Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the Winner is....


Patience is our winner!!! I was hoping she would win, but truthfully, I like Hope too, so either way was cool with me. Don't worry, I'll probably have Hope stick around as long as I can, until I need the extra room. :)

Oh, and in other news, I just got my shiny new XPS 15 today!!! So, I'll be starting the process of moving the Sims over to my new computer. Wish me luck! In case something happens and I can't get the Song file transferred over, I at least have the family saved, and will be uploaded for a short time on the exchange probably in a few days, just in case something happens. So, bear with me, Patience's first chapter will be up as soon as I possibly can manage. Thanks!


  1. Aww, darn, was hoping for Hope (hahaha)!

    It's okay, maybe Patience will grow on me :)

    (If I have this strong of a feeling for someone else's heir vote, it does not bode well for when I have my own. I'd better hope the audience likes who I do, haha!)

  2. Yay!!!! She was the one I wanted!!

  3. I have been away from blogs for a few days. Sad I missed the poll but glad Patience won!
    Good luck with file transferring! :)

  4. Everything installed well, and transferred perfect! Woo! Now to get writing. :) LOL