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Gen 3 Chapter 6: Oh, the Drama of Trauma...

Ah, it was the weekend! I didn't have to be back to work until Tuesday, and Ken was off for the weekend, except for emergencies, of course, and I was excited about spending this weekend together! First off, we decided we would have Alex's birthday this morning, because otherwise, Ken would have to miss it because of work. Then, we were going to introduce Alex to his only living grandparent, Ken's mom Sonya.

Yes, that's right, my mother passed away, we found out right after Alex was born. I was glad my mom was with my Dad, and was at peace now, as she was near 100 as well, if not older! I deeply regretted that she would never get to see her first grand-baby. So, Ken and I made it a priority that Alex would meet his only Grandma!

We were dressed and ready, and the cake was made, when suddenly Ken got called into work on an emergency. ARGH! Of course! He left in a hurry, and we decided we would just leave the cake out and as soon as Ken got home we'd celebrate. I guess we probably wouldn't have time to go see Sonya, or invite her over, so we'd have to do that tomorrow.

Ken came home in the evening, and as quick as we could, we brought Alex to his cake and sang Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Alex!
I looked at my little man with tears in my eyes. He had my Dad's hair color! And Ken's eye color! He was an adorable mixture of the two most special men in my life. Oh, my Daddy would have been so proud!

 We hurried up and fed him, and had some cake ourselves, before finally putting our little man to bed, and getting to sleep ourselves.

All of us must have been tired, because even Alex slept in, until almost 10am! I got up and showered and then went to go give him his bottle.

Then, we all got ready to go visit Ken's mom. When Ken called to see if we could come over, he found out she wasn't at home, so we just invited her to come to our place instead. She said she'd be right over. Unfortunately, just as it was time for her to show up, she called and said she didn't think she could make it, because she had to work. Apparently she had gotten some kind of part-time job after Ken moved out, so she wasn't available in the afternoons anymore. I was sad at this news, because afternoons was the only time we had free. Oh well, maybe we'd be able to work it out for another time.

The good news was, my brother called after that, and said he was having a get together at his place and wanted to know if we'd come by. This was perfect! At least if Alex couldn't meet his grandma, he could meet all his aunts and uncle!
We  headed right over to my old house, which mom and dad had left to Cadence and Aria. It was so good to see my family again! I forgot how much I miss them.

Sonata was doing great at the fire department, had even got a promotion, and my brother was moving up the ranks as well, he had several promotions already. Aria was dating Luke Sheldon, her old high school crush, and Melody was dating a guy named Derick Burkett, who, coincidentally was a Vampire. I always had a feeling she would end up with a vampire boyfriend, she was fascinated with them from childhood! I guess through all the busyness at work,  we didn't have much time to catch up.
They all loved little Alex and thought he was adorable. Alex didn't make a peep all night, just looked at everyone and smiled. Soon, Ken was getting tired, and so was Alex, so we left, to take Alex home and feed him and put him to bed.

After Alex was fed his baby food, and happy, I decided to take him to his potty chair and try to teach him how to use it. Thankfully, he went in it, but I knew it was going to take a few more times before he had it down.

After a snuggle and a tickle, I put our little man to bed, then went to find Ken relaxing on our bed.

"Did Alex go to sleep ok?"
"Yes, he even used the potty too!"
"Oh wow! I can't believe he's so big already. They really do grow up fast, don't they?"

"Yep, they sure do. I can't believe tomorrow is my last day off, then I'll be going back to work!"
"Yeah, I know. And, I'm pretty sure you are getting closer to a promotion!"
"I probably am, with all the work I've done on maternity leave. That will mean we'll be working the same hours. How is that going to work?"

"Well, hopefully we can find a good babysitter until I can get on as a Gene therapist. I've applied for the job, just waiting to hear back now."
He pulled me over to cuddle with him, and said, "You know, Alex is asleep, and I haven't got called into work just yet.." he smiled his sexy little smile, and I knew exactly what he was getting at...

I had another potty lesson with Alex in the morning, he was catching on fast! I think after a few more times, he'd know exactly what the potty was for! I was really looking forward to no more diapers.

Just as we were sitting down to have breakfast together, Ken got called in to work early.
"Bye hon. It will probably be a long day. There was a car accident involving an entire family. I probably won't be home until after my workshift, at 3am."
"Ok babe. Take care of yourself, and take breaks when you need them."
"I will. Love you both!" And with that he was out the door.

