Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gen 5 Chapter 3: Hurricane Hope Hits the Household

I stood outside the Bistro and took a deep breath. This was it! My first day of work! I couldn't wait to get in there and prove myself. My only regret, was that today was Hart's birthday and I had to miss it.

Happy Birthday Hart!

Hart was a goofy, childish kinda guy at heart, but man, was he a heartthrob!

Taylor was still hanging around the house when he could, he helped keep and eye on little L. I think it was to try to impress Hope, if you ask me. And, maybe get on my parent's good side as well.

My first day of work went so well! In fact, one of the spice runners slipped and fell, and had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out, and I volunteered to fill in for her. Anytime the head chef asked for a spice, I knew exactly what he wanted, and how to prepare it for the dishes he was making. I even whispered to him to add a little lemon pepper to the mac and cheese, and the customers loved it! At the end of the night, he pulled me aside and said, "Patience, you really know your stuff! You are now our spice runner!"

I couldn't believe it! My first day on the job, and I already got a promotion! I came home sore and a bit tired, but I was too wound up to sleep just yet. It was definitely hard work, but I treasured every sore muscle I had. I was doing what I loved! I went upstairs to change, and found little L watching our TV, so I scooped him up and put him to bed. Then I changed and went downstairs to play video games.

Hope came and joined me on the couch, eating a plate of my latest batch of fish and chips. I know, I know, I make it a lot, but I really am good at it!
"So, how was work?"
"Great! And how are things with Taylor?"
"Oh, well, you know, ok."
"You mean you guys still aren't together yet? What gives?"
"I know, I know. If it makes you feel better, I've at least made a move, sort of."
"Oh really?!? Do tell!"

"Well, I've wrote him a note telling him that I think I like him as more than just a friend, but I don't want to ruin what we already have. So if he feels the same way I do, I told him to ask me to prom. If he doesn't, well that means he just wants to stay friends. I told him either way, I wouldn't' be mad, I just wanted to know. I left the note on his bed the last time I visited his house. Now I'm just waiting on him to ask me. Or not."
"Hm, well, it's kind of passive, but at least it's something."
"Well, I don't want to make a fool out of myself. I figured this is the easiest way."
"Well, here's to hoping he asks you to prom!"

The next morning, I had a very shocking wake-up call. My dad came in my room, and smacked me in the face with a pillow!
"Patience, young lady, WAKE UP!"
"Ow! Dad! What is wrong with you?"
He smacked me again, this time on the legs. "I said get  up! You have some serious explaining to do!"
I stood up and held my hands defensively in front of me. "Ok, ok, I'm up! What are you talking about?"

"What's this about my daughter getting a promotion on her first day of work, and not telling her dear old dad?!? HUH?" And he whapped me again!
"That's it! Just because you're an old man, doesn't mean I'll go easy on you!" I grabbed another pillow, and we both started attacking each other.

"I'm just so proud of you, that's all. Next time you better tell me right away!"
"Ok, ok! Truce!!!"

And then, it hit. Hurricane Hope. Apparently she wasn't as 'cool' about waiting for Taylor to ask her as she originally planned. The next few days were torture for everyone. Hope was moody, snapping at everyone, even Mom and Dad!
"I told you I'd get off the computer in a minute! I had to check my e-mail! Sheesh!"
"Hope, that's no way to talk to me, I'm your father."

I didn't have to witness most of her flare-ups, but mom sure did fill me in when I came home from work. So far, she was taking it with a grain of salt. She knew about the turmoil Hope was going through because of her love for Taylor, so she was easy on her.

That was, until the night that Hope didn't' come home for her curfew. Apparently, she went over to Taylor's to hang out and ended up staying WAY past her curfew.

Once she realized what time it was, she tried to head for home, but the cops saw her, and brought her home, at 2AM! I've never seen mom so angry.

"This is the last straw, Hope! We've all put up with your mood swings, attitudes, and craziness over the past few days, but this time, I draw the line. Do you know how worried I was? I know you like this boy, but you are going to have to learn to be responsible regardless of your love life! You're GROUNDED!"

"Mom, it wasn't on purpose! I just lost track of time! ARGH!!!! YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!"
And off she stomped to our room.

Needless to say, Hope was not happy about being grounded, and we all tried to stay out of her way as best we could. That wasn't hard for me, I had my gardening and cooking to keep me busy. My garden was starting to look better and better! And I loved getting up early and making everyone breakfast.

Hart kept busy by his new passion, writing. He even started writing a book, and told us his dream was to be an Illustrious Author!

Hope still was having issues getting along with the parents. I'm not sure what sparked the yelling match I walked in on the other day, but it sounded like Hope was trying to get Dad to let her off of being grounded.

