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Gen 3 Chapter 4: Absence makes the heart....

Not too long after Ken and I made it official, my Dad passed away. I still couldn't believe he was gone. I hadn't even got to introduce him to Ken yet. The thing that did help all of us is that my dad lived a very long, happy life. He was near 100 when he passed on! And Mom said that the last few days before he died he was so happy and peaceful. All he talked about was how proud of his kids he was, and how fulfilled his life was. Mom said he went very peacefully, even shaking Grim's hand when he came to collect him. I found that to be a comfort too.
In Honor of my Dad:

There wasn't a whole lot of time for mourning, at least for me. I still had work at the hospital- now as a paramedic, and my job wasn't slowing down at all and probably wouldn't until I got past the next series of promotions. If Ken and I didn't both work at the hospital we wouldn't even have a relationship right now. He was on call all the time and was usually not available at all outside of work.

I was working my butt off as paramedic, and of course, wearing myself thin. Ken saw this, and suggested I go to the spa after work and unwind. I guess he does the same thing when he gets stressed out at work. His Dad also passed away I guess a few days after mine did. He didn't talk about it much, saying he wasn't all that close to his dad. He loved him, and cared for him, but I guess his death wasn't a big surprise or anything. Neither was my dad's. They were both close to 100 when they passed away. I think that's amazing!

I took Ken's advice, and after work I went to the spa for a relaxing spa treatment and it was WONDERFUL! I should really do this more often! Ken was so right, it was just what I needed. I decided I needed to go thank him in person, if I was lucky enough to catch him at home.

Ken was happy to see me, and invited me in right away.
"Ok, so your Spa idea? Best. ever!"
"Oh, good, did you enjoy it?
"Yes, it was exactly what I needed. I feel like a new person!"
"Good, I'm glad to hear it!"

He wrapped me in his arms, and kissed me.
"I've missed you, you know."
"I know, I've missed you too. How are we ever going to find time to spend together?"

He pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, "Hey, if you want, you could stay here tonight with me."
I knew for a fact Sonata was going to be spending the evening with mom, so I totally could spend the night with Ken tonight!
"Ok, I could do that. Sonata's not going to be home, so she won't miss me."
"Good then, it's settled, you're staying with me tonight."

With that, he pulled me into his bedroom, and we both laid on his bed and talked for a while, just about work, and both of us not having a Dad anymore, and then, about how happy we both were with our relationship with each other. One thing led to another, and, well....

Before he drifted off to sleep, Ken grabbed my hand, and said, "I think you should spend the night more often."
I couldn't help but smile, and replied, "I agree. This is one way to see more of each other." *giggle*

Soon, Ken was sound asleep, but I was starving! I decided to sneak out to the kitchen and find a little something to eat. Thankfully all others in the house were asleep, I don't think any of them even knew I was there.

My giddy happiness was hard to hide, as I smiled and walked with a spring in my step. I was so happy in love!

I found some cereal, and I took it outside to eat on the porch, as to not wake anyone up. It was a beautiful night outside anyways.

I finished it quickly, and then snuck back into Ken's room. I suppose I didn't really have to sneak, we were both more than grown up, but still, I had no idea how Ken's mom or brother would handle running into me in my nightgown!
I slept the best I had in ages. I really wish I had Ken with me every night. I wondered if he felt the same way.

Ken and I pretty much spent all morning until work staring into each other's eyes, wishing that our time together wouldn't be interrupted by work.

"You know, it's getting harder and harder to be apart from you. It's like an achey feeling I carry with me until I see you again."
"I know, me too. I'm so glad you stayed over last night. Seeing you at work just isn't enough. I like having you in my bed, in my arms, and waking up beside you in the morning."
*honk honk*
Darnit! I have to be pulled away from my sexy man again! I don't know how much longer I can take this!

And, it looks like all of the time I've been giving to work, instead of to Ken, was paying off! I got promoted again to Medical Intern! I was really excited about this promotion, because it meant I would get to work even closer with Ken. Of course, the money isn't bad either!

