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Gen 5 Chapter 6: Dating Phillip

Phillip and I met at the movie theater for our date, and after our movie we ate at the Bistro. I knew I shouldn't be getting too attached to him, and that it was ok to just date and have fun, but I seriously couldn't help but think about how much I enjoyed Phillip's company, and how I was dreading our date coming to a close.

"I believe that was the best lobster I've ever had!"
"I told you, I work with some of the best chefs in the world!"
"Well, since I've been just about everywhere, I can agree with you on that."
 "So, I know it's getting late, what should we do now?"
"Hm. Well, I do have to go back to Egypt tomorrow, but only for a few days to finish up what I was doing before I had to come home early."
"Oh, you do? Well, I probably shouldn't be keeping you out too late then..."

"Oh, I don't mind. I think I have a little more time before I should get home. What would you like to do?"
"Well... I could show you my new house. I haven't really got to show it to too many people yet."
"That sounds great! I wanna see this house you couldn't stop talking about at dinner."
"Hey, I'm just excited, ok? I really like it."
"I'm kidding, of course. Let's go!"

We took a cab back to my house and I showed Phillip all around. At first I was excited to show him my big beautiful house but then I realized as I was showing him around, since this house was furnished when I bought it, there was a lot of kid/child furniture, complete with a nursery. I purposefully tried to skip those rooms, and just showed him the main rooms of the house.

We stopped on the second floor landing, and he asked, "So, what's in these other two rooms?"
"Uh, those are rooms I haven't got around to redecorating yet, so there's no need to see them."
"Oh. Ok. No big deal. Well this is a gorgeous house. I can't believe the amazing view you have of the beach."
"I know! It's probably my favorite part of living here."

"Well, now I know where you live, when I get back into town, I can look you up a little bit easier!"
"Of course! Stop by anytime."
"I hate to, but I should get going."
"Aw. I know." I couldn't help but sound disappointed.
"Hey, don't worry, as soon as I get back we'll hang out again. Maybe we can do a picnic in the park or something."
"Really? I'd love that!"

He stepped close to me. The way his eyes were focused on my lips, I thought for sure he was going to kiss me.
"Although it pains me to do so, I have to go. I'll call you as soon as I can."

Instead of moving closer, he now smiled and tilted his head as if contemplating something, then turned around to walk down the stairs to leave. I don't think he knew it, but I heard him muttering all the way down the stairs. Something about.. "not too soon"... or something like that.

After I heard the door close, I couldn't help but giggle and do a little celebratory dance. I knew exactly what he was muttering about. He wanted to kiss me, but thought he shouldn't on the first date. Although I would have welcomed even a kiss on the cheek from Phillip, I couldn't help but be thrilled that I knew he wanted to. Because I wanted to kiss him probably just as much if not more.

As I got ready for bed, I let myself daydream and think of Phillip, but as I turned in, I reminded myself that there was nothing wrong with taking things slow, and I needed to keep my head on straight for work. I was going to go into work and ask for that promotion to Pastry Chef that I felt I was ready for tomorrow.

In the morning, I realized something that I almost forgot. Today was my birthday! I wasn't really interested in celebrating it though, because I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of getting older anyways. I made sure NOT to say anything to my co-workers, in case they tried to pull something with a cake or party. I told my family I had plans for my birthday, but truthfully I didn't. I just wanted to be able to go to work, hopefully get my promotion, and then come home and order my birthday present with the bonus from being promoted. I was getting myself a Hot Tub!

As soon as I got to work, I found my boss in his office and asked if I could talk to him before my shift started. "Sure, come on in!" he said. So, I laid it all out, but as briefly as possible of course. (After all, I didn't want it to sound like I was full of myself.) I told him that I had been learning and studying and I was ready to step up to fill the position of Pastry Chef that was open. He smiled and said, "Well, I know all of you are capable of filling the role, so I decided I'd give the position to the first one to come and ask me for it. Guess what? That's you! Congratulations, Patience, you are our new Pastry Chef!"

