Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Snowflake Day! (And the winner is...)

Jazz and Juniper Velvetcake are here to wish you a very happy Holiday Season!

 Of course, we had to have a little gift giving party while we were taking Christmas pics!

And after the little gifts, the Velvetcake kids had a big surprise!

A gumball machine! Funny, Mom had to try it out first! LOL

But they love it! Thanks to KimS2727 for the lovely gift from the Sims Store!
And after a day of snuggling inside, they Juniper and the kids decided to venture out to the festival to enjoy the snow!

Looks like the Velvetcake girls love the snow!!

Hope you enjoy the pics! They were fun to take. :)

And now... onto the announcement of winner of the Generation 7 poll:

Bella Velvetcake!
But she only one by 1 vote, so it was very close to a tie!  Since it was so close, I'm going to do a couple of updates on JJ's life as well, so you can see what he does with himself!

Still working on the last chapter of Juniper's generation. I hope it will be up before the new year.
Thanks for hanging with me throughout this whole thing, those of you who are still reading! Not all readers have stuck it out this long, and I'm truly appreciative that you all have remained after all this time. :)


  1. Awh how cute! I'm sad to see the blue skin won't stay in the family, but it'll be fun to see the evil trait and how it affects her story. Thanks for still writing! I really enjoy reading your legacy:)

  2. Yay, Bella won :) Although I am interested in what happens to JJ, but Bella's trait combination is even more exciting.

  3. I voted for JJ, but I can't say I'm sorry to see Bella win. She'll be the first Evil Wishacy patroness I've seen. I'm really curious as to where this takes the challenge.

    You've been a lot of fun to read. I really enjoy reading a challenge where I've read all the posts.

    Are you planning any new projects after this, or will you be simmed out?

  4. Yay, Bella! (Though I think I voted for JJ.)

    I'm so excited to see how it all ends. I've never read the end of a legacy "live"!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Susan- I have had some ideas for new projects, and I've waited to spend a lot of time on them because I knew it was challenging enough just working on my Wishacy. We'll see what happens, and how busy my life is by the time I'm done. :)

    If you'd like to check one of them out, I started a thread for it over at the Sims 3 forum: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/420492.page

  6. You have some really fabulous sims ideas. I would like to give the 6 Degrees a try myself, though I don't know when that will be because I am running two legacies right now, a Pinstar and an ISBI. But you're right -- I play Sims to build stories, and I read simblogs for the stories; I have very few blogs on my reading list that don't attempt some kind of narrative, and those have to be a whole lot of fun.

    I like the idea of picking a moment and just right-clicking someone in the room with my patron to switch control to that household ala Twallan's mods. And then the story just follows that person home.

    1. BTW: If you're looking to check out any more legacies yourself, my blogs are http://sims3sample.blogspot.com and http://wonderlandidiots.blogspot.com.