Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gen 4 Introduction: Meet Kenny

Let me introduce you to Kenny once more before we begin:

The latest trait he recieved on his Teen birthday was Shy.
His favorite color is Sea Foam. Yes, I know, so exciting.
Kenny has also picked his own LTW: to be a 5 star celebrity and be worth $100,000. I can't remember what sparked him to choose that, but since he wished for it and I haven't completed that one yet, I locked it in!

On with the chapter...

Some people want to be rich and famous because they want to be adored and known by everyone, or so they can have everything their heart desires.
Others chase fame and riches to obtain as much power and control as possible in this world.
In most instances, they chase these things so they can prove someone wrong, maybe a parent, a bully, some nay-sayer in their life who made them feel like nobody. It’s almost always a quest to find self-worth, to redeem themselves, to fill an empty hole somewhere in their soul.

I find myself joining these ranks of people fighting their way to the top of the celebrity world. A world that’s consumed with who you know, and how much is in your bank account, how many businesses you own, and how successful you’ve been. But not for the conventional reasons that I’ve just listed.
Nope, my conquest is all about showing that there is no need for vain, shallow attempts to pretend to be someone else in order to be someone. I plan on being well-known to prove that a quirky, eccentric, awkward guy like me can make it to the top and keep all my endearing idiosyncrasies in tact. My pursuit of wealth and fame is so different from the others. 

I plan on taking the things that life discards, and turning it into a fortune. And when I’m asked how I accumulated so much wealth, why my name is on the lips of every man woman and child in Sunset Valley, I will tell them, “Every weirdo you’ve cast away, every piece of rubbish you’ve thrown out, I’ve redeemed them all, and this is how I’ve built my empire.”

You see, I have a few special abilities which very few people possess, and which I think will aid me in my quest. For one, I have no desire to pay attention to the ideas that others have about me. I may be called “Cookoo Kenny” at school, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I don't have too many friends at Community High School, but not because I'm not Friendly because I am, even though I am a bit Shy. 

Most likely my lack of friends is due to the fact that I snub the social rules of high school. I don't listen to the gossip and rumors, I don't know who is dating who or how the schools sports teams are doing in the district games. I wouldn't even be able to tell you who the most popular guy and girl is. I don’t participate in the typical hatred and mockery of the teaching staff either. I actually enjoy learning and see High School only as a place to learn.
My family is a great source of unconditional love and support, maybe that’s the fuel to my super-ability to ignore the negative comments from others.

My other gift is that I have a way of finding value in the discarded junk society has thrown out. I seem to have a knack for turning trash into treasure. I’ve invented a handful of things, that in turn have been useful to others, and profitable to me.The same is true for people. I find the discarded people of life fascinating, and I see the value in them no one else sees.

Take, for instance, my closest friend Carol Lovewins. I have no clue why, but somehow she's ended up in the same social group as me.  If you look at her from afar, you’d never ever guess she would be the one friendless girl at school, walking from class to class alone, the only companionship she has is during lunch, when her and I sit together.

It is a strange irony, as she is hands down the most beautiful girl in the whole school. No doubt, it’s probably due to the fact that she was one of the new girls, and some other girls got jealous and started up something in the rumor mill, and well, no one survives the ugly side of the rumor mill at this school. None of that matters to me, however. Carol is someone I care about very much, even if she is sometimes neurotic, dramatic, and unpredictable. She's had a tumultous upbringing, and I think all those things come with the territory.

As for my home life, well, I’ve been surrounded by girls since my father’s death and my brothers moving out shortly after. Most recently, my oldest sister Mikinna moved out as well.

My guess is she’s moved in with a guy, even though she hasn’t mentioned it. She has no job and spends all of her time at the clubs picking up guys, so I don’t know how else she could afford her own place to live other than shacking up with someone. But I say why not? She’s young, and having fun.

So, that leaves just me, my mom, and my sister Grace.

Grace just recently graduated, and decided after Dad died to become a doctor like him and mom.

Of course, my mother was thrilled to hear that since she was the only one to follow in their footsteps.

Of all my family, I’m closest to Grace. She’s always been protective of me, maybe a little too protective, but I don’t mind too much.

Her and I have some of the best logical discussions over breakfast or dinner. She’s always challenging me to think of things in new ways, and for that I love her dearly.

My mom is still working at the hospital even though she’s way past retirement age. She seems to really love her work, and I think it’s helped to give her life purpose after Dad’s passing.

So there you have it. The varied mixture of interests, aspirations, and people who make up my life. I may not make the choices others would make, or say the things others would say, or care about the things others do, but I’m always true to myself. I’ve always lived my life off-center, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Welcome to my world.

*buckey's notes*- And there you have it, an intro to Kenny. I'm sorry it's so short, but I figured it would be helpful to get some information about Kenny out of the way so it will be easier to write his first chapter, which has been a challenge. Let me just say this- Kenny's life is weird. Through the course of this challenge, I've tried to stay as true to what's really going on in game as I can, only embellishing where there was room too. ('why' Ken and Symph adopted, etc.) In Kenny's case, he has some strange details to his story, and trying to figure out how to explain them has been...well.. interesting. So that is why there's been such a delay. However, hopefully this little intro will keep you entertained long enough for me to get the first chapter finished. Thanks for being patient!


  1. Kenny is adorable. Does he have any romantic wishes towards Coral?

  2. Well, wishes towards her, yes, romantic wishes, not specifically. He did roll the wish to have his first romance. I've used the free interaction per conversation rule to have him flirt with Carol, and that had some interesting results, in which you will see in the next chapter, most likely. :)

  3. Wow, already Kenny's starting out interesting! I can't wait to see what happens next :)

  4. oh i love kenny! He is very quirky. I will be reading with interest :D

  5. Yay!!! I am praying that he will marry Carol, because she is beautiful, and
    i wanna see pink hair in this legacy. You are such a greats writer, so I don't care that the chapter was short. :)

  6. This intro is so different. Kenny is such a different character I'm glad he's your heir. Even if it means that you'll have quite a challenge writing about his wishes, I'm being a bit selfish here. :P Great job with this update though!

  7. He's a shy guy who wished to be a celebrity? This is a crazy game. I can't wait to see Kenny's story unfold.

  8. Thanks everyone! <3
    Dragonwife- Yes, what is even crazier is that he has the friendly, brave and shy traits. Plus he wants to be a celebrity. a very crazy combo indeed.

  9. Bucket loved the intro to Kenny! He seems quirky and interesting to play. Grace is quite pretty in a smart girl kind of way. Is she available for download? If I ever get to play again lol i think she would be a nice addition to my story maybe Kye will take an interest in her. Any way can't wait for the next chapter!

  10. Holy shiz its been a week already! I'm sure Chapter 1 will be awesome if its taking this long. Can't wait to see my little Kenny babies!!! :P

  11. It may be short but it's a good start. Looking forward to seeing if he can make it through