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Gen 3 Chapter 1: Meet Symphony!

*Honk Honk*
"Ok, I really gotta go Dad!" I said as I walked out of his room.
"I think you're making a mistake, honey. You need to go with them!"
"Dad, I'm not going, so save your breath!"
With that, I stomped downstairs and outside to the carpool waiting for me.
"Hi, I'm Symphony!"
"Hi I'm Lisa, nice to meet you!"
She turned the radio up and since we really didn't have much else to say on the way to work, we just listened to the music, which wasn't enough to distract me from all that was on my mind. My conversation with my Dad was still floating around in my head, making me agitated.

"Symph, you don't need to worry about us, we'll be fine! This is your time and moving out with your sisters will give you the chance to focus on your medical career, which can be very demanding. You don't need the extra burden of taking care of your mom and I, or your brother and sisters. We're going to be fine, I promise!"
"Daddy, you and mom are older, and don't need to be trying to run a household on your own! I want to be here Dad, really. I've already discussed it with Melody and Harmony, and they are cool with me not moving out with them, so I'm just gonna get a head start at the hospital, and work and live here!"
"Honey, you aren't thinking of what kind of sacrifice you are asking yourself to make! You deserve to go out and have fun and make a life of your own, and your only care should be your job. You are young! You don't need to be taking care of a family until you meet Mr. Right and want to settle down and have a family of your own!"

Just then, the carpool honked, and well, here I am, on my way to my first day of work. Although my sisters will be working here too, they weren't going to start until Monday so they could have the weekend to move and get settled in their new place.
I know the original plan my sisters and I made was that as soon as we were Young Adults, we'd move out and live together, working with each other to help us all reach our goal, Top Surgeons! But ever since my birthday, I don't' know, I just started feeling a strong need to take care of the family. My parents were getting older, and it was showing. I couldn't stand the thought of them trying to take care of our  huge house and my 3 younger siblings by themselves. So, I had told Mel and Harm I had changed my mind, and was going to stay. Which they were cool with. Ever since I witnessed my Grandpa die, I wanted to preserve my parents' lives as long as I could. I needed to be here, at home right now.

Oh well, my Dad could talk all he wanted, I wasn't going to change my mind.
My first day at the hospital was, well gross. At least I got to meet our boss, and other co-workers, and I liked them all pretty well.
One guy in particular, who caught my eye was a resident named Ken Strong. He was a pretty popular guy around town, because he graduated top of his class, came from a well-known family, and was quickly moving up the ladder here at the hospital, (he was already a Resident) and that had gotten the whole town's attention. As soon as I met him, I knew he was the one to impress, to help further my career. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and move as quickly up the career ladder as I could, so that I could be paid well enough to convince my Dad to retire. (He was over 90, and really needed to slow down!) And I might have noticed how incredibly good-looking Ken was too!
I was so happy to see quitting time arrive. As soon as I got home I went straight to my room and fell asleep. That was one exhausting work shift!
That next morning, was the morning my sisters moved out! We decided to have breakfast together one last time as siblings before they left. Our parents were still sleeping, and we wanted to let them sleep, they had already said good-bye the night before anyways.
"Aria, we are all starving! Hurry up and grab a waffle already!"
"Um, it's very important to choose the right waffle for breakfast, or it could ruin your whole day!"
*groan* oh puh-lease Aria! Stop messing with Cadence, you know how he is about food!"
So, after our yummy breakfast, they were off! "Don't forget to come visit us when you get a chance! See you at work sis!"
"I will! Be careful you guys! Love you!"
I was somewhat sad to see them go. I mean, I was glad I was staying here and all, but my sisters and I had done everything together, which tends to happen when you are born as multiples. Our chosen careers were no exception. But now, I was choosing my own path even if that did mean staying home with Mom and Dad!

