Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gen 3 Chapter 10: They Grow Up So Fast!

Well, all this snow has been great for finding time to get updates out! I'm on a role! :) Anyways, on with chapter 10!

Life in the Song house hadn't slowed down one bit. Alex and Logan were working hard at their school work, and Ken was always there to lend them a hand if they needed it. They were doing ok in school, neither one made the honor roll, but they weren't failing either. Ken and I tried not to give them a hard time, as we knew they were giving it their best effort.

 I was still trying to teach Mikinna how to walk, but with this big belly in the way, it wasn't exactly easy. I tired quickly, and would often go rest, and read my medical journals.

I did venture out of the house once, only to run a few errands. I bought Mikinna a book, myself a Logic book for work, and stocked up on apples. I was hoping for another boy, and so was Ken! He really wanted a little boy he could name after himself.

Alex's birthday came shortly after we had moved in, and he was on his way to teen-hood!
Happy Birthday Alex!
He was so handsome. I have to say, he reminded me of a slimmer version of my dad. I couldn't be prouder of him. He informed us all that he was no longer going to settle for imperfect grades, he was aiming for perfect scores in high school. I could tell he was turning into quite the Perfectionist.

I had the workout bench delivered and set up on our back porch, and Alex LOVED it! He said he couldn't wait to start using it.

The next morning, Alex was up before anyone else, slaving away in the kitchen over breakfast waffles. They turned out charred, and no one ate them, but I admired his effort.

He also decided that he would like a part-time job, to make some extra spending money so he wouldn't have to ask us for money. I can't believe how grown up he's becoming. I told him I was fine with the job, as long as it didn't get to be too much for him. He decided on a job folding clothes at the spa. He said it would be good because he would be working weekends, and would have some school days off, plus, with his Perfectionist ways, I'm sure folding the clothes just right would be quite enjoyable for him!

Ken was also working with Mikinna on her talking skills. We knew her birthday was right around the corner, and we were wondering if she was going to learn all the skills necessary. We were just going to have to do our best!

That evening, it was Logan's turn for a birthday.
Happy Birthday Logan!

Although he wasn't necessarily causing any trouble, or in any trouble, Logan did worry me. He always seemed to want to be by himself, and although he got along with everyone in the family, he didn't seem to ever bond with any of us like I though he would have by now. We were doing our best, but I didn't want to force myself on the boy either. We did our best to make sure he was healthy, comfortable and happy, but I guess we can only do so much.
After his birthday, he seemed to become so much more serious, not necessarily sad, but more like he had No Sense of Humor. It made me sad to see him be so distant, but I wasn't sure how to help him. He sure was a handsome boy though. I was still glad he was our son.

That night, I found Alex trying out his new present.
"Hey, how do you like your new workout bench?"

He stopped and came over to answer me.
"I love it mom, it's awesome!"
"I didn't mean to interrupt! You can go back to it if you want."
"Nah, that's ok. Hey, are you busy? Do you feel alright right now?"

"No, not busy. I feel fine. Why?"
"Well, there's one thing I've been dying to do since we moved in here, and I haven't got to yet."
"What's that?"
"Play catch with my football! We finally have a yard for it!"
"Well, I don't know how good I'll be, but I'd love to play catch with you!"

Now, in all actuality, I came out there to tell Alex good night and go to sleep, but how could I deny my teenage son asking to spend time with me? There's no way I could!

When it got pretty late, I told Alex we better call it a night and get to bed. I came in to have a little snack before bed, and well... the baby had other ideas besides bedtime!
"KEN!!!!! Help!"

Ken came rushing down the stairs, saw what was going on, and immediately called the cab so we could head to the hospital. Ken was right in the middle of getting Mikinna ready for bed, so Alex took over, and assured us he'd take care of everything at the house while we were gone.

 "Hey there Mikinna! You ready for bed?"

"Yeah, it's bubby. Can I have a turn putting you to bed tonight?"
"Bubby's turn nite-nite?"
"Yeah, that's right! Mommy and Daddy have been hoggin' you, huh?"