The bright spot in this crazy hormone mix was our Little L's birthday!
Happy Birthday Legacy!

He looked alot like my mom, but with my dad's hair. I could tell by his mischievous grin however, that we may need to keep an eye on this one!

The first thing I bought with my newly made money was a hot tub! ok, I couldn't exactly afford the hot tub all on my own, but I definitely used all of my money, plus a little from mom and dad to get it. They didn't mind, because they knew the whole family would enjoy it. There was nothing better than having a good soak at night, looking up at the beautiful stars.

Hope finally seemed to have calmed down a bit, come the night of prom. I think what was fueling her rage was her angst about her and Taylor, and she seemed to have accepted the fact that Taylor hadn't asked her to prom. I know she had been disappointed, but the time being grounded seemed to have given her time to think, and she started being her normal self again. She even started helping me in the garden again. She seemed to have made up with Mom and Dad again too.

I felt bad that Taylor never did ask her. I was so confused on that one. I know he liked her. I guess he was just as chicken as she was. Or maybe he really did like someone else, or something. Then, it happened. A few hours before prom was to begin, Hope's phone rang.
"Hey, Hope. I know this is almost too late, but I just now found the note."
"What? Just now?"

"Yes. I guess It fell under my bed, I was looking for something and found it."
"Aw geez. I guess that wasn't the brightest of ideas on my part."
"It's ok. What matters is I found it. And thankfully, right before prom."
"Oh. Yeah."

"So, Hope, at the risk of this sounding like a lame, last-minute invite, would you like to go to prom with me?"
"Yes! Yes I would Taylor. Very much."

"Ok, good. Because I would love to go to prom with you. So, should we just meet there?"
"Yep, sounds perfect! I'll ride with my brother, he rented a limo and everything."
"Ok, see you then!"
"See ya!"
I could hear the squealing all the way from inside the house. Immediately Hope went to talk to my mom.

"Mom, I know I have one day left of grounding. But, something really important just happened, and I was wondering..."
"Did he finally get the nerves to ask you to prom? Well, it's about time! Talk about waiting for the last minute."
"No, he just now found my note. So, at least it's not too late! That is, if you'll be kind enough to let me go."
She looked down at the ground, and waited for an answer. Oh, she was good.
"Well, I think you've learned your lesson, and your attitude is much improved. I don't think it would hurt to let you off grounding so you can go to prom."
"YES!!! Thank you mom, so much! I'll make it up to you all, I promise!"

And with that she went upstairs, threw on a dress, makeup, and contacts, and her and Hart headed out to prom.

I was so happy for her! Looks like Taylor did like her all along! From what Hope and Hart told me, prom was a huge success! Taylor and Hope were a big hit at the prom, and Taylor asked Hope to go steady with him! Now, they are finally boyfriend/girlfriend. Whew. That is a relief, let me tell you!

Even Hart ended up having some luck in the romance department. Apparently he was feeling brave, and went and asked his crush for a dance. She accepted, and now, Delina is all he can talk about. Hope got a look at her when she was leaving after prom was over, and says she's really pretty!

And in just a few short days after that, it was time for Hope's birthday. She opted to go spend her birthday at her 'boyfriend's" house, which I can't say I'm too surprised.

Happy Birthday Hope!
My sister was so beautiful. And I was so happy for her. She had done great at school, had a great boyfriend she was crazy about, and a bright future ahead of her! Watching her graduate was going to be such an honor!

Then she surprised all of us. She said that she was going to be skipping the graduation ceremony, because she had won a trip as an honor student, and was taking all of us adults on vacation! This was her way of making it up to us for putting up with her the last few weeks. I was so excited, it was going to be awesome! And surely Hart would be responsible, and take good care of the house and Legacy, Right?!?

*buckey's notes*- So, Hope and Taylor are finally together, thanks to Generations! :) She had quite the mood swing there, and kept getting herself in trouble, and wishing to be mean to her parents. She really was grounded by the time prom came around, even though she had the wish to go to prom. And REALLY, hours before prom, Taylor called her and asked her to go with him! So, I had to get her ungrounded somehow, and I used her free interaction with her mother to ask to be let off the hook, and Carol let her. WHEW!  What's awesome is, the girl I put in game hoping Hart would meet her as a potential mate ended up being the girl he became 'romantic interest' with at prom. I guess it would be fair to say, I LOVE PROM! :) Big winner in the whole wishacy thing. :) And this was pretty much the last batch of pics from the computer I had to send back, so some of them are poor quality, don't worry, they will get better again in the next chapter! Thanks for reading!


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