Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gen 3 Chapter 3: Part 1- Was the Date Worth the Wait?

Well, she did it! Sonata sweet-talked Dad into letting her come live with me. I was starting to like the idea of Sonata coming with me to the new place. It would be nice to have company, and help getting settled in. She, of course was over the moon.

When I got home from work I emailed my new landlord and told him I was ready to move in this weekend and he said that would be great! My parents had sold some of their less favorite art work, along with a few extra things we didn't need, and along with what I had been saving, I was able to pay the deposit. Everything was in place, all I was waiting for was Saturday!

Friday night I had stopped by the library to chat with a newcomer to town named Blueberry. She had just transferred to the hospital as our newest Resident, and apparently there was an argument between her and another employee about lab time. I was not really good at this kind of stuff, mediating, but my boss asked me to and I was very close to my next promotion, so I told him I would.

I was failing miserably in my attempts to call a truce between Blueberry and this other doctor, when I saw my boss behind her leaning over a table and struggling to breathe!
I excused myself politely, and ran over to him as fast as I could.

"Mr. AFK, what's wrong!?"
"I think I'm having an allergic reaction to my supper. They must have put cinnamon in my dessert! I knew I should have checked with the Bistro waiter before I ordered it!"

"Oh no! Well, what can I do?"
"I have a syringe with medicine in it, it's in my lab coat pocket, shoot it in my arm, quick!"
As fast as I could I grabbed the syringe and shot it in his arm. Almost immediately his choking subsided.

"Whew... that was a close one. Thank you so much Ms. Song, what a lucky coincidence that I had one of my best employees here who could help me!"
"Anytime, boss, you know that!"
"I think I'm going to go home and rest now. I'll see you tomorrow Symphony."
"Ok boss! Take it easy!"

Wow, I can't believe I actually helped save my boss's life! Every time I helped someone outside of work, I became more and more addicted to the feeling of really helping people.

Sure enough, my attentiveness to those around me paid off! In record time, I got my next promotion! I was now a paramedic! I also received a bonus with my promotion which would help cover my moving costs! YES!

Saturday morning finally arrived, and I made sure to enjoy my last breakfast in this house. (Cold Mac and Cheese= Best Breakfast ever!)

I went upstairs to get dressed, then said my goodbye's to everyone, and savored every nook of our house as I walked out to the cab. Sonata was already sitting in it when I finally hopped in.

Believe it or not, instead of being all giddy and happy, her and I sat in contemplative silence on the ride to the apartment. Now that this moment was here, I realized the weight of all this! I was really independent now! And in charge of taking care of my sister! 

As the taxi weaved in and out of traffic, the movement lulled me into a reminiscent daydream of my life thus far. I thought back to when I was just a little preschooler (yes, I have very faint memories of that time), and when I was a child, growing up in that house, with the best parents a girl could ask for. And now, it was time to add to those memories! My parents did a great job of preparing me for this moment. Even though I was nervous, I was confident in my ability to, well, BE ME!
When we pulled up to the apartment building, Sonata gasped, and gave me a troubled look.
"Um, sis, are you serious? This is the expensive apartment? You are joking, right?"
"I know the outside looks, well, scary, but our apartment is the luxury apartment of this building, it's beautiful!"
"It better be!"

Sure enough, once Sonata saw the place, she was in love. "This is the coolest pad ever! I can't believe I live here!"
As I explored the bedrooms, I hollered to Sonata, "I knew you'd like it! Now, which of the 3 bedrooms do you want?"
"She called to me from one of the rooms, "I don't know, lets each take turns in them and decide which one we like!"

"Ok, sounds great, I"m gonna make us some lunch."

After we ate we unpacked our clothes, rearranged, all that good stuff. That evening, I was completely beat! I laid down in one of the new beds to take a nap, then I was going to get up and finish cleaning up before bed. 

While I napped, Sonata called Mom and Dad and told them we were all settled in, and how much she loved it here. They said they would like to come by sometime tomorrow and see the place.

My ringing cell phone woke me up out of my nap.
"Hello?" I said, still trying to shake the sleep out of my voice.
"Hey, Symphony? Did I wake you up?"
It was Ken! He was calling me!
"Oh, you are just fine, I've just been moving all day, and was taking a break. What's up?"
"Well, I knew you'd be moved into your new place, and I wanted to see if tonight was a good night to go out and celebrate like I promised."

Was it a good night? Was it a good night? Psh, like I would say no! Who cares how tired and hungry I was, I was going!!
"Sure, tonight would be great!"
"Ok, well how about we meet at the Plasma 501 club? I hear it's the best in town."
"Oooh, I haven't been there yet, sounds fun!"
"Ok, well I'll see you there then!"
"OK! Bye!"
Finally! Finally I was going out with Ken Strong! I'm pretty sure I set some kind of world record for getting into a fancy dress! I went by the room Sonata was sleeping in to tell her I was leaving, but she was already sound asleep, snoring even, so I figured I wouldn't bother her.