I couldn't believe it was a simple as that! I thanked him, and hugged him, then quickly pulled back remembering he was my boss and not the hugging type.  This was an amazing day for me!

After work, I came home and celebrated my birthday.

I went straight to the mirror to see the damage that had been done in this transition to adulthood, and well, let's just say I was glad I decided to have my birthday by myself! The wrinkles! Yuck! I decided I needed to change something, and quick! A haircut seemed to be the easiest choice. Something younger looking. Ah, yes. This was much better.

Then I went downstairs, and made myself one of the new dishes I had learned to make at work, and was quickly becoming one of my favorites: Sushi!

I played my guitar outside under the moonlight until I was relaxed enough to crawl into bed. Although I was still trying to shut out the idea that I was now older, I had a pretty good birthday, considering.

Phillip kept true to his word, and called me when he got back from Egypt. We decided to meet at the park before I had to go to work and have a picnic.

It was a typical Sunset Valley beautiful day outside. I finally got to meet his roommate, but he just stayed for a little while to grab lunch with us, then he ran off to do whatever it is he does. I could see why the girls go crazy over him. He was cute. And he knew a lot about cooking! But, I only had eyes for Phillip. Obviously.

"When do you have to go into work?"
"I have to be there at 3:00."
"Aw, shoot, that only gives us an hour."
"I know. I'm sorry! I would call in sick, but this will be the first day of my new job."
"Oh, no, I don't want you to do that. It's just that...well, I just can't seem to get enough time with you. Not enough time to where I can stop thinking about you when I'm not with you."

My heart wanted to leap from it's chest. I had a feeling that Phillip liked me as much as I liked him, but to hear the words come out of his mouth that confirmed it did something to the inside of me.
"I feel the same way. I just didn't know if I should say it or not."
"Why not?" he asked, grabbing my hands and swinging them gently.
"Well, I know you were very honest with me about being leary of anything serious. And I didn't know if it would scare you off if I told you how much I really liked you."
"Ah, I see. Well, unfortunately, I think it's a little too late to be scared off. I'm becoming pretty used to the idea of spending time with you, you see."

"Really? An old woman like me? You realize I just celebrated my adult birthday, which I know you are ages away from. I don't suppose you've noticed the wrinkles have you?"
"What wrinkles? I only noticed you cut your hair. I really don't care how old you are, Patience. I just like the way I feel when I'm with you. And you are so beautiful, inside and out, that I'm not sure I deserve your company."
That was it. I threw out all logical thinking out of my mind, and in one motion I moved closer and placed my lips on his. To my surprise Phillip pulled me even closer wrapping his arms snugly around me while deepening the kiss all at the same time. I knew it. I just knew that a kiss from Phillip would be an unforgettable event.

When we finally pulled apart, Phillip said, "I've been wanting to do that since the night of your sister's wedding."
I laughed. "Wow," was all I could manage.

We spent some more time, chatting, gazing into each other's eyes. I didn't know how much time had passed, but I knew it wasn't going to be enough.
"I know you have to go soon, but I'm not ready to end this date just yet. Do you want to run with me to City Hall? I have some papers from Egypt I need to turn in."
I looked at my watch. I had 15 minutes until my shift started. I knew I should say no, but instead I found myself saying, "Sure."

Once we got the papers turned in at City Hall Phillip started showing me around. I have no idea how he knew so much about the building, but he showed me a bunch of the older rooms of the building that they had restored, and told me a little bit of the history of the building. It was pretty fascinating.

He was in the middle of showing me one of the more abandoned wings of the floor we were on, when we found ourselves making out in an abandoned office/turned storage room. One thing lead to another, and let's just say, that it seems that today wasn't just our first kiss. I don't know what got into me. I normally would NOT take things that far on a second date. Let alone in a public building. With someone who wasn't even technically my boyfriend!!

Maybe I was going through a mid-life crisis? My age thing was really messing with my head, and I just found myself throwing caution completely out the window by sleeping with Phillip! Where did this put our relationship exactly? I wasn't sure!

