Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gen 5 Chapter 4: Dad Would Be So Proud!

Our little mini-vacation, courtesy of Hope, was wonderful! It was really nice to get to spend some time with our parents since life had been so busy lately. The weekend flew by, and soon we found ourselves returning that Sunday morning.

After checking to make sure the house was in order, we asked Hart what he got up to while we were gone. That funny kid spilled everything. Not that there was much to be in trouble for, but basically, he tried to throw a teen party while we were gone, and no one showed up!

Well, no one that is, except for his crush, Delina. At first she thought it was a setup, that Hart was pretending to throw a party just to get her over to his house. But after seeing Hart's bruised ego, she figured out he wasn't lying, and agreed to stay and hang out anyways.

They had a great time together until one of the neighbors noticed a strange girl over at our house and called the cops. I swear, we have some nosy neighbors!

Although Hart was disappointed in his party, he should be glad it didn't happen because if it would have,  he'd have been in deep trouble! Mom and Dad made sure to warn him that there were to be no parties in our house unless they knew about it, for future reference. 

Legacy was no trouble at all. Hart said all he really wanted to do was normal kid stuff, go to the park, take an art class at school, that type of thing.

Anyways, we spent the rest of our afternoon off enjoying the outdoors. Hope and I decided to try out the slip n slide, it was a blast!

The next day while the boys were at school, I bought the coolest addition to their room, a chemistry table! I knew the boys would love it, but me and Hope couldn't help but play around with it too. It was a lot like cooking; mixing different things together and seeing what would happen. The boys were going to love it!

Apparently Delina and Hart's hang-out session at our house really sparked something. After school they hung out at the park together and lo and behold, it turned into a date!

They had the best time together, and I think they might end up going steady soon.

That night, while I was out running errands, and Hart was still on his date, Our dear Daddy passed away. I hate that I wasn't home when it happened, but as soon as Hope called me I raced home. I couldn't believe my Dad was gone!

RIP Kenny Song.

Between mourning and comforting each other, we kept trying to get a hold of Hart, but he wasn't answering his phone. It was starting to make us mad, after all, this was one of the most important phone calls he could ever receive!

Just about the time Hope and I were going to set out looking for him, we discovered that he had made it home, but was outside the house kissing Delina. I was so mad I couldn't see straight! We blew up his phone with phone calls, and he couldn't even check in?!?!? Hope was just as mad as I was.

 Hope and I stood there fuming, waiting for him to notice us, and he either ignored us completely, or was so love-struck he didn't notice us.

I decided he could find out through Mom, I was too mad to talk to him right now. I had promised L a bedtime story, so I went on upstairs to read to him before bed.
"Um, could you read to me about castles? Out of the encyclopedia?"
"Encyclopedia? Really? for a bedtime story?"
"Yes! Please?!? I love castles, I want to have one when I grow up."
"OK, little L, whatever you want!"

I read to him until his eyes closed, and then I quietly closed the book and kissed him goodnight. He was handling Dad's passing pretty well, for a kid. I hoped he would be ok.

Me, on the other hand, I was a mess. I couldn't keep from crying at work, and even though I wanted to be strong when I was at home with my family, I kept falling apart.

Hope and Mom seemed to be as tore up as I was, and we all tried our best to be strong for each other and lend a shoulder when we could do nothing else but cry.

Mom decided it was too painful to sleep in her and Dad's old room, so I let her take over my bed, and she told me I could sleep in her room for a while, until she felt better about sleeping up there. I remodeled the room a little bit. Maybe a different look in there would make it easier for her. She also decided she didn't want the gravestones of our Dad and grandparents around the house anymore. She had them moved to a beautiful spot in the cemetery. I think that was a good choice, it helped us all move on.

Hart handled his grief a little differently. He absorbed himself in his writing, and in Delina. I guess that was ok, we all needed our way to deal with dad's death.

Legacy handled the death ok too. I think probably the best out of all of us. You know, they say kids are resilient. I guess that was definitely true in this case!

Hope cheered up a bit when her job at the science facility came through. She started immediately fixing things around the house to work on her handiness skill before work. It was nice, because our hot tub had been broke for days now, and I really missed it!

As for my job, even though I was depressed, I managed to pull off another promotion! I was now the Vegetable Slicer! Honestly, it was perfect, because a lot of my tears for my dad I excused as tears from the onions I was cutting.

Hope's first day of work went well, and to celebrate she took Taylor out on a date. We found out later, that she had ulterior motives that night, as she asked Taylor to marry her!
And he said YES!

We were all so happy for her when she came home and told us about her awesome night. I couldn't believe my little sister was getting married! They said they weren't going to wait too long, they would probably want to get married over the weekend. Looked like I had better get busy throwing together a bachelorette party!

I was thankful to have those days off in the middle of the week, because it was the perfect time to have Hope's bachelorette party. We tried to invite every grown woman we knew! We decided on having it at the Booooooof, one of the nicest clubs in Sunset Valley.

There was a lot of drinking, dancing, soaking in the hot tub, laughing, and fun. Even our mom let her hair down and had a blast!

I don't know which of Hope's friends decided we needed "extra" entertainment, but a dancer even showed up at the party. I've never heard those girls howl and cheer like they did for him! They even convinced him to hang out for a while after he had done his duty.

Soon, all the girls were partied out, Hope and Mom being some of the first to leave. Although Hope had a great time, I knew this wasn't exactly her "thing" partying so hard like that. So I wasn't surprised when she asked if I would close out the tab so she could go home early.

I stayed until everyone else had left, payed the tab, and headed home in the wee hours of the morning. I'm so glad my job didn't start until 3pm!

I hadn't realized that Hart and Legacy would be celebrating their birthdays at home while we were out partying.

Hart sure did grow up handsome, that's for sure! He hadn't really talked about getting a job, I think he just wanted to pursue his writing career. By the way, he published his first book! 

And Legacy looked similar to Hart, except he had a touch of rebellion in him that worried me a little. I had a feeling his teenage years were going to be much more interesting than Hope or Hart's!

The next two days were a blur of working, and prepping for Hart's graduation and Hope's wedding. I don't know how we all made it through the craziness in one piece, but soon we found ourselves driving to Hart's graduation ceremony, which was the morning of Hope's wedding!
*Buckey's Notes*- That's right, Hope wished to marry Taylor! YES! Of course, I wish it was Patience having such a great love life and not Hope, but you know how it is with a Wishacy! And didn't Hart grow up to be handsome!?! I was pretty impressed. I was also pretty surprised when Kenny passed away, I mean, his age bar was full, but it just seems so soon! Hart's teen party really did fall through. He wished for a teen party, but when the menu came up to invite people, Delina was the ONLY teen he knew, and it wouldn't let him invite anyone else! Bummer for him. LOL Next chapter will be Hope's wedding. Can't wait to show you that! I dressed up one of the houses that came with Generations and made it a venue just for her special day. I'm not a master builder, but I think it turned out nice. Alright, enough chit-chat. Thanks for reading!


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