After they left, I sat down to play chess, and soon my mom came down to join me.
"So, your sisters got moved out ok?"
"Yep! They were excited!"
"Your dad was sad to see you didn't go with them."
"I know, mom, I know! Why is he so insistent on me going? I don't get it, usually parents WANT their kids to stick around, why does he want to get rid of me so quickly?"
"Oh, honey, he doesn't want to get rid of you! You kids are his everything, he's so proud of you! He wants you to go, because he doesn't want you to be burdened with taking care of us, he knows you are a good kid, always willing to give of yourself to others, and he doesn't want you to give up too much of your own life for us"
"Oh. Well, he doesn't ever say that, all he ever says is "oh, you're young, go out and have fun" I'll have my fun. But I love you guys and want to be here for you."
"Sweetie, I know, and I love your tender heart. You've always been that way.  I guess he just feels like staying here in this house would eventually hold you back from becoming everything you were meant to be. And, he felt pretty burdened as a kid to take care of his mom, since he was an only child and she was a single mom. He definitely doesn't want that for you."
"Oh. I didn't know that. Was he close to his mom?"
"Well, I think they were as close as they could be, she worked alot, I know that."
"Hm. Well. I guess I could see why he would feel so strongly about it then."
"I love you, honey, and I just want you to be happy. If you really feel like you can only be happy here, then I'm fine with that. I will talk to your dad if you want me to. But, just remember, Your daddy loves you so much, and the greatest way you could honor and care for him is to reach out for your dreams and achieve them. Just keep that in mind."
"Ok, mom, I will."
I guess I could see where my Dad was coming from. And I never really thought about the idea that it might actually make him happier, and therefore healthier if he sees his kids out there in the world, living happy lives and fulfilling their goals. I guess it was something to think about, at least...

Around lunch time, I left to go visit an old high school friend who I hadn't seen in a while, but heard she got married. Her name was Sierra, and she married a guy who had moved here from Riverview with a group of young people who wanted to come to Sunset Valley to seek out their careers. They had all rented out this adorable set of row apartments that had just been built, and not only was I excited to see her, and I wanted to see their cool apartments!
As I started to walk to the door, I realized I had no idea which of the three apartments was theirs... I hesitated, trying to figure out which one looked like theirs...
"Hello, can I help you with something?"
"Oh, yes, I"m looking for Christian and Sierra's place?
"Ah, yes, well, you are standing right in front of it!"
"Oh, thanks! Thanks alot.!"
"No problem. I'm Jaron by the way, Jaron Lobos."
"Oh, hi, I'm Symphony. Wait, Jaron you say? Hm.. do I know you from somewhere?"
"Um, I don't know, but you look slightly familiar too...did I meet you at the pool a few months ago?"
Ah, yes that was it. I had met Jaron and his friend at the pool, one night when me and my friend Jamie were out on the town, shamelessly flirting with older boys. He was one of them.
We thought there was no harm, because they had mentioned being from Riverview, and we knew we'd probably not see them again... but now however...
"Oh, yes, you're right! I did meet you at the pool! Right before I graduated!"
"Yes that trip here was to scope out apartments, now my friends and I have moved in."
"Oh, well, welcome to Sunset Valley! These apartments look beautiful!"
"Thanks, they are we are all really doing great here. Oh, and that reminds me, you aren't here to see me, you're here to see Sierra..."
I giggled... "Oh, yes. well, I am."
"Well, let me get out of your way. It's been lovely chatting with you!"
"Thanks. you too!"
He showed me up to the door, but only Christian was home. I introduced myself and congratulated him on the marriage, and he told me that Sierra was eating lunch with the whole gang at Jaron's apartment on the end.
So, I headed on over to find Sierra. Sure enough, she was sitting with another girl I didn't know, eating salad.
"Oh Hi Symphony! What a great surprise!" She jumped up and gave me a quick hug, and begged me to grab a plate and join her so we could catch up. She hadn't changed much since high school, she still wore a flower in her hair.
Her friend was Mia, another from Riverview, and since they all were great friends, they all had lunch, movies, parties, whatever in each other's apartments all the time. It sounded like so much fun!
So... where are you and your sisters living! I bet your place is awesome having a well known dad and all..."
"Oh, well, actually, I didn't move out with them. I'm staying home for a while."
"Oh. really? Uh, wow. Well, that's good, I guess."
I could tell by her response, Sierra was totally confused on how someone would possibly want to say at home. I explained to her a little of why I wanted to stay, and she thought it was sweet, but I couldn't help but think about how lame it sounded. I know.
Just as I was washing my dish up in the sink and getting ready to tell the girls good-bye, Jaron walked in.
"Hey, you're still here!"
"Oh, yes, but I'm just leaving..."
"Oh, well, that's a shame. " He smiled at me, and I had to admit, my heart skipped a beat just then.
I quickly left the kitchen, said my good-byes, then headed back home. I thought about how much fun my lunch with Sierra was, and how much fun her and her new friends and husband were having in their new grown-up life. There were parts of living on your own that were appealing, I suppose. It'd be fun to have roommates to hang out with, and the idea of having my own room was not too shabby either. I mean, there was no way I could really seriously date a boy and 'bring him back to my place' while I was living with my parents. But, oh well, it wasn't like there was any serious prospects in the men department in my near future anyways.I mean, there was always time for a little bit of flirting, but other than that.....