As we were saying goodbye, I tried to think of a way to ask him that. But I couldn't really. Stalling a little, I  non-chalantly looked at my watch, and realized, "I'm late! My shift started 15 minutes ago!!!! I have to go! I'm sorry! I'll call you later!"

Before he could even comment, I ran full speed for work. I was only a few blocks away. Oh man, this was not the way to prove myself as a Pastry Chef at the Bistro!
Although my boss gave me a funny look when I walked in, he didn't say much to me about being late because it was super slow in the restaurant for some reason. I was relieved. I scolded myself all night about how I'd never let that happen again. If I wanted to keep my dream job, I was really going to have to get a hold of myself on this whole aging thing. I couldn't let how I felt about my age get the best of me.

My co-workers were all very happy to see me get this promotion, after all, they knew this is what I had been working for. One of them even surprised me with a gift certificate to get a makeover at the Salon. That sounded like fun! Maybe it was just what I needed to help with my self-esteem.

Since I was one of the main chefs now, I got off work a little earlier than I was used to, and decided to go ahead and go by the salon before they closed. No time like the present, right?

But once I stepped in front of the mirror I couldn't decide what kind of new look I wanted. I finally decided to just go with something similar to what I had before, just a little refreshed. I also did my make up a little more dramatic.

Not too bad. I wondered what Phillip would think?

Even though I had to work again the next day, I decided I'd give Phillip a call and see if he wanted to do lunch again. I didn't want to seem too needy, calling him up the next day and all, but I couldn't stop thinking about him and he had admitted the same to me, so I figured why not? As soon as I heard Phillip's excited "Hey! I was just thinking about you!" My fears immediately subsided. We decided on lunch at the diner across from the hospital this time.

At lunch, we discussed where our relationship stood. We both knew we wanted to keep dating, but that was about as far as we got in our discussion before it was time for me to go to work again. Drat. Unfortunately that's where we'd have to leave it right now, because he was going to China for a while, and we wouldn't be able to really pursue anything further until he got back.

People at work had caught wind of my birthday. Not good. They were teasing me about being an old woman, and I laughed along and pretended it was funny. But truthfully, it did hurt a little. I wish it didn't bother me so much, but it did. I did something a little crazy after work, just to take my mind off of it. I bought myself a new car! Of course, in my favorite color.

By the time I got the car home, it was late, and I realized I had missed the guys putting in my hot tub. I was super excited about it though! I picked the best spot for it, overlooking the ocean out back.

The next day,  I woke up in a mood again. I just couldn't seem to pull myself out of feeling so well, old. I decided to go back to the salon and get something I had been thinking about for a while now.

A tattoo! I couldn't make up my mind whether to get it on my wrist or back, so I did both!

While I was getting tattooed the tattoo artist told me that they were having a big sale on hairstyling this week, and somehow had talked me into trying some color, just for fun. I ended up getting purple streaks! I liked them a lot, but I wasn't sure if they looked right on me. Well, I was stuck with them a little while anyways.

As I headed off to work, I tried my best to tuck in the color under my hat, just so noone would give me a hard time at work.

The next day was my day off, and the day Phillip was supposed to come home. I couldn't wait! I had missed him so much the past few days. And when I was with him, I didn't worry so much about my age, or really anything else that seemed to bother me. I killed some time in the morning playing my guitar, and then going to the library to read. I got no call from Phillip. I tried calling him and it went straight to voice mail. Shucks.

I was so ready to go out tonight and have fun too. Well, I decided to just go on to the bar by myself. I had been wanting to visit it for a while now, so I thought, eh, why not?
As I sat down at the bar at the Plasma 501, the bartender asked me, "What'll ya have?"
"Oh, I don't know, something that will cure lovesickness, that would be great."
"Ah, I know just the thing. You'll like it. It's pink."

I watched as he whizzed the bottles around, and mixed and poured. It was quite impressive. then, he handed me a little pink drink with a heart in it.
"Cute," I said.
"Yep. You're welcome."
I sipped a little of the concoction, and wow, he was right. I did like it.