"Good night sis.. sleep tight. If you need me, just call for Bubby, ok?"
"K. Bubby?"
"Luf you."
"Love you to Kinna."

Labor was short and sweet, thank goodness! I guess since this was my 3rd pregnancy, my body knew what to do! I was soon released from the hospital, and I met Ken downstairs, as he went ahead of me to call a cab. We had a boy, just like we wanted!

We decided to name him after Ken, but we didn't want it to be too confusing, so we called our new son Kenny.
When the nurses had to give him shots after he was born, he didn't cry, didn't even shed one tear. I wondered if he was going to be a Brave kid! Then, when the doctor would use any machine that made noise or had moving parts, he would stop and listen, stare and smile. He seemed to be fascinated with gadgets. Was he also going to be Eccentric as he got older?

The most priceless memory from the day of Kenny's birth, was the look of pure joy on his daddy's face as we brought him home. Ken was so happy. He really was a good father, he loved his kids more than they would ever know!

We came home to a nice surprise, Logan was playing his birthday present we got him. It was a guitar that was my mother's, I still had it after all these years. He started plucking the strings, trying to learn the simple chords that I had showed him when we gave it to him. He actually had a smile on his face too! It was nice to see him enjoying the gift that I gave him, something that was special to me.

I announced that I needed to go upstairs and rest, and to my surprise Logan offered to keep an eye on Kenny for me. I was taken aback at his sudden interest in helping out, but was also very happy he wanted to do something nice for me. Maybe, in some small way, we were starting to bond a little bit!

I tried not to let myself sleep too long, because I knew that today was Mikinna's birthday, and I wanted to try to get her to walk before her big moment came. I came downstairs and had some dinner with my boys, and then headed straight upstairs to work with Mikinna.

Logan seems to have taken a liking to Kenny. He came and scooped him up when he started crying, so that I could keep working with Mikinna.

Well, we almost had the walking down, when Mikinna's birthday commenced.
Happy Birthday Mikinna!

She hadn't lost much of her baby fat as she became a child, but that was ok, she was still so adorable! Because we hadn't worked fast enough to teach Mikinna her toddler skills, she immediately became a Mooch. Uh-oh, 2 Mooches in the family!

For Mikinna's present, we decorated the empty room and got her a new bed, and a dollhouse. I felt sad that I couldn't go all out on her room the way I had the boys when they were little, but she seemed to be happy with it. And don't even get me started on the boys' room. I still hadn't got around to that!

Since Mikinna was in a big girl room now, I did manage to change the nursery to more neutral colors, instead of it looking so girly for Kenny.

The next morning was the first day of high-school for the boys, and elementary school for Mikinna. Ken told me to sleep in  and he got up with Kenny, and saw the kids off to school.

Mikinna was a little nervous about her first day, and yet again, Logan stepped in and said he'd sit next to Mikinna on the way to school so she didn't have to be scared. So sweet of him!

In no time, the kids were home from school. Alex went straight to studying, reading a book he was assigned to read, and Alex went to the kitchen and made a salad for all of us. 

Poor Mikinna, came home the same way her big brother did when he started elementary school, completely exhausted. She put her pj's on and went straight to bed for a nap. I hoped she adjust to her new schedule soon!

All of my kids were growing up so fast! I knew it wouldn't be long, and Kenny would be joining his siblings as they became more independent and ready for the world!

 *buckey's notes*- Well, as soon as Mikinna ages to teen, I'll probably be ready for an heir vote! Of course, I'll have to wait until Symphony completes her LTW to move on to who ever wins, but knowing ahead of time who should stay in the house will help.  I can't get over how much Alex looks like Mikie, when I'm writing the updates and looking at the pictures, sometimes I start to type "Mikie" by mistake! And Symphony is edging closer and closer to her elder birthday. Yikes! I hope she can get those last 3 promotions in time!


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