Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Generation 6 Intro: Meet Juniper!

Well, it wasn't much of a first case, but it was definitely something. I had just started my own Private Eye business, and I wasn't thrilled that I had to have help from my boyfriend getting my first job, but at least it would give me some experience investigating. Jazz had aspirations of getting on the Police force and me, well, I really just loved making friends and playing my guitar, but unfortunately those things don't pay the bills, or buy independence, so I decided to try my hand at something I was already gifted at, and use my perception as a Private Investigator.

Jazz had been watching his neighbor and suspected that she was involved in a crime ring somehow, but needed solid proof before going to the cops. I needed some experience investigating so others would give me a chance and trust me with their cases. Of course, having a good relationship with the police department wouldn't be so bad either. So, this is how I found myself sneaking up to the suspect's house to dig through trash for evidence. 

I was just about to give up when I found an old diary in the bottom of the trash. As I flipped through the pages, I realized it wasn't as old as I thought. The last entry was from a week ago, and lo and behold, Ms. Annan had written all about her secret desire to rise to the top of the local crime ring that she had just become a part of. Jazz was right! She was one the police needed to know about for sure. I couldn't wait to tell Jazz! Instead of going home like I should have to shower after my dig through the trash bin, I went straight to his house.

"Wow, if it isn't Juniper Song, Super Sleuth!" Jazz teased. This was the first time he saw me in my self-assembled 'work' uniform. "Woah, what is this? Long hair I see under that hat?"

"Um, that, sir is to at least keep me somewhat disguised. Especially when I'm out doing the dirty work!" 
"Ah, that's why I can smell the faint hint of rotten banana." I slapped his arm. 
"I'll have you know that rotten smell of banana is the smell of victory, my friend, because you were right- Fran is exactly what you thought she was!" 

His face lit up. "I knew it!" He put his arms around me, in spite of my aroma. "So, what is all this "friend" business, you know I was just teasing you, right?" I started the pouty face, but I couldn't keep it up for long, I hadn't seen Jazz in a few days, and I missed him so much.
"Well, let's just remember, the lady you are making fun of just found us a foot in the door with the police department, ok?"

"Of course, that's because you are the most awesome person who has ever walked the face of this earth. And you are pretty, and so darn sexy in your little trench coat..." he pulled me in even tighter now, but right before I leaned back to kiss him, I heard his mother call from the door...

"Jazz, Officer Organic is on the phone for you.... oh, Juniper! What a nice surprise!"
"Thanks mom, I'll go get it." As Jazz turned to go inside, Royal came bounding down the stairs to greet me.
"Well, look at you! You look so professional!"
"Thanks Ms.Velvetcake."

"Oh, now, Juniper, you know better than that. Call me Royal. Were you coming over for dinner?"
"Ah, no, I was actually just coming to share some exciting news about my job with Jazz. I kind of reek. I was going to head on home to take a shower."
"Oh, now don't be silly! Come on in, stay for dinner, we have a nice shower here, and I have some clothes you can borrow! I haven't seen you in ages! Go on now, head on up the stairs, you know where the bathroom is, I'll bring you some clothes."

"Thanks Royal, I really appreciate it." So, I wasn't sure about the protocol if your boyfriend's mother invited you over without letting the said boyfriend know. Ah well, I didn't care. I really loved Jazz's mom. She was always so warm and welcoming to me. It was like she wanted me to be a permanent fixture around here. Which I loved. 

 Jazz and I shocked more than a few people when we didn't get married straight out of high-school. Friends and family alike saw what kind of connection Jazz and I had, and just figured that naturally we'd get married 1st chance.
But with both of us trying so hard to get our careers going, it just didn't seem like the right time. What was great about Jazz and I, was that ring or no ring, proposal or no proposal, we were solid. I was as sure of his love for me as I was the sun in the sky, and my love for him only became deeper everyday. When the time was right, we'd both know.

As I went upstairs to take a shower, I motioned to Jazz who was still on the phone that I was going up stairs, he nodded and kept on talking. Royal was right, her shower was nice! I think I spent longer in there than I thought, because when I came downstairs to thank Royal and find Jazz, he was outside talking very intently with Officer Organic, who he was just on the phone with.

