Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gen 3 Chapter 7: And the Song Family Grows

Although I felt bad for not being able to visit with Logan much during my pregnancy, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my little boy.

I made sure I used this time wisely, and we worked on all of Alex's skills. In no time he was walking, and potty trained. Ken made me promise that I would leave something to him so I told him I'd save teaching Alex to talk all for Daddy!

I also used my maternity time to redo our bedroom. I bought us a new bed, and changed the wallpaper a bit. Next up was the living room!

I did my best to take naps while Alex napped or was happy playing, and I also learned my lesson from last time, and immediately started eating watermelons, so I could hopefully have that girl I still wanted! It would be great to have a boy and a girl!

I started in on decorating the dining/living room, and it was coming along nicely! I found a great deal on some Asian style furniture, and I loved how it looked in our apartment. Other than redecorating, I spent the last bit of my pregnancy keeping up on my medical journals.

Ken was still working hard as a Trauma Surgeon, and it was difficult sleeping alone every night, but it was helpful knowing that little Logan was not alone at night either. He was healing very well, and dealing with his parents' death the way any child does at that age.  It was tough, because he didn't really have the communication skills to be told exactly what had happened. Ken said that normally, Logan does great during the day, it's just night time that he has a hard time with, and he's started asking for Ken by name as soon as it's time for lights out. He will probably be released from the hospital soon, and the social workers are desperately trying to locate any kin that Logan could live with, but so far, no luck.

I had just sat down to have myself some lunch one day, and I was pondering how much work I'd have to catch up on when I went back to work, when I heard the front door click shut.

I didn't think anything of it, because I often hear that noise, it's usually the neighbors' door. Little did I know, Alex was taking his favorite toy horsey on a little field trip downstairs.

I really don't have any idea what was going through his mind, at this point he was still just jabbering and not saying to many words. Apparently, once he got in the hallway, the elevator door was open, and he walked right in with his horsey in tow!

It only took me two minutes to realize I didn't hear Alex playing anymore, and when I didn't see him in the apartment anywhere, I started to freak out! I looked out the hallway, and didn't see him there either! I thought to myself, is it really possible that he could be in the elevator?

Sure enough, as the elevator neared the ground floor, I could hear Alex crying, "M-m-mamaaa-ah!". As the elevator doors opened, they got stuck (again!) and everything in me was trying to push them open to get to Alex. "Mommy's right here Alex, hold on!" I yelled to him.

Finally the doors gave, but a little quicker than I had planned, and BAM! I fell! Thankfully I caught myself before my belly hit the floor, and I was ok, I just scrambled back up and rushed over to Alex.

I started to tell him "How dare you Alex, you scared mommy half to death!" But instead I said "Alex-...!" and I couldn't stop the tears.

He really did scare me, but when he looked up at me with his eyes holding so much relief at finally seeing my face, I couldn't be mad, my heart melted, and I scooped him up in my arms. "It's ok, Alex, Mommy's here...that was scary wasn't it! Don't ever use the elevator without mommy or daddy with you, ok?" He just whimpered and nodded his head, with his horsey tight in his hands.

I could tell he was tired from his little escapade, so I took him upstairs and immediately put him to bed. Truthfully, it wore me out too! I was starting to wonder if an apartment was the best place to raise a family...

In the wee hours of the morning, Ken came home, and crawled into bed next to me. Usually he doesn't try to wake me, but this time, he nudged me a little and said, "Hey, Symph?" "Hm..." I mumbled without opening my eyes. "I got it, I got the promotion. Just wanted to tell you, because I'll be going back to work in a few hours. Go back to sleep."

Although I was way too tired to carry on a conversation about it right then and there, I was so happy to hear he would finally be working days again. And only 4 days a week at that! It would be perfect with our new little one coming, because I'd be home during the day, and Ken would be here at night.

When Ken came home from his new day shift, he found me in Alex's room. "How's the baby doing? I know she'll be coming anytime now..."

