Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CHAPTER 3: We have a man coming over!

Today is the day! We’re inviting Stiles over! Aren’t you excited!?
Honeybee: Well, I was, but after our conversation last night, I’m nervous!
Aw, I’m sure it will be fine!
Honeybee had a lovely breakfast of cereal…. And…… WHAT IS THAT IN HER HAND! Are you, are you, are you CLEANING up the WAFFLES!!!!
Honeybee: Well, I don’t want Stiles to think I’m a slob…
I’m so happy I could cry! Goodbye, waffles of death…
After that, she hops in the shower, and I have her call Stiles right after to invite him over.
Honeybee: So, what do I say?
Just ask if he wants to come hang out, and see your house…
Honeybee: Uh, Hi! Hello Stiles, it’s me, Honeybee. I was wondering if you felt like hanging out with me at my beach house today. Oh you’d love to? Great! See ya! Bye!
Honeybee: EEE! He said he’d love to!
Good job! Now we wait for him to show up.
Oh, there he is!
Honeybee: Hey Stiles! I’m glad you could come over!
Stiles: Wow, I’m so glad I did! This is a gorgeous view! Wow, you get to live here!
Honeybee: Yep, I love it out here, it’s peaceful and beautiful.
Stiles: Wow, I love being outdoors. If I lived here, I would probably never leave the place! I love how secluded it is too… what a great place for alone time.
Honeybee: Would you like to come in and see the house?
Stiles: Sure!
Stiles: Wow, your house is great too! Oh, I see you have a shelf full of books! You like to read?
Honeybee: Oh yes, I love to read. I’ve read every book on this shelf! Well, except for that lousy one over there, ‘Special Snowflake’. I mean, what kind of title is that? And it doesn’t even snow here… what a dumb book!
Stiles- Woah… I didn’t know how passionate you are about books… sorry.
(psst… you may wanna dial it back a bit, Honeybee.. You are losing him)
Honeybee- So, Stiles, you are probably the coolest guy I’ve met here in town… How’s come no one’s snagged you up yet?
(oh my gosh… is that your attempt at flirting!? Awkward!)
Stiles- Yeah.. Um thanks.. I thin.. I am actually seeing someone, her name is Blair… I’m sure you’ve seen her around town.
Honeybee- Oh, uh, yeah, um of course you have a girlfriend, silly me. No, I don’t think I’ve met her yet. But I’ll have to, she sounds like a great girl!
Stiles- She does? You only know her name...
Honeybee- Um, yeah, no I mean... I can’t wait to meet her. Soooo… wanna watch some TV?
Stiles- Sure!
(whew… nice save honeybee… could you be anymore awkward?)
Stiles and Honeybee chat while watching TV, and soon it’s time for Honeybee to make something to eat.
Honeybee: I’m gonna make a salad I’m starving! Are you hungry?
Stiles- No, not yet, but I might have some later, thanks!
Stiles- Oh, here let me put that in the fridge for you, we wouldn’t want your salad to go bad, it looks delicious!
Oh my gosh, he’s cleaning up for her! Stiles is sooo earning points with me. Maybe he wouldn’t be THAT bad…
Honeybee: So Stiles, I was thinking, while you’re here, could I show you some stuff I’ve been working on on the guitar? I’d really like to show it to everyone at work, but I’d like to have your opinion first…
Stiles: Sure! Sounds great!
While Honeybee is walking outside to start guitar playing, Stiles is *gasp* cleaning the counter! Ok, can we keep him???
Judging by Stiles reaction, Honeybee is awesome!
Stiles- Wow Honey! I’m really impressed with your guitar skills! You keep that up, and you’ll be getting a promotion in no time!
Honeybee- Thank you! I’ve been practicing a lot. I was hoping it would help you notice me…
(another autonomous flirt)
Stiles- Uh…. Notice you? What do you mean?
(he’s not taking her flirting well at all)
Honeybee- err…oh, you know, for the next big promotion!
Stiles- Oh, yeah. Well, you are doing great, I have no doubt you’ll be performing with one of the groups at the theater soon.
Honeybee- Thanks!
Stiles- I’m gonna just sit and listen to you play for a while, it’s so relaxing out here, and your playing is beautiful…
Honeybee- go right ahead!
Honeybee must have played something relaxing, because Stiles fell asleep!
Honeybee- *whispers* Look, he’s asleep! He’s so cute when he’s sleeping…
Aw. You like him, don’t you?
Honeybee- Well, yes. No. maybe. I don’t know. I mean he has a girlfriend. But if he didn’t I might… well, but he does… so.. Well, I would totally settle for friends right now, I  know that.
A little while later….
Stiles- Oh, no! Did I fall asleep! I’m so sorry! I can’t believe I did that! It’s just the view was so beautiful, the music was soothing, I guess I’m more tired than I realized!
Honeybee- Oh, don’t be sorry, You looked so peaceful and relaxed, I didn’t wanna bother you. I didn't bore you, did I?
Stiles- No! No, not at all! I've just been so tired lately, and have had a hard time sleeping. Thanks so much for having me over, I really enjoyed myself, even if I did fall asleep! Haha!
Honeybee- Thanks for coming, I enjoyed having you over! I’m just glad I didn’t bore you to sleep…*simultaneous giggling*
Stiles-Well, with it being so late I better get going. I guess I will see you at work tomorrow! Goodnight Honey!
Honeybee- Eee! Did you hear that, he called me Honey again! He gave me a nickname!
Aw, yes he did. But that could mean that you are buddies and he gave you a nickname, or maybe something more… we’ll just have to wait and see…

So, Honeybee is flirting now, but it's not getting her anywhere. :( Stiles didn't take well to ANY of her flirting. But at least they are friends. So, Honeybee learned 4 of Stiles 5 traits during their "date", can you figure out what they were? I tried to give hints instead of saying straight out what they were...
Also, check the rules section. I'll be adding a little bit tonight!
As always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Uh.. Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Light Sleeper, and DEFINATLY Unflirty!!!!

  2. I think they are Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Light Sleeper, and Neat. :)
    Love the legacy, by the way! I like your style.

  3. This chapter was hilarious! Love it!

  4. Loves the outdoors, neat, unflirty & light sleeper?