Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gen 5 Chapter 10: New School, New Friends, New Spices!

The girls LOVED school. I don't know if it made it easier on them that their dad was always around when he needed them, but even the first day of school they had both made fast friends. Ginger brought home a boy named Sage Organic, and Juniper asked her dad if she could go to a little girl's house named Daisy. It thrilled my soul to see my girls so happy here.

The backyard soon became the favorite part of our house, as it came complete with a tree house and slip-n-slide. Most of the girls' free time was spent out there. 

Phillip was promoted to Elementary Teacher so he was finally able to share his love for international travel with the children of Barnacle Bay. I really liked the fact that Phillip was there at the school with the girls, and they would always have their Daddy close by.

I may have not brought it up much, but I secretly worried about the toll our crazy home life would take on my adventurous Phillip. I think I was mostly worried that he would go stir crazy doing the same thing day in and day out. But that didn't seem to be the case at all. He loved being home with the kids in the evenings, and even when he was exhausted from staying late at school sometimes, he always had a smile on his face. I'd even catch him singing some strange foreign song at the top of his lungs in the bathtub sometimes. That would always make me giggle.

When the weekend came, I was set on us getting out of the house and having a fun family day together. We decided on the beach.  Juniper finally got to try out fishing, which she had been begging to do since her birthday.

 I was hoping Phillip and I could watch the kids play while we snuggled up together and caught up with each other, but Ginger had other plans. She and Phillip played tag until neither one could do more than pant. 

I had brought some of my new favorite dish to make, Grilled Salmon and when it got close to dinner time, I worked up a serving of my new masterpiece of a dish! 

The girls were a little reluctant to try fish at first, but I knew my superior cooking skills would win them over, and of course the whole family loved it.

We stayed as long as we possibly could, but as night fell, and Sage got fussy, we headed back home. It was a perfect family day!

Speaking of my little Sage, sometimes I felt a twinge of guilt knowing that because there was only one of him, he got a lot of my attention. It was nothing like what it was having twin toddlers, that's for sure!

I had been working with Sage on teaching him to walk, talk, and potty, but I didn't feel like I was in much of a hurry because this was my baby, my little guy, and as much as I knew he needed to learn these things, I wasn't quite ready to see my youngest so independent.

Juniper and Ginger were growing closer by the day. It was touching to see them be so close, as I supposed twins usually are. They loved giggling and talking together, and I could count on one hand the times I had ever seen them disagree with each other.

Between having a very successful chat with Gil Lai from the Scrumptious Nibbles cafe at the girls' birthday party, along with an astonishing reference from my former boss I had landed that job I wanted at the cafe here in town. They had only been opened a short time, but were very successful, and it seems my application came in at just the time they needed to add a chef. Although I wasn't thrilled to leave my little family every evening to go to work, I had nearly forgotten how much I loved my job, and I was oh so ready to get back in a professional kitchen again.

The only really sad thing about me going back to work was that Phillip and I were both working different shifts, and with raising 3 kids, our time together would be very scarce from now on. I actually worried that it might put a strain on our relationship. He must have been thinking of the same thing too, because one afternoon, he caught me in the living room and scooped me into a hug and passionate kiss.
"Whoa, what was that for?"
"Mmmm... that was for me missing you so much. It's been a while, you know."
"Yes. I know. Our lives have been quite full lately."
"Yep. And I know our time together is going to be shorter with you going back to work."
"Yeah, about that. You know, if you think it's going to be too difficult, or straining, I could see if they would let me just work part time or something. Or I could hold off a little while longer in going back to work..."
"No way, Patience. I know how much you love your work, and you deserve to go back to doing what you love."
"Yes, but I love you too. And the kids. I don't want this to be too hard on us."
"Hey, we'll all be ok. We love each other very much, and we will do our best to make the most of the time we do get to spend together. You'll see, it will be ok."
"Ok. I'll stop worrying."
"And, as for making the most of our time, you know, I believe the kids are all busy playing and napping right now..."
"Ah, yes, you are right. What did you have in mind?"
"Well, you see, there's a loose board in the tree house I think, and I sure could use some help checking it out.."

Making sure all of the kids were actually busy with something, Phillip lead the way to the tree house, and well, I don't believe I have to tell you what happened next, right? *wink*

I could tell from the first day that working at the Scrumptious Nibbles  was a different experience than the Bistro back in Sunset Valley. The atmosphere was much more laid back. At first I thought I'd miss the fast pace of the Bistro, but as it turned out, I rather enjoyed the relaxed working environment. It didnt' take me long to make friend s with my boss and the other 2 employees.

