Friday, April 20, 2012

Gen. 6 Chapter 3: Mid-Life Crisis (x 2)!

Okay, okay, so when you get older, you're supposed to get wiser, more refined, stable, right? Well, I guess somehow Jazz and I skipped that phase of adulthood. We suddenly became obsessed with all things spontaneous.
First off, was our new home. We both had decided it was time for a little bit of an upgrade to our living arrangements. However when our mid-life crises hit at exactly the same time it turned into dream mansion buying. We didn't mean to fall in love with the super pricey beach front dream home that our realtor showed us on a whim, but once we saw it we couldn't stop thinking and talking about it! Even though it took all my savings and inheritance from my parents deaths, we bought it.
Now money was super tight, but we truly loved this house! So many guest rooms, a beautiful pool, and a nifty little office for me right off of our bedroom.

The next wave of spontaneity was the purchase of the purple car I fell in love with and it ate up any money I had left over from the purchase of our home.

The good thing was Jazz and I were making enough at our jobs that we could at least pay our bills. Speaking of work, my cases were growing more enjoyable by the day.

I still remember my first attempt at retrieving some fingerprints that I desperately needed for one of my cases. Although I was shaky-handed and sweaty-palmed, I managed to break in undetected, get my prints, and get the heck out of there with no one the wiser!

Sometimes just for fun, I'd take Jazz's bike out on cases. Maybe it was the spontaneity coming out again, but I loved riding that thing around town! What a rush!
One of Jazz's favorite rooms in our new  house was the work-out room. He started talking about the idea of becoming a secret agent and to do that requires great athletic ability. Most nights I'd come home to him sweating and pushing through a workout.

It actually made me a little self-conscious about my own 'not so young' body, and I started working out too!

On days when we both could, we would even head to the town gym to work out on their machines.
  It never failed though, we'd be there just a few minutes, when we would see either someone Jazz had to question for a case he was working on, or I would see a person who was a lead in one of my cases that I would interview. At least we knew where the social hub was in Barnacle Bay!

Sometimes I worked a little too hard. On more than one occasion I overheated my laptop, and Jazz would have to come to my rescue and fix it.

I tried not to get too obsessed with work, but it was really difficult not to, as Jazz was working longer hours or extra hours. I liked working to keep my mind off of being alone in that big ole house.

He and I both tried our best to reconnect whenever we found a few spare hours together. But that was becoming more difficult, and I was starting to fear that we were drifting apart.

There were many nights that I would wait up for  him, only to fall asleep waiting. That's when I started waking up with Jazz in the mornings even though I technically didn't have to be up at all, because it seemed the only way that I could spend any amount of quality time with him.

Jazz had been called into work super early this morning, and by the time I woke up and headed downstairs to make us both breakfast, Jazz was long gone. There I sat, sipping my coffee alone.
This was getting old! Having those minutes with Jazz stolen from me today put me in a foul mood.

And when I got home after my own work day that evening and Jazz was still not home, I had had enough! Jazz and I needed to do something about this! I called him up, and of course, got his voice-mail.

"Jazz, it's me. I can't take this anymore, all of this time apart. I know we are busy chasing our dreams and all that, but I don't want to lose you in the process. And that's what it feels like right now. Just please, find a way to get away from whatever you are doing and come home to me tonight."
I started to cry. I just couldn't help it.
"Please? Just this once? Let's have a night home together?"

I waited and waited. An hour passed. Then two. Nothing. Not even a text. Well, it was a pathetic attempt and a failure at that. I took a shower and headed up to our balcony lookout to look at the stars. It turned out to be a good time for a cry. Being so absorbed in letting my tears and sadness out, I didn't hear Jazz come outside.
"Hey, what's wrong baby?"
I was surprised to see him in his swim trunks.
"Oh, you know. Missing you and stuff." I sniffed and wiped my eyes. "Why are you in your swim trunks?"

"Oh well, I thought I'd ask you to join me in the hot tub. I really did come home as soon as I could."
"Oh. Ok."  Then I remembered the message I left him. "Why didn't you call me back?"
His face looked pained as he answered. "Oh, well, I got your message. But I was at a place where it was impossible for me to call you back. But I sat thinking about your message for some time. I'm really sorry I left you hanging tonight. I miss you too. More than I can even express. I did come home as soon as I possibly could."

We both sat and I snuggled up next to him.
"I think we need more than just one night together. And you deserve more than that. I know things have been tight financially since we moved here. But I have been saving back some here and there when I could. It's not enough for a super awesome long getaway like I wanted, but it is enough for a few days. How would you like to head to France this weekend?"

I was almost speechless!! "REALLY!? You can do that? Be away from work?"
Still looking at the sky, he replied, "Yep. Part of my delay tonight was clearing the time off with my boss. I only have to make one phone call to the travel agent, and we are off!"
I only had one small case I was working on at the moment, and it could easily wait a few days.
"Yes!! Let's do it!! Let's go to France!!"

