her mother. I couldn't believe my oldest is now nearly grown.

Then, Hope blew out her candles.

Happy Birthday Hope!

Those beautiful eyes from her mother were even more beautiful now as a child. I couldn't wait to see what my little Hope was going to be interested in now that she would be going to school, and becoming more of her own person.

We stuffed ourselves on cake, and caught up with how things were going in Grace's life. She was still happy as ever, but she didn't get to bring Marie to the party, I guess she hadn't been feeling good so they left her with a babysitter.

When everyone had left, and the girls went upstairs to get their room situated, Carol and I were in the kitchen cleaning up after the party. Just as I was going in to wrap my arms around Carol and tell her how great she did putting the party together, she let out a scream. Looked like this baby was coming tonight!!!

"OH MY GOD!!!! This baby is coming fast!!! This is too much!!! HELP!!!"
"What do you mean help, you've done this before! What's wrong, what's wrong!"
"Kenny, stop freaking out! I need to go to the hospital, NOW!"

Patience heard all the screaming and came running down the stairs. The second she saw her mother doubled over with pain, she joined me in my freak-out session.
"MOM! Oh NO! What do we do, what do we do!!!!!"
"EVERYONE get a hold of yourselves! Kenny, go get the car. Patience, take care of Hope. We're going to the hospital now!"

Patience went straight back upstairs to help Hope get ready for bed, and we rushed to the hospital.

We got there just in time to give birth to a beautiful baby BOY!!!

Everyone, meet Hart Song. I finally had a son!!!

The first thing Patience did when she woke up that next morning was introduce herself to Hart. She loved that little squirt.

The girls were still cooing over their little brother when the school bus arrived, and they had to drag themselves away very reluctantly for school. The only way I finally got them out the door was to remind them he'd still be here when they got home.

There was something special about our little Hart. Of course I loved our girls very much, but this little guy was most likely our last one, and I had missed having a baby around so much, I just couldn't help but scoop him up every chance I got. I was so happy I finally had my little boy!

*buckey's notes*-  Patience is so pretty!!! And she loves her little brother. Even though she's not family-oriented, she's always playing with him. It's so cute! Now to get to work on the next chapter so you can see what little Hart looks like. :) Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww, I'm so happy for the family! I bet Hart is going to be an adorable little tyke :)

  2. A boy! What a cute little family!

    I love the pictures of Kenny standing over the sleeping Carol. Too funny.

    Also, everyone panicking is always great. Patience is growing up so fast!

  3. Hi! Reading through everything because I really want to start my own wishtacy, but I am not sure if should because I am in the middle of play testing my own legacy challenge creation

    anyway, can I ask what all the sleep talking/punching is about. I noticed that you generally don't just add things in because of the nature of this challenge but i don't understand this part. Is something actually keeping him up or from sleeping with his wife or is it just for back story?
    sorry if you already answered this and I just missed it.

    1. I thought I had mentioned it before, but if I didn't, Kenny for whatever reason couldn't sleep with Carol. I don't know if it was because of his Eccentric trait, but he would get in bed, then wake up out of nowhere, grumble, then go sleep somewhere else... I still don't know why he would do that! So, I made up a silly reason in my story. :) Hope that explains it! Sorry for any confusion.