The kids all seemed to handle me going back to work pretty well.  The only one that concerned me a bit was Ginger. I noticed that instead of her doing her homework with Juniper, she would run off to her room, but she'd be talking to herself, and I'm guessing playing pretend quite a bit more than she ever used to. Sometimes Juniper would ask her to play, and she'd decline, saying "Blinkie" needed her for something, then run off. 
One afternoon before work, I sat down with Juniper to chat and found out what was up.
"Hey Juni, make sure all your homework is done before you go play on your slip-n-slide, ok?"
"No problem mom."
"Where's Ginger?"
"I don't know, probably playing with Blinkie again."
"Who is this Blinkie person? A kid from school?"
"No, it's her imaginary friend. They do everything together."

Ah, so that explained it.  Well, I supposed having an imaginary friend was normal enough for a girl her age. Surely she'll grow out of it. I just hope she's not using this "Blinkie" character to ignore her real friends.
As I left for work, I felt a wave of nausea hit me, and I barely made it to the bathroom. I'm so thankful I didn't throw up on my uniform! 

At work, that whole day I felt horrible. My boss offered to let me go early, but I managed to stay through my whole shift.  Thank goodness the next day was my day off! I tried to sleep off whatever was ailing me, only to find out that this was something I couldn't sleep off.

I was pregnant again! 
I secretly had been wishing to have just one more child, but hadn't even brought it up to Phillip because I knew this wasn't the best time with me starting back to work, and having a toddler underfoot and all. I just hoped he would be excited even if this was a surprise.

When Phillip got home from work, I told him my surprising news.
"So, I'll just come out and say it. I'm pregnant again!"

"WOAH! Oh my! I don't know what to say! I mean, it's great! Right? You think this is great, right?"
I laughed, "Yes, I think it's great. I know I hadn't brought it up to you, but I've sort of been wishing we could have just one more."

"Well, I hadn't told you, but I was thinking the same thing lately. Oh my gosh, we're going to have another baby!"
Needless to say, there was no worry about how Phillip felt about  us adding one more Song to the family.  

The next hurdle: (this was always the hard part) telling my work. I had just started this job, and it was  a new business at that, I didn't know if they would have the means to give me maternity leave. I accepted the fact that this could be the end of my career at The Scrumptious Nibbles cafe, and if I wanted to work again, I might have to work somewhere else.
Graciously, my boss was able to grant me maternity leave, and said he'd find a temporary replacement while I was gone. I was so thankful that I could have our baby AND keep my job!
The main difference with this pregnancy, was that it practically flew by. We were so busy helping our kids with their homework, reading bedtime stories, teaching Sage to walk and talk and use the potty, before I knew it I was nearing my due date. 

As my baby bump got bigger, the girls really stepped up their help around the house. Ginger was in charge of dishes, and Juniper made beds and cleaned toilets. 

Even cooking wore me out, so once a week I'd cook a big meal, and the rest of the week, we'd live off of the leftovers. 

Despite the extra work at home, the girls were excelling at school. I think it did help, of course, that their dad was one of the elementary teachers. He helped them with their homework whenever they needed it.

And before I knew it, Sage's birthday was upon us. Being at home on maternity leave left me sorely lacking in the social department, so I put together a fun swim party for the occasion. I partly did that for the girls' enjoyment too, knowing that this day also marked their journey into teen hood as well! I invited their friends and parents, along with my boss and some of Phillip's co-workers. It was going to be a great party!
And, wouldn't you know it, the day of the party, after sending the girls and Phillip off to school, an unexpected guest decided to invite itself to the party. I went into labor!! This little one was coming whether I was ready or not!

Sage was happily playing in his room while I was heavy into labor in mine. The pain was so intense, and the baby was coming so fast, I desperately wished Phillip could be here with me this time. 

Unfortunately, the pain and contractions never slowed down enough to make it to the phone. Within a few short hours of starting labor, I held in my arms my sweet little BOY! 
Welcome to to the family, little Basil.

Relieved that I had delivered my son safely, I turned to lay him in Sage's crib, when a horrible pain hit my stomach once more. It was a miracle that I somehow laid Basil safely on the floor before grabbing my stomach in agony.... the contractions had started up again!?! How could this be?

It seemed that Basil wasn't alone there in my belly, because minutes later, his brother Curry was in my arms, smiling up at me. I couldn't believe it. Twins again!
* buckey's notes*-  Oh my goodness, 5 kids again! I didn't have Patience do anything fancy to get twins, I'm wondering if it's because of the woohoo in the treehouse? Anywho, there will be lots to choose from in this next heir vote! I will probably do at least one more chapter and then I'll post the aged-up pics of the kids and we'll do an heir vote. I was reluctant to grant Patience's wish for another child, since she's close to elder and only level 6 in her career, but then Phillip rolled the same wish, and well, it is a Wishacy after all! All of this time off of work has enabled her to work on her cooking skill, and she's mastered it, so I'm assuming the promotions will come quickly now. (hopefully) Thanks for being patient with this chapter, I was out of town and well, you know, life is always crazy! Until next time! :)


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