Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gen 3 Chapter 5: Busy, Busy, Busy, Baby!

Lucky for us, the next day was Saturday, and Ken and I got to spend the morning watching TV and deciding how we wanted to get married. He and I both decided that we wanted to keep getting married very simple. We didn't really have the time to put together some big elaborate wedding. And we wanted to get married right away! We decided that we would go out to dinner that night, and after dinner, have our own private ceremony there on the patio of the restaurant, and make it official.

Next up for conversation, what we wanted in the future. He knew I wanted to be a World Renowned Surgeon, and, surprise, surprise, Ken no longer cared about getting into the business world anymore. He told me that since his adult birthday, he had a change of heart, and all that mattered to him was finding the right girl, marrying her, and starting a family. He was even interested in adopting! I told him I wanted kids too, I just wasn't sure exactly how many. I told him maybe after my next promotion we could talk about trying for a baby. He was fine with that.

So, we got ourselves dressed up, and took Ken's car to the Bistro. He had a very nice car! It was going to be nice to finally have a vehicle to drive around!

Dinner was marvelous, and afterward, we stood right there in the middle of the  patio at the Bistro, and said our vows and exchanged our rings.

The onlookers watched and ooh'd and aahhh'd and even cried  a few tears. It was very sweet and romantic and simple, just what we wanted.

When we got home, we decided to catch up on our medical reading, so that we would have all day tomorrow to just have fun together.

I got up early in the morning so I could make me and my new hubby breakfast! I hadn't really made a lot of meals, except for salad or mac and cheese, and lets just say, I guess I need a little more practice at waffle making. They turned out very burnt!

Ken was so sweet, however and ate them anyways.

After that, our entire day was bliss. By some modern-day miracle, Ken and I didn't get one emergency call all weekend, and got to spend our first weekend as husband and wife together uninterrupted.

Ken was such a sweetheart and actually cleaned up around the apartment!

We knew this would probably be our last full day together until at least next weekend, so we made every minute count, if you know what I mean.

The next morning Ken and I got to take the car pool together to work. Everyone at work was so excited for Ken and I, especially Harmony and Melody! It was so fun to be able to say "my husband" in a conversation.

What was awesome was I actually made it to another promotion at work! I was now a Resident with Ken! I was halfway to my lifetime dream! This called for some celebrating! When I got home, I found Ken playing computer games in the living room.
"Hey, honey, could you meet me in the bedroom? I need to talk to you about something."

I plopped down on the bed to relax as I waited for him. I was so excited to tell him my news! I knew he'd be happy for more than one reason.
He came in and plopped down on the bed beside me and said, "What's up?"

"Well, I did it. I got my next promotion! I'm a Resident now!"
"Yes! That's awesome, Symphony! Congratulations!"
 "Yep, I'm pretty stoked. But you do remember what I promised you about my next promotion."

"How could I forget, we can start trying for a baby!"
"Yep. I can't think of a better way to celebrate, can you?"
 "Nope!" Needless to say, we celebrated my promotion properly.

I was so excited to get to work the next day. Ken and I would be doing the rounds together at work, and I couldn't wait!

After work, Ken headed on home, as he was on call tonight, but I had some medical tests to run at the business center, and a few other places in town, so I thought I'd at least get the business center's tests out of the way before I called it a night, knowing Ken probably wouldn't be home long anyways.

Halfway through my tests, I started feeling horrible. My stomach felt sour, and I was suddenly a little achy. Being a doctor, I know what the signs of pregnancy are, and I was hoping that's what it was. If not, I was in trouble!

On the way home, I made the cab pull over so I could throw up. I knew right then and there, I was pregnant!

As soon as I got home, I changed into my maternity gown, and went to climb in bed with Ken and tell him the news.

Unfortunately, he got called in and ran out the door just as I was climbing into bed. Oh well, I guess I'll tell him when he gets home.

Ken was of course beside himself when he found out we were expecting! I called into work the next morning and took my maternity leave. I was really looking forward to having a little rest and relaxation, but I also didn't want to fall behind at work. I knew I could still do the testing I had started at the business center, so I planned on catching up on reading and doing those tests while Ken was at work.

Kens' first vaccination job was today, and it went well! I suspected he would be getting a promotion soon as well. That means he would be working nights, and I would be working days, but that might be good with a new baby, at least one of us would always be home and I wouldn't have to worry about a babysitter.