This was way better than a night to ourselves, we were going to France!!

Ah, beautiful France. The view from the plane was amazing as we landed. Growing up, my Dad would always tell us stories of all the places he had been. I was always most fascinated with France. I couldn't believe that I was getting the chance to see it all for myself!

After settling in at the Inn where we were staying, we decided to stroll around town just a little to get to know the place better. So far, most people here at least spoke a little bit of broken Simlish, so we were able to ask and find out the things we needed to know. And everyone we greeted wanted to greet the "traditional' French way, with a kiss to both cheeks!

 After stopping by a few shops in town, we decided what we really wanted to do was visit a Nectary!

The lady who worked there was very helpful, and showed us where the best nectars were.

Jazz and I both would wander around, find a nectar we wanted to try, pour some samples, and then try each others' picks.

I have no many how many we tried, but we realized we should probably stop while we were ahead so we could do some other sight-seeing. We were definitely coming back tomorrow though!

The next stop was the museum, La Gallerie d'Art.

They had some amazing pieces there to admire, but it didn't take long for both Jazz and I to get a little bored, and we left shortly after.

We stopped in a little knick-knack shop so Jazz could use the restroom, and I looked around for a souvenir from our trip, but I didn't really see anything I couldn't live without.

It was getting pretty late, so we settled for a very light dinner at the Cafe, and then headed back to our room.
 "Wow. France is so beautiful. I grew up hearing Dad talk about it, but seeing it in person is amazing!"
"I'm glad you like it. We definitely needed this."
"I wholeheartedly agree."

"I'm really sorry I have let work take over my whole schedule lately. I never meant to put you last, or on the back-burner. For what it's worth, I really have missed you."

"It's ok. I know. I'm not mad at you or anything. I've been pretty busy myself."
"Well, I promise you, when we get back, things are going to be different. I'm going to try to come home at a decent time. I want to spend more time with you. Seeing you crying the other night when I came home was...well... I don't ever want to hurt you like that."

"Oh Jazz, you know love you so much. We will worry about home when we get there. Let's just enjoy the rest of our time here!"
"Ok love."

After a great night's sleep, I woke up in the morning and took my guitar downstairs to play in the garden. I had just about mastered the guitar, which made playing so enjoyable. There seemed to be no trouble too big that playing the guitar couldn't chase away.

 We hit the Nectary one more time, a few shops, cafes, and soon found ourselves on our way back home. 
It was such a short trip (all we could afford) but it was so worth it, especially because it brought Jazz and I even closer.

What was great was that our little trip did not hurt our careers at all! I had a couple of new cases waiting for me when I got back, and Jazz's absence at work helped his boss see how invaluable he was. He got promoted to Vice Squad!

It didn't take long to get back into our work routine, but Jazz's promise he made to me in France was on my mind. Did he really mean it? Even with his new promotion, would he really be able to make time for me? I guess time would tell...

*buckey's notes*- So, in full disclosure, the trip that both Jazz and Juniper wished for ended up crashing my game (AGAIN!). I figured I would try, since they both wanted to travel. I saved of course right before they left, and made a copy file just in case. Good thing I did! I thought about not including their trip since it didn't 'save' and sort-of didn't happen, but since it was what they wished for, and this is a Wishacy, I decided to include it anyways. :)  Things get much more exciting from here on out! I'm off to work on the next chapter, I might even be able to have it up in the next few days, if not hours! Thanks for reading. <3


  1. Wow, the new house is amazing! And huge!

    I love seeing vacations (even if they technically didn't happen) since I don't have World Adventures. I like to live vicariously.

    It's nice to see Juniper and Jazz getting some time together. They've both been wrapped up in their careers for a long time.

    1. I know, it's like all of a sudden, closer to Elder, they want to spend time together. LOL. About time!

  2. The new house really is huge. It's too modern for my taste, but I think it really suits them.

    It's sad to see that Juniper and Jazz are slowly drifting apart, so the trip to France was a great idea. I'm sorry that this got your game in trouble :( Hopefully everything is fine now.

    Will there be (blue) babies at some point? I'm getting really curious! ;)

    1. Oh, I believe you will be very happy after the next few chapters. :)

  3. I think the trip was really nice even if it didn't really happen I've got a problem with that before.

    I do hope we see a blue baby soon since it could be cute since now Jazz and Juniper are going to try and spend more time together.

    1. Ditto my comment to amhranai! :) I'm working on the next chapter as I type! Commenting while I wait for pictures to upload. Hehe.

  4. Yay! A chapter! I've been waiting. It's nice to see Jazz and Juniper finally spending time together. And their trip to France was nice. Even if it very technically didn't happen. :)