Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gen. 3 Chapter 11: Surrounded By Family

So much had changed around here in the last couple of days.  One of the biggest changes? Well, we invited another little girl to be a part of our family. Grace was taken to the local orphanage after her father died. Apparently, in the father's death, it was discovered that the mother was abusive to Grace. After they had Grace removed from the home, the mother gave up rights to her, and disappeared. They were a very well off family, and the mom took the insurance money, and ran off to who knows where. The Dad's death was a plane crash, so there was no way the mother was involved, but the whole situation was so sad, especially for poor little Grace.

Ken had asked the orphanage to keep our information and if there was ever a little one that would fit with us to contact us. They thought that because of our success with Logan, we'd be able to handle a difficult case like Grace's. She was by no means a problem child, but had already had such a hard life, and needed  help learning how to trust people again.

We've learned a lot about Grace in the few short days that she's been here. Grace's father had a vast collection of expensive cars, and he shared that love of cars with Grace, making her an absolute Vehicle Enthusiast. It was cute to listen to her go on and on about cars, and which ones she would own when she was grown up. She also had a very hard time letting us spend money on her or letting us give her money. You'd think that a girl coming from wealthy family wouldn't be so Frugal, but maybe she didn't see much of her parent's money, or she was trying her best not to be a burden, I'm not sure.

She had very poor eyesight and because of this she was a little bit Clumsy. She was an utterly fascinating little girl, with a quirky personality, but that just made us love her all the more. The orphanage was right, she was a great fit with us! We knew she belonged here.

The next biggest thing that happened was Kenny heading into toddler-hood! He surprised us all when he turned out to be the only kid in our family to have my hair. I couldn't help but be happy that finally one of our kids looked like me! It looked like he had Ken's eye color, too.

Kenny was still attached to Logan, and loved hanging out with him. I was glad for Logan's help, because I didn't have to feel quite as guilty when I dove into my reading for work, leaving all the child care up to Ken.

Ken promised me he didn't mind. He knew how badly I wanted my next promotion, but I didn't want him to feel like I was leaving all the child care up to him, either. I tried to find ways to help out, like helping Alex with homework, or feeding Kenny his dinner.

Luckily, through all the craziness of having a full house of children, Ken and I remained close. I was blessed to have such a good, understanding husband who was so great with our kids, and so supportive of my life's dream.

My days off from work were coming to an end, and so we decided while the kids were at school to take Kenny to the beach across the street, and spend the afternoon there. It was a beautiful day! While Ken made a plate of hot dogs, I laid out in the sun watching Alex play, and soaking up the rays.

It felt good to be out, relaxing and spending a little time with my youngest.

My little rest soon came to an end, however, when I heard a woman's cry from across the beach. Then I heard someone ask, "Is there a doctor here?" I motioned to Ken to watch Kenny while I ran over to investigate. Standing with a crowd around her, was a young vampire girl in the most gorgeous wedding dress I had ever seen. She was doubled over in pain, moaning and groaning.

I announced to the group, "I"m a doctor, I can help!" and went over to the young girl. "What seems to be the problem?"
"My stomach! I've never felt this kind of pain before!"

Someone had already got the first aid kid, so I grabbed an anti-nausea tool out of it. "Ok, ma'am hold still and look directly into the circle, ok?"

Although it made her queasy she looked into it, and within a few seconds I could see the relief wash over her face.

"Does that feel any better? I could try something else if not..."
"Wow, yes, it worked! I feel much better! What is that machine, anyways?"

"It's an anti-nausea tool, and a little more pleasant than having your nerve pinched."
"Well, thank you so much. I guess I'm having some serious pre-wedding jitters."
"Sounds like it! Well, take it easy, and have some plasma fruit. That should help. Congratulations!"
She ran off to find her groom, and I went back to Kenny, who looked like he was about ready for a nap.
It felt good to get to help someone again. I was so ready to get back to work, I could hardly stand it!