"Oh, you think this one is a she, do you?"  
"Yep, I do!" 
"Well, good, because that's what I want! I think I have a name for her and everything." 
"Oh really? So, since I picked Alex's name, are you picking this one's?" 
"Yep, I sure am!!"

"That reminds me, I want to talk to you about something kind of important. But I don't want to overwhelm you with it right now. Maybe after this little one makes her appearance."

"Hm, now you have me curious! OOOOOH! Oh my!"
"What's wrong? Symph, are you ok?"
"I'm in LABOR!!!"

"Oh! Wow! Right now! Ok! What do I do?"
"Just take care of Alex, we decided on a home birth this time, remember?"
"Right, Alex."

"I'm going to the spare room for some privacy..."
I waddled the best I could to the spare room, trying to walk despite the pain. I knew I could do this!

"It's ok, Alex, mommy's going to have the baby now, ok? Can you say baby sister?"

"Good Alex! You are gonna be a great big brother!"
"That's right!"

The labor was only a few hours, thank goodness!

And then the last contraction, and....
A girl was born!

I wanted to name her after both of my parents, and so I combined both of their names and came up with the name Mikinna. She was beautiful! I hoped she would be a Virtuoso like they were, and it seemed as if she was Easily Impressed with my face, as she stared at me and smiled.

Ken must have heard the screaming stop, and he came in the room to see her. "Wow, babe, you did it! Already! She's beautiful!"
"I know, isn't she? Her name is Mikinna. After my parents."
"I like it, it's beautiful."

I handed over Mikinna to her daddy, so he could love on her, and I could go do something I've been wanting to do my whole pregnancy, but couldn't. Get my hairstyle back! Ah... I felt so much more like me now.

In all the craziness of labor and all, we didn't realize it was Alex's birthday into childhood!
Happy Birthday Alex!

Still as adorable as ever! He immediately went to his room, and although he had to get dressed for bed, laid out a football jersey to wear in the morning, and asked for a football for his birthday present. I guess he wanted to be a little Athlete now. So cute!

We hadn't quite saved enough money to finish out Alex's new room completely, but we did make sure his bed, complete with Race Car comforter was ready that night before he went to bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out. My little man was growing up so fast!

Feeding Mikinna in the morning reminded me of just how far little Alex had come. Now we were back on a baby schedule, bottles, diapers, snuggles, and late night wake up calls from one demanding little girl!

Of course, Ken jumped right in and got his fair share of "Mikinna" time too.

That day when we sat down to eat lunch together, he brought up what he was wanting to talk to me about after the baby came. It was about Logan. So far, the social workers could not locate any family for him to live with, and he was just about to be released from the hospital and into the orphanage. Ken had grown so attached to Logan, he wanted to ask me how I felt about adopting him.

"I think it would be great, honey! You know, even though I haven't been there as much, that little guy had my heart too. I would love to welcome him into our family, and with us having the new little one here, both of us would get to be home on leave and help him adjust ok."

"Well, I'm glad to hear you say that, because I'd like to move quickly and try to get him to come straight here instead of to the orphanage first. I know they can rush papers through for me because they know me, and know how attached Logan is to me, but I wouldn't want to rush things unless you were 100% ok with me doing that."
"Yes, I'm ok with that. Logan needs a home and a loving family. He needs to be with us!"
So, the calls were made, papers rushed, and soon we found ourselves not only caring for a new little girl, but waiting on our new son to be delivered from the hospital to our front door!

*buckey's notes*-So, yes, you all guessed right, I was setting it all up so that they could adopt a child! :) I knew since Ken's LTW was 5 kids, and Symphony's isn't, he'd probably be wishing for another kid soon. And, Symphony is needing another promotion to keep her in the right direction to finish her LTW, so...you know the rest. I'm very pleased with the kid that EA gave me too, he's very cute! Can't wait for you all to meet him! Oh and that incident with Alex and the elevator, happened all on it's own. 0_0 Pretty crazy!


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