I came home to my sister working diligently on her homework. She was very close to graduating, and she was doing pretty good in school, considering everything we had been through. I really can't take much credit in raising her, as I have spent so much time at work, but she's become quite the independent, responsible gal. I'm very proud of her.

Along with my promotion, I got a medical beeper, which meant I was now put in the rotation to be 'On call" some evenings. That was the only sucky part about being an intern. I was starting to have to do more and more work outside of normal work hours. Not only being on call for emergencies, but doing health seminars, testing, and other medical related tasks at buildings and businesses all over town!

It was nice for a change of pace and scenery, but I was NEVER home anymore. There would be days I'd be lucky to go grab a bite to eat at the diner beside the hospital before I'd be needed over there again.

Sonata spent most of her time out of school with my mom. She would take her to dinner, or they would meet up at the park and just talk. Sonata would give detailed reports on how mom was doing whenever we happened to be at the apartment at the same time, which was rare, nowadays.

I was so busy at the hospital, I even missed my sister's birthday. She wasn't too upset, however, she just went and hung out at the Sheldon brother's house and celebrated with them.

Happy Birthday Sonata!

She was so beautiful! Now that she was a YA, she was a tad bit Dramatic, which makes sense because she was always the most animated of the Song kids.

She decided she wanted to devote her life to having the Perfect Mind and Perfect Body, and because of her Bravery, decided she wanted Cadence to help her get on at the Fire Department with him. I told her she could stay as long as she wanted with me, but she said she was really excited about getting her own place, so as soon as she was officially hired at the Fire Department, she moved out.

Well, you know the saying "Absence make the heart grow fonder?" Well, I was pretty convinced that it really should say "Absence makes the heart grow miserable!" I was tired of being miserable, being away from Ken, hardly ever seeing him outside of work. It was at the end of my longest work day thus far, that I decided enough was enough.

I had just finished an emergency call-in at the hospital, ate at the diner, and then had to go right back to work, to hold a vaccination clinic at the cemetery.

I realized that this was never going to end. The workload, I mean. Not until I reached higher up in my career anyways. And, although I really wanted to be a Top Surgeon, I wanted love too. I wanted a husband to come home to, and kids. Working at this pace, none of that would ever happen. So, after my work shift, I marched myself right on over to Ken's house. We were going to fix this once and for all.

After Ken let me in, and our usual kiss and embrace, I laid it all out there. It was now or never.

"Ken, I can't stand this time apart anymore! It's killing me! All I can think about is how much my heart aches without you."
"I know, Symph, I know. I hate it just as much as you do. I'm not really sure what to do."

"I love my job, but it's not all I want out of life. I want a soul mate to spend my life with, and share my successes with. I want children, a family, a home life too. Ken, I am crazy about you, and I know, with all my heart, that you are the one. The way I see it, we only have two options. We just keep going on like this, seeing each other once a week if we are lucky, working ourselves tirelessly, or..."

I got down on one knee....
"...Or, we move in together and get married. I think you  know which one I'm choosing. Ken, will you--?"
I've never seen a more shocked look on any man's face. He didn't even let me finish my sentence. "YES! Of course, Symphony, I'll marry you!"

Finally! I was one step closer to having Ken into my life for good!

"So, you wanna stay the night again tonight?"
"Well, I was thinking more along the lines of you moving in with me tonight. I want to marry you, but until we can figure out how we want to go about that, I really am not interested in spending another day without you."

"Well, I'm all for that! I think your apartment would be a perfect starter place for us. Let's do it! Let me get my clothes, and I'm coming home with you!"
I squealed in delight! Yes! My man was coming home with me! Forever!

So, Ken and I went to "our" home together. I was so happy that aside from work, we wouldn't have to spend another night apart from each other!
*buckey's notes*- And now they are engaged, I think we all know what happens next! And, yes the announcement came across that Mikie passed away. :*( It was sad knowing that Mikie passed and I wouldn't really be able to "make" Symphony mourn like I would have liked, because you know how it is, out of sight, out of mind. This is a Wishacy, after all, and although I've tried to be creative in my story telling, I still can't "force" things, so... ya know. Hope you all aren't too disappointed. As always, thank you for reading!


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