  Although I kept myself busy with work while Ken was at work, I was really hoping we'd get to spend time together in the evenings, but as luck would have it, he was called in almost every single night of my pregnancy.
The nights he wasn't, he'd come home exhausted and go strait to bed. I'll admit, it was a little lonely, and not how I pictured our first pregnancy to be. I knew it made him just as crazy to have to be away so much.

When he got his next promotion and started working nights, he came up with the bright idea of me meeting him at the Bistro every now and then to have dinner before he'd have to go back to work.

He loved talking to the baby, and one night, told me he really wanted a boy, so he could name him after his Dad.

"Uh, no way, I want a girl!"
"I have a hunch it's a boy, though..."
"Well, we'll just see about that!"

That evening, while I watched TV, I chowed down on Watermelon. I had heard that watermelons increased your chances of having a girl. I was going to show Ken! I was gonna have that girl I wanted!

I was almost finished with my testing work for the hospital, I just needed to test the grocery store, then file the report at the hospital.

After I finished at the grocery store, I stopped by the Bistro to wait for Ken. The only thing was, I started going into labor before he got there! Yikes! I got myself to the hospital as soon as I could, and Ken was already there, so he joined me when I arrived.

A few hours later, we emerged from the hospital with a beautiful baby boy!

I couldn't believe with as many watermelons as I ate, we still had a boy! I guess Ken's hunch was right. Ken wanted to name him Alexis after his dad, but I told him I thought Alex had a nicer ring to it. He liked that too. So, our firstborn son was named Alex Song! I could tell by the way he was snoozing in my arms on the way home, he was going to be a Heavy Sleeper, which was great for a baby! I noticed he seemed to be able to decipher my and Ken's voice over others around him, and saw that he was quite Perceptive too. I couldn't imagine loving any person on earth as much as I loved him. He was perfect in every way. Well, aside from Ken of course.

All of my time off from work gave me plenty of time to re-do one of the bedrooms into our nursery. I wanted it to be multi-colored and bright, so that any gender of child would enjoy it.

I was slowly redoing all the rooms in our apartment, I had finished the kitchen just a little before Ken moved in. Next I was going to tackle the living room, if I had enough time on my maternity leave to complete it.

Ken made sure we were settled in, and then went to work to finish his shift, and after I knew Alex was happy, I went to bed myself.

In the morning, Ken came home, and I decided to go finish that paperwork for the tests I ran at the hospital. Ken was thrilled to spend the morning with his little guy.

I found myself getting home just in time to let Ken go back to work on his shift. Thankfully, the baby took a good nap, which let Ken get caught up on his sleep before he left. That night, while cuddling Alex, my birthday crept up on me. I had completely forgotten in all the craziness that my adult birthday was coming!

I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday however, with my new little man.  I decided I wanted a new hair cut to go with my more mature body, and I would probably redo my wardrobe too. I wanted to look more grown up now. After I cut my hair off, I immediately missed it. I don't know if that was such a good idea or not. Oh well, at least it could grow back.

As soon as Alex was asleep, I went to bed too. I knew he'd probably have me up soon to feed and cuddle him, and a new mom needs as much sleep as she can get! I was looking forward to tomorrow, it was the weekend before I would have to go back to work and I wanted to spend it my way, with my new family!
*buckey's notes*- Yes! Generation 4 is born! Woo! So, Symphony and Ken are pretty much the busiest couple ever, since they are both on call all the time, it's a miracle they even had time to have a baby! But they did both wish for one. :) And I swear, Symphony had to have eaten at least 8 watermelon, but no luck. :(  Ken wanted a boy, she wanted a girl, so I tried the whole, doctor gender prediction/eat opposite fruit thing to see if I could get boy/girl twins (threw in some Kids' TV too) but it didn't work for me. :*( Oh, and get this, I copied my Song Family file, so I could go explore the other households, and found out that Ken's LTW was to top out the business career. Which is why, a few chapters back, I wrote that Ken wanted to go into business. Soooo, when Ken moves in with Symphony in my actual Wishacy file, guess what his LTW is?!? Surrounded by Family! I swear, any planning I try to do story wise for this is c-r-a-z-y!  Oh, and you probably notice that one of my pics is larger than the rest? Well, I wanted to make sure you could see Ken's face as he sat down to eat the 'breakfast' his honey made him. LOL!


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