I waited outside the building,  and as Ken walked up, I started to hyperventilate just a tad. This was the first time I had seen him out of uniform, and well, HE WAS HOT!
As he approached, he said, "Oh my God. I am speechless. Symphony, you look so amazing tonight!"

I could feel the heat radiating from my cheeks, I was blushing! "Thank you! You look great too!"
"Let's go in and have a drink, shall we?"

Ok, so now comes the part of the date where I tried to act more grown-up than I really was. I had only been to that one dance club once, and they weren't even open. I had never been to a place like this before, and had never had a drink before. My plan was to order whatever Ken ordered. I figured I couldn't go wrong there!

As we sat at the bar, the bartender asked Ken what he wanted. He answered, "I'm in the mood for something different, what's everyone ordering tonight?"
The bartender laughed and said, "Well, I've been making quite a few Brain Busters, you want one of those?"
"Sure, sounds good."
I piped in and said, "Make that two!"

I was amazed while I watched her spin and flip the bottles as she made our drinks. This was so cool!
My stomach started to growl a little, and I remembered how extremely hungry I was. I tried to fight off a yawn too, I didn't want Ken thinking I was too tired to hang out with him! 

As she handed me my drink, I started to grab it, but then she said, "Woah, wait a sec" Then she torched the top of it with some kind of flame! Woah! I hoped I could handle this, being my first drink and all.

I cautiously took my first sip, and was amazed at how good this drink was! I didn't taste much alcohol in it, so it made it easy to finish the whole thing. I was so hungry and thirsty, it felt good to have something cold in my belly. 

All caught up in the episode of having my first drink, I realized I was ignoring Ken. I turned to ask him if he liked his drink, and to my surprise, he was gone! I didn't know if he went to the bathroom or what.
"Excuse me ma'am?"
"You want another?"
My head at this moment started swimming a little, and I felt a little dizzy... "No, I wondered if you saw where my friend went?"
"Oh, I think I saw him running to the elevators a minute ago..."
"OK thanks."
Why was he running to the elevators? I hope he was ok! I spun my bar stool around to get up and go look for him, and just that simple 180 movement threw me for a loop. Suddenly my vision blurred, and I didn't feel quite right. As I stood up, I felt horribly nauseous, hungry, dizzy, confused and fuzzy. What was going on? 

The sounds all started to diminish, and before I knew it, I was falling to the floor.

I have no idea how long I was out, but it couldn't have been too long, because no one was around me, and the bartender didn't even seem to notice. I tried to shake some sense back into my head. This was not good. I needed to go home. 

Wait, there was something more pressing I needed to do right now, what was it? Oh, yes, Ken! Where was he?

In a daze, I managed to make it to the elevator doors, and luckily it went straight to the ground floor. As the doors opened, I saw Ken standing in the lobby, clutching his stomach, looking horrible. The doorman was standing there, and kept asking him, "Are you sure you are alright? let me call you a cab..."

"He looked up at me, and said, "Oh, Symphony, I am so sorry. That drink was so strong, and I just needed fresh air. I didn't make it, I threw up over there in the corner. I'm so sorry..."
"It's ok, Ken, I don't feel so hot either. Are you ok? Can you make it to the cab?"
"I don't know..."

"Here let me try the anti-nausea treatment.."
I pinched the nerve in his arm, and he did start looking better.
"How's that feel?"
"Well, better. I think I could make it to the cab."

Just then my dizziness came back, and I almost fell back, but Ken caught me and tried to pull me back to center, but instead of steadying me, he pulled me into a hug.
"Oh, Symph, I'm so sorry. This night is a disaster...."
"It's ok Ken, it's not your fault..."

The door man said, "I've called you both a cab, they are waiting outside."
"No, you don't understand, tonight was supposed to be the night I told you how I felt about you."

Just then, the door man grabbed his arm, and lead him out to the cab. I grabbed the next one, and headed for home.

On the way, my thoughts alternated between the leftover salad in the fridge and how I wanted to devour it right now, and what Ken meant by his last statement he said to me. Was he just delirious and tipsy? What did he mean? Could he possibly like me like I like him?
 To Be Continued....
*buckey's notes*- Sorry I have to split this chapter in two parts!  You'll see once I finish the second half how this is really all one "story" or "chapter" but was growing way too long. Did anyone recognize Symphony's boss? LOL. Oh, and I have no idea what the real name was of the drink that Symphony ordered. ;) This whole "date" was to try to fulfill an opportunity and a wish. She's had the wish to date Ken, and had the opp. to drink at the Plasma club. Yes, her energy/hunger needs were in the orange/red range when she left, but I really wanted to make the most of her weekend! They don't ever seem to be able to see each other during the week. I can't wait for you guys to see how this ends! I'll be working on the conclusion this week. :) 
Oh, and how do you all feel about the smaller pics? Do you like the bigger pics better? I was just thinking I might be able to save more room storage wise if I used smaller pics.


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