Well, apparently the accident was very bad, and the hospital was calling in all upper-level employees to come in to work. Just an hour or so after Ken left, they called me, urgently needing my help. Although I hated to, I had to leave Alex with a babysitter. I hoped she would take good care of him!
I peeked in to check on him before I left, and he was happily playing with his doll house. As soon as I buzzed the babysitter up, I took off.

Well, the victims of the car wreck were in bad shape. All of them required careful 24 hour observation. The mother and  father were in the worst shape. Their son, a boy who couldn't be much younger than Alex, was doing ok, but had a badly broken leg, and some other issues and was quite upset that he couldn't be with his mommy and daddy. When I got to the hospital, that's where I found Ken, by the little boy's bedside, reading him a story.

I worked in the trauma department all afternoon and into the evening. The boss was impressed with my work and level of calm dealing with all those involved in the wreck, and he promoted me right then and there to Trauma Surgeon!

I was happy that my hard work was rewarded, and that now I would be able to stay in the trauma area and keep an eye on this family that had a hold of My and Ken's heart, but I knew this would mean Ken and I are on the same schedule, so poor Alex would need a babysitter all night. I wasn't thrilled with this, but what choice did I have? I came home extremely exhausted, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

I went to Alex's room, to see him happily playing with blocks, and I dismissed the babysitter It seemed it went ok without me there.

I ate a quick plate of salad, then heard Alex whining in his room and knew he was probably ready for bed, so I went and put him to sleep, then crawled in bed myself.

And tried to sleep, but I couldn't. I just kept thinking about that poor family, the unconscious parents, and their poor son. I informed the hospital to call me immediately if any of their conditions changed.
Ken came home at the usual time (3am) and fell into bed. Just a few short hours later, I got a call from the hospital. Apparently the father had died, and the mom was in need of another emergency surgery. I told them I'd be there as quickly as possible.

I stayed at the hospital all up until my shift started, then Ken called the babysitter and came into work also. With the whole team working together, we couldn't do enough to save the mother. Unfortunately both parents were gone now. Ken and I were glued to their son, Logan's, bedside. As we both got off work, we were completely exhausted. Our hearts went out to that little boy who was now an orphan.

As soon as we got home, I guess the emotion of it all overcame me, and I ran to the bathroom to throw up. Ken immediately went to Alex and snuggled him close. Ken and I realized just how fragile and precious family is.

The next morning, Ken spent every second with Alex. He was such a great dad!

I slept until almost afternoon, and only got up because I knew I needed to eat and shower before our workshift. I still couldn't shake off the nausea I had from the night before. I hoped I could make it through this work shift, I really needed to, Ken and I both wanted to be there for little Logan.

After eating a PB & J sandwich, my stomach felt much better.

Right before Ken and I were going to leave for work, a pleasant surprise became known to us... I was pregnant again! I was thrilled, as Ken and I had talked about wanting more kids, but I felt torn, as I wanted to be at the hospital to care for Logan. Well, it looked like I'd have to leave it to Ken to nurture and care for Logan at the hospital, because I would be at home taking care of our budding family.

*buckey's notes*-Well, so far, there's never been a boring day with both Ken and Symphony in the medical career, and starting a family! The beginning of this chapter was supposed to be my FREE reward day I had earned with Symphony, and I wanted them to spend time with Ken's mom so bad, since she's the only grandparent Alex has... and well, phooey, it didn't work out! Sonya wasn't at home, and then when they invited her over, as soon as she stepped in the door she said she had somewhere she had to be. ARGH! 
At least I got to age up Alex on the free day. I'm so happy that Alex has Mikie's hair! He's a cutie, that' for sure. It took me longer than I would have liked to get this chapter out, as I have been out of town and sick. But, I'm feeling better today, so here you go. :) Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading! <3


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    And yay, Alex has Mikie's hair. Such a beautiful little blond boy. ^^

  2. lol - do i see an adoption on the horizon ;) Logan? Alex is really cute!! Love that he has Mikies hair!!

  3. ack!!! I just realized the 4th pic is the wrong one! What the??? I previewed this thing twice before publishing! Well, I'm off to fix that...

    Don't wanna spoil too much, but you two might possibly be pretty perceptive. ;)

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