Friday, May 13, 2011

Gen 4 Chapter 7: Growing Families Everywhere!

The Song household was teeming with life. Patience was now talking up a storm, and learning to walk. And of course, we were excited about the new baby coming as well.

Since Carol was off of work again for maternity leave she insisted on spending at much time as she could with Patience because soon after the baby was born she'd be back to work.

So, while I left my girl's back at home, I caught up with all of my contacts and did a few celebrity type errands around town. Lately, I had been helping ease relations concerning the ever growing population of Vampires in town. It was an issue close to my heart, as my brother-in-law and nieces and nephews are vampires!

There were some who had started discriminating against the Vampires. So I had started making public appearances to promote equality, along with visiting with some of the more prominent Vampires in town, discussing ways to help their kind be more accepted into the community. It was stressful, but rewarding work. Hopefully by the time my nieces and nephews are grown, the problems between humans and vampires will be obsolete.

Around this time Grace had a bit of a surprise. She found out she was pregnant with Wiley's child.

At first, she was in shock, but then was thrilled with the idea of being a mother. The only thing that overshadowed her joy was the fact that Wiley was so old, it was even questionable if he would get to meet his child. She was grateful for the time off of work, however.

The night I was out making an appearance at a party, Carol unexpectedly went into labor.

This labor was even shorter than before. By the time she had Grace take Patience and got a hold of me, the baby was making her appearance. By the time I got home, I had a beautiful baby girl!

Carol was cooing and marveling over our little darling when I came in the room and she announced, "I decided to name her the one thing you've given me in life, Kenny. I named her Hope."

We put the other crib up right next to Patience, and as Carol headed to bed for some much needed rest, I stared at my two beautiful angels. I was blessed indeed.

And, guess who was still talking in her sleep? Yep...

Carol and I tag-teamed with the girls. Carol would work on Patience's skills while I fed and changed Hope and kept her happy. Then I'd take care of Patience while Carol snuggled Hope. We had a pretty good system going.

Grace had told Wiley about the pregnancy, and of course he was thrilled to have a child with Grace, but saddened at the same time. He had a gut feeling that he may never get to see this little one be born.

Grace and Wiley were together every minute they could spare, wanting to make the most of it.

Wiley passed away the day before Grace went into labor. He died peacefully and at a ripe old age. Grace handled it all with dignity and peace. I was truly impressed. Of course she'd have her moments of mourning, but she knew she needed to be strong for this little one inside her.

When she went into labor, she calmly drove herself to the hospital alone, and there amongst her co-workers and closest friends, she gave birth to a little girl she named Marie.

It was a name Wiley and her had picked out. She was beautiful, with her father's skin color.

With all these babies in the house, Carol and I decided we were long overdue for a night out. We hired a great babysitter to care for our kiddos, so that Grace could rest and take care of her new little one, and we headed out for dinner!

The food was wonderful, our time out relaxing, and we even ran into my sister and Cody on a date as well!

I caught up with Cody, while Carol visited with Mikinna. Carol made plans to hang out with Mikinna later, who by the way, was on her 5th pregnancy! And I told Cody maybe we could go out and have a man night sometime soon.

As it started getting late, we both were having withdrawals from being away from our girls, so we went back home, realizing as we peeked in on them both we rushed home for no reason. They had been sound asleep for a while.

Before we knew it, the girl's birthdays were upon us. We decided to have a small family party for them both. It was great to catch up with some of our family again!
1st up was our little Hope. Happy Birthday!

She turned out to be a beautiful combination of us both, with my red hair and her mother's soft pink eyes.

Then it was Patience's turn! Happy birthday Patience!!

I'm pretty sure there was never a cuter child than her. She looked a lot like her momma.

Right away Hope proved to be a tad more needy than her older sister. Being overwhelmed by the days' activities I think she was ready for bed.

All in all, it was a great party. My girls were growing up so fast!

Not long after Hope's birthday, Grace and Marie moved out. But it was for good reason. Grace had started seeing someone else.

It was someone I know well, and who she had encountered before Wiley had passed away. Parker Gilmore!

He happened to be eating at the same restaurant as Grace and Wiley one night, and she assisted Parker with an acute attack of nausea.

He looked her up recently to thank her for her help, and they hit it off immediately. He absolutely adored little Marie, and it didn't take long for Grace and Parker to fall in love.

As a matter of fact, when they both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, they got married right away. She moved out right after that and although I miss her presence around here, I'm happy that she's happy. I've never seen my sister this happy, now that I think of it. Not even with Wiley!

After Grace and Marie moved out, Hope and I found ourselves home just the two of us. Carol had gone back to work, and Patience was off to school.

Since it was just Hope and I, she learned to walk and talk in no time. She was pretty easily potty trained too.

Watching Hope grow up so quickly made me start feeling like it sure would be nice to have a baby around the house again. It reminded me that I still held the wish in my heart for a son.

*buckey's notes*-   I know, not the most exciting of chapters, but you know how it is when the kids come on the scene, for a little while it's a bit monotonous. :)  I couldn't believe how quickly Grace was ready to move on after Wiley died. Her first wish was to hang out with Parker, then it all escalated from there. I'm glad she found a good guy though! :) Oh, and someone requested Grace's kiddo to be put on the exchange. Here's Marie Song as a toddler, if you're interested: Marie Song. Thanks for reading! Hoping to be ready for a new generation soon, as I'm getting a new computer, and will be super excited to start a new generation on my new laptop! :)


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    BG- Thanks! I'm glad you liked this chapter.

    LordCharles- Thanks a lot! Have fun with Marie. If you wanna take some screenshots and share them with me, that'd be great! :)

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