The next morning, I decided that it would be a good idea to go visit Ken at home, and talk to him about work before Monday. I wanted to be fully prepared to impress so that I could speed up the whole promotion thing. I figured surely it would impress him that I was taking my career as seriously as he did, and surely he'd be willing to help me out.
. When he answered his door, he was wearing work scrubs... I guess he was on call today.
"Hi Symphony, what a pleasant surprise, what can I do for you?"
"Oh, you know me? You remember my name?"
"Of course, your Mikie Song's daughter, I'm pretty sure everyone in town knows who you are."
Oh, yeah, I guess so." How strange, I hadn't been noticed as 'Mikie's daughter' before.
"Please come on in! So, what's up?"
"Well, I was hoping we could talk a little bit about the ins and outs of the hospital. I really really want a promotion, and I was hoping you could give me some pointers on what I need to do to achieve that."
"Sure, I'd be glad to!"
So, Ken filled me in on all of the employees at the hospital, what was the boss's favorite food to get on his good side, and how to study hard in the logic skill so when I was called upon to do something, I'd be ready to step up to the plate. We had a great time talking, and even joking about work.
We were getting along so well, the conversation transitioned easily into non-work related topics. I found out he too, was living at  home with his parents and brother, and that since his parents are celebrities in the community, they expected their boys to study hard, and get very high paying jobs in the medical field. When I asked him if he wanted to be a World Renowned Surgeon like me, he laughed nervously, and said a little louder than was necessary, "Of course I want to be a top surgeon, and I'm halfway there!" and then looked around to see if his parents had heard, and cryptically motioned for me to go into the door standing behind us.
I stepped inside to see he had led us to the bathroom.
"Um, why are we in the bathroom?"
"Sorry. I just didn't want to continue that conversaion out there within earshot of my parents. because I wanted to be honest with you about your last question."
"Oh, Ok... well what do you mean?
"Ok, if I tell you this, please keep it to yourself ok? I'll help you get ahead in the medical field as much as I can, if you'll just keep this secret?"
"Of course I will, I promise. What is it?"
"Well, I don't really want to be a doctor at all. Actually, I had my heart set on business when I was growing up, and my parents were not having it. They wanted both their boys to be doctors, and would settle for nothing less."
"Oh." I paused for a minute to let that sink in. Becoming a doctor against his own will? I never would have guessed that!
"I can see why you'd want that to be a secret. Well, don't worry, your secret's safe with me."
He smiled a very sexy smile, then looked at me in a way that made me think he saw straight into my soul, and then said, "I have a feeling I can trust you."
He stepped a little closer, and I couldn't help but feel butterflies in my stomach. "You are very easy to talk to. It's nice to have someone to talk to. I've never told anyone about, well, the fact that I'm becoming a doctor to please my parents. Most would think that's ridiculous, but I love my parents, even if they are harsh, and I know they won't be around much longer. I figure I'll stick with this profession at least while they are alive. Then, later, maybe..."
Oh my. Ken was growing sexier by the moment. "Ken, I know exactly how you feel. When I tell people I'm staying with my Mom and Dad just to take care of them, they think I"m crazy. But I feel the same way. I know they won't be around forever, and I want to be there for them until they are no longer here..."
"Ah, you are family-oriented too. We have that in common."
"Yep. *giggle* what a coincidence"
We chatted a bit more, and, ok, I did flirt a little more too. I couldn't help it! He's so handsome, and well, it's kinda in my nature. But I couldn't help but be attracted to him knowing we had so much in common.
It started getting late, and I knew work came early tomorrow, so reluctantly we said good bye. We were for sure friends by the end of the night, but I couldn't help on the way home picturing us together as a couple. Wouldn't it be dreamy to date Ken? A guy who doesn't think it's childish to care about your parents! Ah, well, for now, I needed to focus on doing a good job at work and my family at home. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Ken, though in a way. He wants to go out and follow his dreams, but can't, and my parents are begging me to go  and chase after mine. I suddenly became very very grateful that my parents wanted me to be happy, and are content watching me pursue whatever I want out of life, no strings attached.
*buckey's notes*- Whew! A chapter before Christmas!  Thanks for being so patient, everyone! So, those Row House Apartments are the creative genius of ruthless_kk over on the Sims 3 forums! I totally love them, they are a lot of fun to play! Check out her page here if you'd like to see her creations:
So far, we're off to a great start, with Symphony already wishing to date Ken! Yippee! Oh, and I might copy Symphony into another file, and take some Christmas pics with her, if I do they will be on the All My Wishes thread, which you can find here: As always, thanks for reading!


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