"So, who are ya so lovesick for?"
"Ah, well, a guy was supposed to call me tonight, one that I really really like. I guess he's still out of town."
 "Ah, no worries, a pretty lady like you, he'd be a fool not to want to be with you."
"Aw, thanks. I don't know if it's this drink or you, but I'm starting to feel a  lot better."
He laughed. "Probably a little bit of both."

I chatted a little more with the mixologist, then decided to head to the dance club across town before finally heading in for the night. I was feeling relaxed, and felt like dancing a little!
When I got to the grind, I saw a familiar face.
"Hey Slade! What are you doing here?"

"Oh, no. It's you, Patience. Well that's just great."
"Wow. Some greeting."
How rude! What was up with that? I was just being polite and saying hello.
"Aw, sorry, I'm sure that sounded really rude. I just meant that now that  you are here, I just lost my wingman when he sees you."

"Wingman? You mean Phillip is here?"
"Yep. Just got back into town a few hours ago. I forced him to come out partying with me tonight, he hasn't been in ages."
"Oh, well, I won't intrude, you can go ahead and have your fun."
"NO, no, that's ok. I probably wasn't going to get that girl's number anyways. I should probably head back home for the night. Oh, here comes Phillip. Nice to see you again, Patience."
"You too."

"He wasn't hitting on you, was he?" Phillip sighed as he pecked me on the cheek in greeting.
"Haha. No, just disappointed because I believe I spoiled his game."
"Well, THANK you for spoiling it. I do NOT enjoy the role of wingman, but as soon as I got back he gave me a huge guilt trip and forced me to come with him. Trust me, I'd have much rather called you instead."

"I don't want to ruin time with your friend. If you want, you can go ahead and hang with Slade."
"No way. Not a chance. Quick, let's go outside where it's quiet, so we can talk, he's leaving anyways."

The loud music of the club yielded the second the door shut behind us. As we walked over to a clear spot in the grass to sit down, the cool breeze that had taken over the night met us. It reminded me of the night I met Phillip.

"It's a beautiful night."
"I know, it's like deja vu, isn't it?"
He put his arm around my waist and gently but firmly scooted me closer to him.
"There, that's better." He said, as he smiled. I smiled back.
"So, how was your trip?"

"Good. I guess. Well, to be honest it was a bit miserable."
"Oh no! Why?"
"Well, there is this certain girl back here at home, and I can't seem to stop thinking about her. She's all I could think about while I was gone. If this keeps up, I may have to stop leaving so much."
I blushed. It was nearly impossible for my brain to think clearly when he said things like that. I liked it.

"That sounds like a serious problem you have there." I nudged his shoulder with mine and winked.
"Serious, yes. But a problem. No way. I kind of like it. I hope I don't freak you out or anything, but I don't think I've ever felt this way about a girl."
"Hm, I think I would only be 'freaked' if you weren't talking about me."
"Yes, Miss Patience, I'm talking about you."
"I missed you too. If it makes you feel better, I feel the same way."

While Phillip pointed out a few new constellations I hadn't heard of, we caught up on the last few days, and then the conversation turned back to the subject of "us".
"So, what are we, exactly?"
"Hm. I don't know. I'd say we are dating."
"Yes. Well, are we dating exclusively?" What a clever way to find out if I was seeing other people. It was cute, and I indulged him.

"Well, I'm dating only you. So I suppose I am dating exclusively. I don' t know about you."
He tried to hide his delight in my answer, I could tell. "I'm only seeing you as well."
"It sounds like we're headed in the same direction then, doesn't it?"
 "That's quite possible, yes."

"Well, that's good, because I was thinking about inviting you over to my place for the night. Would you be interested?"
"Yes I would!"
And with that, we both got in my car and I drove us to my house.

*Buckey's Notes*-  I know this was a longer chapter that ended abruptly. It just seemed impossible to find a place to conclude. So, Chapter 7 will pick up right where this one left off. I love Phillip and Patience together, but sheesh I wish she'd wish to be with him already! It doesn't happen exactly like I though it would though, that's for sure. I thought with her being Family Oriented, as soon as she kissed Phillip she'd be wishing to marry him and all that. Not so!!! As always, thanks for reading. :)


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