When we got back, the kids were helping themselves to dinner, and were pretty much done with homework. Ken took Kenny upstairs and worked some more on potty training, then let him play a little in his room before bedtime.

Money was still tight, but we were managing. We were at least able to pay our bills and have food on the table, but there was little left over for anything else. I think the orphanage must have got wind of that fact, because we were sent an anonymous gift of a new stove and love seat. They were beautiful, and nothing we could afford to get ourselves right now. I was so thankful, I almost cried!

I was able to use some of the money we had been saving on extra furniture to get a few items for the house, like a telescope that Logan had been wanting, and a new potty seat for Kenny, along with new carpet and wallpaper for the boys room.
I let them pick out everything themselves for their room, and well, it turned out interesting. Certainly not what I would have chosen, but they seemed to like it. I'm just glad I was finally able to afford for them to fix up their room.

"Well, this is your last weekend home and you and Mikinna's birthdays are today and tomorrow! How do you want to spend it? We could all go out somewhere, spend the day together having a family outing."

"Hm, well, you know, that would be fun, but I think I'd really like to just spend it here at home, letting the kids relax and not have to worry about chores or homework.  I could spend some time with them and read a little more of my logic book before I go back to work. That's what I'd like to do, if you don't mind."
"I completely understand. You are getting ready to go back to the work force, so I can see how a weekend at home would be your choice."

"Oh, but honey, maybe you should get out a little this weekend and spend some time doing what you want to do, since once I go back to work, it's going to be hard for you to get away with all the kids here."
"Hm, you know, that's not a bad idea. I've been wanting to fish at the beach ever since we've moved in, but I haven't got to yet. Maybe I'll take you up on that offer!"

So how we were going to spend the weekend was settled. This was my last day as an adult, tomorrow, I'd be aging to elder. I hoped I would age as gracefully as Ken had. He was still so handsome to me. I knew Ken's heart so well, I was pretty sure a few gray hairs and wrinkles would never be enough to make him stop finding me beautiful. What a harmonious place to be; I didn't have to be worried about the next stage of life, because I had the security of my husband's love!

The weekend turned out to be perfect! It was just what we all needed. Alex spent the morning working out, which he loves and doesn't always get to do during the week. He did have to work a few hours this weekend, but it was nice that he got to be home and relax before he had to go in.

Logan practiced his guitar while the girls went to a sports game the school had given them tickets for.

Ken taught Kenny all of his toddler skills, in one day!

Then as evening approached, it was time. Time for me to enter the golden age of my life.
For being an old lady now, I felt pretty good!  

Ken told me to go downstairs and read while he got my birthday present ready, so I read a book while I waited.

It was a new bed! I had already been working in our room, I had redone the wall paper, and found a chess set on sale. I think in our old age, we deserved a nice bed that we could get a good night's sleep in!

The next day, I made sure I was the one to get up with Kenny, so Ken could go fishing.  

I think the trip to the beach was just what Ken needed. He got to have some great alone time, and caught 4 fish!

We all had a nice, lazy Sunday, and then, it was time for Mikinna's birthday.
Happy Birthday Mikinna!

She reminded me a lot of my sister Harmony! Mikinna was so excited about starting high school the next morning. She said she couldn't wait to meet all of the cute high school boys, and I had a feeling Mikinna was going to be Flirty like I was. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Now we had 3 teenagers in the house, soon to be followed by Grace. I was excited for Grace to get to celebrate her first birthday with her new family, but there was just one problem. What did she want for her birthday? A CAR!

*buckey's notes*- Well, the family finally has 5 kids, it's all about whether Ken  will be alive to see Kenny grow up to teen or not! I sure do hope so, he's Vegetarian, so hopefully he will live a little longer than normal! And, it look like the next post I'll be putting up will be the heir vote! Of course, there will still be at least 2 more chapters for Symphony before I start on Generation 4. 
Sorry if this chapter was a bit boring, it usually turns out this way, once the house gets full of kids, they kind of all fall into a routine, and not much else has happens. :)


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