Friday, August 31, 2012

Gen. 6 Chapter 6: With a Scream and a Sparkle...

It was the longest night of my life. The pain, well, it can't really be described. If it wasn't for Royal and Jazz, I don't think I would have made it.

Was it worth it to hold that little squirming, wonderful, blue-tinted little boy? Yes, it was!

The way those eyes looked at me for the first time, I'll never forget it. Any traces of pain were gone at one gaze into those eyes. All that remained was wonder, amazement, and love. Jazz and I decided to give our new son the name J.J. For our first initials.

After everyone had snuggled and cooed and welcomed little JJ into the world, I took him into his new room to lay down for a snooze. I didn't wanna take my eyes off of him, but the tiredness the evening had brought on was finally taking over and I knew I needed to rest. Royal and Jazz promised they would take good care of him while I rested, so I finally left him to go catch some sleep.

I got in a few hours of good rest, when I was awakened by little JJ's sad little whimper for attention.

I hurried into his room to scoop him up, figuring it was time for a feeding.

He hungrily attacked his first bottle, took it up like a natural!

When he finished, I could tell he was getting snoozy again, so I gently laid him back in his crib and played a soft lullaby on my guitar. Worked like a charm! He was out in no time.

Jazz's mom left later that afternoon, but for several days after wards, we'd call her up when we needed some parental advice...
"Well, Jazz says it just looks like a rash, but the ointment isn't helping..."

Jazz, by the way, was the best Daddy ever! It didn't take him long to win JJ over, and as soon as he heard his Daddy's voice, we would start cooing and babbling and smiling. It was the cutest thing ever!

One thing everyone told me about newborns I found out was certainly true, they grow and change so fast! It seemed only moments ago that he was just a little wiggly sleepy baby, only waking to eat, or get his diaper changed. Soon he was enjoying the world around him, squealing with delight at a game of peek-a-boo, reaching out for our faces when we snuggled him close. Yep, parenthood was turning out to be pretty awesome.

The way Jazz's schedule at work was set, he ended up being able to get plenty of time off to help with JJ. Since he was home, I decided I should take advantage of that fact, and try to get a little work done myself.

It was so difficult to leave that first evening for a long-awaiting stake-out I needed to do, but eventually I pulled myself away from my two favorite men and got to work.

It was finally time for that stakeout at the Cemetary... but it did not go well.

The way I was positioned, when some people finally showed up and started whispering to each other, I was was too far away to hear, or even read lips to see what they were being so secretive about.

They left before I could position myself better. Shoot. I guess I was going to have to try again tomorrow night.

When I got home, Jazz was up changing JJ's diaper and although I really wanted to go in there and scoop JJ up from Jazz and love on him, I couldn't bring myself to interrupt their little Father-Son moment.

So I watched with loving admiration, and then put myself to bed.

That morning when I woke up, Jazz came in, took me in his arms, and after a seriously intense kiss, said, "I want another one."
It didn't take me any time to figure out what he meant. And honestly, I couldn't agree more. Having JJ did something to both of us. We were both getting up there in age and I knew if we wanted to have more kids, the time was now or never! So we started trying again...

In the midst of trying for a baby, Jazz had to start putting more regular hours in at work. He was edging closer to his next promotion! So he and I had to coordinate our work schedules so that one of us would be home with JJ.

Since I was self-employed, it wasn't too difficult. While Jazz headed off to work, I would work like a mad woman during JJ's naps, and then when Jazz got home, I would shoot off to where ever I needed to be to get a little work done in the field.

It was a pretty good system, but eventually I had to slow down my schedule a little when I started getting sick every time I left the house. Although it seemed to be the opposite of morning sickness, as it would happen in the evening, I secretly hoped it still meant the same thing.

Soon enough, I had the confirmation I was looking for, I was indeed pregnant again!

I couldn't wait for Jazz to come home from work so I could tell him the good news. Luckily, my little man was a good distraction. Although JJ had grown a lot, I still had a hard time picturing this little guy as a big brother. By the time the baby would come, he would be a toddler, but still, to think of him big enough to be a brother? It blew my mind.

As soon as Jazz got home, he found JJ and I in the nursery.
"Honey, I've got great news!"
"Me too! You go first!"
"OK, well, that next promotion is mine! I'm now Barnacle Bay's Special Agent!"

"Oh honey that's great!"
"So tell me your news."
"Ok, well.... hold on, let me put down JJ.."

"Must be big news, if you have to put him down to tell me!"
"Well, yes, yes it is. Honey, we did it! I am pregnant again! I just found out today!"
"Wow, really?!? This is amazing! Could this day get any better!?!"
"Well, of course it can! Tonight is your birthday, let's celebrate!"

Right in the middle of deciding how to celebrate, however, Jazz got an emergency business call, and had to leave right away. As soon as he was changed, he left. *sigh* This is the life of a Secret Agent's wife, I guess... celebrating would have to wait.

It was disappointing that Jazz was called out and had to work on his birthday. He celebrated it by himself, while on the street on assignment. We were really hoping to celebrate his birthday together as a family, but oh well.

"I'm so sorry honey, we didn't get to celebrate with you on your birthday."
"It's not your fault! And it's ok. I mean, it was the birthday that I turned into an old man..."
"Well, a very distinguished and handsome 'old man'.."

This pregnancy flew by. I think because I was more relaxed in knowing what to expect, and having little JJ to care for. Before I knew it I was sporting quite a big belly!

And with that belly, grew my appetite! I fell in love with the kitchen all over again, constantly craving cooked meals.

And Jazz had no problem with that. He loved my spaghetti!

As my due date drew near, so did JJ's birthday. It was time for our little man to become a toddler!

He got his Daddy's blue eyes and skin, but for some reason, that recessive blonde hair that shows up in my family sometimes!

And lucky for us, he was so smart! He took to potty training right away, it was actually the first skill he learned!

And watching that little angelic face sleep at night, after a big day of playing and learning things... well, I soaked it in as much as I could, knowing that in a very short while I'd have my hands full with another little one.

It came much faster than I thought. The dull ache turning into intense pain. It woke me out of bed, and completely terrified poor Jazz.

My body knew what to do this time around, apparently. We didn't even need to call Jazz's mom.

After laboring most of the morning, that afternoon, little Bella Velvetcake came into the world.

So beautiful and petite and perfect. I named her after a character I had read in a mystery book as a child, the book that inspired me to become a detective.

We had one of each, a little boy and a little girl. Our family felt complete! But there was one thing in our lives that needed some adjustment. This house was just not designed for a growing family. Jazz was an elder now, and my birthday was right around the corner. There was no way we were going to be able to chase our children up and down 3 flights of steps, not to mention the safety risk for JJ and Bella! We needed to find a family friendly house, ASAP!

*buckey's notes*- So, finally, we meet little JJ, and his little sister Bella, the 7th generation! Woo! I've decided that on this 7th generation, I'm going to randomize all of their traits, so that ought to make for a very interesting closing generation. :) I can't believe Jazz and Juniper are both on their way to elderhood, the next chapter, it will be Juniper's turn to don the grey hair. :*(
The next chapter is written and whatnot, just needs to be put together! So, stay tuned! Update is coming soon!