A thrill of excitement went through me. This had to be about Ms. Fannan. I couldn't wait to find out how our joint effort was going to go over. But, I realized it probably wasnt' best for either one of them to look over and see me in the window, staring like an idiot. I moved away quickly, and found Royal.
"Thank you so much for letting me borrow your shower and your outfit. This hoodie is so comfy!"
"No problem, sweetie. I hardly wear it anymore, you can just keep it!"
"Oh, no, I couldn't do that.."
"Nonsense, yes you can! Come on in the kitchen while we're waiting for Jazz and let's get some food in your belly."
I wasn't gonna argue, I was starving!
After dinner I hung around and we all visited and had a great time. I found out from Jazz that Officer Organic was impressed with both Jazz and I, but didn't want Jazz to apply for the police force just yet. They had suspected Ms. Fannan as well, but were trying not to spook her by spying on her too soon. Jazz was the perfect cover, because he had known Fannan for a while, and Jazz as of right now, had no tie-ins with the police as far as Ms. Fannan knew. They said if Jazz would help them watch her and inform them of all her activity, when they finally were able to make arrests, they would offer him a position on the force. Yes! As for me, they took my name and number from Jazz, and said they would keep me in mind when they needed some outside help. Well, it was something at least!

I didn't realize the time and when I apologized for staying so late. Jazz and Royal both insisted I not drive so late and tired, and said I should stay there. I didn't argue, because, I was drop dead tired, and I was a little worried myself how I was going to stay awake on the way home. Besides, pass up an opportunity to snuggle with my man? I think not.
By the time I was done with my night time routine and came to bed, Jazz was nearly snoring. I giggled a little. I never heard him snore before.

I crawled in bed beside him, planning on waking him up, but as soon as my head hit that comfy pillow, the drowsiness took over, and I was asleep before I knew what happened.

When I finally managed to pull myself back into consciousness, I rolled over only to find Jazz gone, and the house super quiet. 

Wondering where everyone was, I quietly went downstairs and to the kitchen. No one here either. Hm. Strange. 

Well, I was starving, yet again, and thought what better way to say thank you for letting me stay over than making everyone my mom's famous pancakes? Now, I was nowhere near the awesome cook my mom was, but living with a 5 star chef, well, you pick up things along the way. My pancakes could probably run a close second to my mom's.

Even after I made myself a plate, and nearly finished it, I saw no sign of anyone being home.  Then I remembered, it's a week day, duh. I'm sure Jazz's sister had school, and he was usually the one to take her, and Royal worked. 
Well, I knew the pancakes were still amazing leftover, so I stuck the rest of them in the fridge, and got myself dressed and ready for work of my own. Today, I was going to inquire about a particular house I had my eye on, and see what other investigation cases I could dig up by following up with the Police Department.

As I was walking down the street to the Police Department, my phone rang.
"Hello, Ms. Song speaking."
"Hello, I found your Private Investigation website. I need a little help. I want to know why my boyfriend hasn't proposed yet!"
"I see, tell me more, Ms...??"
"Call me Deborah.."
Looked like drumming up business wasn't going to be as hard as I thought! Here we go!

*buckey's notes*- So sorry it has taken me this long to get Juniper's intro out! This time of year has proven to be busier than ever. So, after Christmas, hopefully things will slow down a little, and I can get around to updates in a more timely fashion. 

Just so you know, all of Generation 6 is now up for download in my studio, HERE . And, for those of you who have the Pets EP, a few extra rules have been added to the rule page for it. Oh, and they finally fixed the issue with no comments showing up on pages, so you can again add comments to the rules page, and variation page!

That's all for now, thanks for your patience! :)


  1. I like her and her investigations.

  2. First thing that struck me was the new wallpaper XD definitely going with the gen change. I would have voted for Curry in the poll, but I got here too late D: again. However, I'm rather interested in Juniper's career choice. I never did get around to checking out the professions properly.

    I'm just getting around to updating my story too. 1.5 is up and the pictures for 1.6 just need to be uploaded. Unfortunately, I've been having difficulty with the new patches and I haven't been able to play for ages D:

    Also, your comment about maternity leave earlier reminded me that there IS a way to effect the leave time. I personally use this mod by Ashkitty, although I'm not sure if it is compatible anymore yet since I'm still re-patching and stuff. I use the 12hr version, although it's rather simple to adjust the values manually with s3pe.

  3. Finally the sixth generation started! I couldn't wait to see how Juniper's life would look like. And although I hadn't been too eager about blue Jazz, I have to admit that I like him by now. And his mother seems really great, too.
    So I am very much looking forward to this chapter :)

    Oh, and I love the new wallpaper and everything!

  4. So nice to see the 6th generation getting started! I love the PI stuff.

  5. I was a bit skeptical about Juniper being the heir. I just finished playing a Hopeless Romantic, and they certainly eliminate any worry about wishes directing you to find a mate. Mine constantly wished to be in a relationship, any relationship, so I could have picked anyone I liked if I had a Wishacy :).

    But Juniper is already shaping up to be a ton of fun and a nice new voice for the legacy. Plus, her mate seems to be already decided, so that bit is not an issue. I look forward to seeing a fully Ambitions career in your legacy!